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Percentage Formula – Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India 2019, Clothing Stores

Get best deals and offers from India’s top online shopping website and Clothing stores like,Amazon,flipkart,Myntra,paytm & more.Here you will get fashion, Events,Banks,Games,Health,food, travels and many more offers and also get cashback with every products purchase from Percentage Formula

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To get Easy way deals, coupons and cashback install percentageformula Android Apps

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  1. Signup / Login on Percentage Formula. This 1st step is required to avail Cashback (Step-1)
  2. Click through Deal / Coupon Buy Now button and you’ll be redirected to Merchant’s site (Step-2)
  3. It’s 100% safe. Make order as usual on merchant’s online store.. (Step – 3)
  4. After ordered go back to percentage Formula site Fill the cashback Form for safest way earn cashback (Step-4)
  5. You are done.After merchants confirmation you will earn cashback within 48 to 72 hours. (Step -5)

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clothing stores online and also India's first deals and online shopping Website

Percentage Formula is totally Lowest price Guaranteed online Shopping in India where you can find the most recent arrangements, coupons, offers, and complimentary gifts. The site causes you settle on the best internet shopping choices. Check the best deals in India based shopping offers Daily deals to take incredible investment funds on every one of your buys. Percentage Formula is a leader in the world of daily deals, discounts, and promo codes. At Percentage Formula, our goal is to create an ultimate shopping destination, we bring every type of imaginable offer. Every day we bring the latest coupon codes, product daily deals,clothing stores online and other offers from across the web. No matter what you’re buying you should never pay the full price. Find hot daily deals on every category imaginable from Cheap online shopping India and our experts make sure their work. Whether you’re looking to find good clothing stores online daily deals on a smartphone or wondering how to save on clothes and groceries, you can find savings solutions on Percentage Formula.

Percentage Formula -Best cash back, Deals and coupons website

No matter what an online site sells, it must furnish worth and utility, make shopping handy, punctuality in time management and delivery of items and most importantly responsible customer care dedicated in the service of the former. One such site in India is the Percentage Formula website.  This is a shopping platform that ensures you get the lowest price with the highest brands. The best thing and the promising factor of this site are its best online deals on different shopping platforms. This website assists you to the best deals of the day so that it becomes easier for you to choose without any hesitation.  One should be sure that he/she is getting the best bargain while dealing with this website. From restaurants to movies to clothes to electronic products; the site has it all to attract its various customers with varied needs.


The website has different pages for different sectors such as restaurants, fashion, health, movies, and so on. Another boon of this website is that it also allows one to view the best deals from other shopping websites such as Shein, Amazon,  Flipkart, to name a few. Not only this, different brands like Patanjali, Beardo, etc. Each sector has three sections: the exclusive store, the trending store, and the cashback store. As the name suggests the independent stores deals with products which are unique to all the viewers, the trending store deals with products that have just been launched and the cash back store deals with products which are a form of incentive offered to buyers of whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase. The feature of the website is such that it lets you know about what kind of cash backs are shut down at the moment and when will it be back. In short, it gives a clear vision and maintains transparency among the customers. Apart from this it also has deal news, shopping guides, and blogging and discount tips. The deal news is an online set of information that gives news on the most significant report on the best deals available currently. Shopping guides are precisely equipped direction to a better shopping experience. The blogging topics are a wide range of topics, which includes education, beauty tips, technology, food, movie, etc. Discount tips let a customer know about the best possible ways to gain discounts

Each store provides cashback to customers. Once a person logs in to the website, he/she can procure the cashback and different deals and offers. There are many stores from which a customer can choose their desired products. Percentage Formula also gives a chance to earn money along with them as well. The company has collaborated with many big companies but also provides an opportunity for a small and growing company. The people need to follow some easy steps to integrate with the site. People can register with the company for free and transmit their products with the company’s price. When the company sells its products, the person can also gain profit.

There are many stores linked with the website. Some of the categories of the stores include fashion, technology, movies, etc. Each of the stores has its features. In the following section, the stores, along with its unique characters, have been described briefly:

Best  Fashion deals 

Technology has spread its wings like a giant bird. It encompasses each section of our lives. Today technology has brought fashion more close to us. Percentage Formula website gives amazing deals by collaborating with top brands and top fashion sites. It provides the best quality products at affordable prices. Reliable and efficient customer service works twenty-four into seven for its customers. Every day the best brands with its latest deals, offers, and sales are broadcasted on the website. This gives the client to choose from a diverse range of products along with the most reasonable price.

Best  health deals 

It is rightly said that health is wealth. If you do not have good health and you are not okay, then there is no point in enjoying life. Health is essential to a two-year-old kid and also to an older adult. Percentage Formula website gives the best deals in medicines and other health requirements. It is also a boon for the people who do not get the time to go out and do shopping or buy essential products. Older adults who are too weak and do not want to be dependent on someone else can also go and get their products through the Percentage Formula website. Each health-related products can be availed from the one-stop destination, which makes it easier for consumers to order products they desire.

Best  Games deals 

Online games have become the trendiest obsession that people have in this era. Many a time the games available on the internet are not in full version. Percentage Formula gives the products in its full version with affordable ranges. It also provides the products required for physical games or gym products such as waistbands, gloves, etc. All the wearable products, visual products, and useable products are available in one destination. It a pleasure for the gym geeks and game lovers as all their wish lists items are completed less than one portal of a store.

Best  Travel deals 

We all have become wayward and immensely preoccupied in our individual lives. Little do we give time to each other and ourselves. With the hundreds of responsibilities, duty, honor, and works; with these busy lives, we are becoming detrimental to our health, mind, and body. Leisure breaks and holidays are a significant aspect of a person’s life. The trips are expensive these days, and sometimes it’s a long process of planning every bit of destination, tickets, and hotel bookings. This is where Percentage Formula website comes into play. With its fabulous offers, affordable prices and excellent execution of planning holiday trips, it’s a less havoc job for the customers, and they can smoothly go and enjoy the summertime.

Best Events Deals 

Shopping, gaming, foods are something that can be ordered through the online portal. Now events can also be booked through the Percentage Formula website. The site gives information on what are the primary functions or activities that are going to happen in your city. It also helps gain tickets for the events. Tickets booking for your favorite events would have never been so easy and hassle-free.

Best  bank deals 

Bank deals are the deal that helps you with your bank accounts and makes it an easy solution. They help solve papers. Bank enrollments and service need exams to be passed on. The Percentage Formula website helps aspirants gain solved and unsolved paper for the respective banks when typed on the search list. In this way, the site helps fulfill the demands of many aspirants for bank services.

Best  movies deals 

The present cohort of kids and teenagers will never have the acquaintance of enduring in long queues to buy a movie ticket. They will never experience the dissatisfaction and sadness of going all the way to the movie hall only to find out that the tickets have been sold out and the house is full. The thanks note should be presented to the digitalization of almost everything, which also included the purchase of movie tickets. Percentage Formula gives an immense discount on the latest movies with desired seats and ample amount of facilities.

Best products from Top online shopping sites in India

Confusion for the best product will always be a quire in our minds. We are often misled by false information about a specific product. However, with the Percentage Formula website, it is no more a problem. The site gives honest reviews, and that enhances the product information of an item. With the product reviews and ratings, the site also provides information about the best selling product in the present scenario, which is a plus point for the consumer to irradiate the confusion for a particular item.



We have a lot of desires in our life, but some of them remain unfulfilled due to the dream breaker that many of call as ‘budget.’ Due to the high amount of products, we are not able to buy them. Therefore Percentage Formula makes sure of the fact that all its products are at a reasonable price which helps the customers pour in their dreams and buy the things they have always aspired for.

All these features make the company the most efficient site among all and are immensely loved among the customers.

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