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Percentageformula Has come up with a Media Formula Kit. Now the Question is what is the use of Media Formula Kit? Lets Know about it in a Brief note. Imagine You are the owner of a Particular Company or You Have your Own Brand or You Being a Digital Marketer want to Promote Your Brand or Your Client’s product or website so that your Website Gets Fame in the Online Market Quickly. To Help You Out Here We Have Introduced a Media Formula Kit which is the most Optimum Solution to your Demand. Here Percentageformula will Promote your Brand with a very minimal remuneration. This Page has all the information you need to advertise your business on Percentageformula.

Know About Us

Who we are?

Welcome To Percentageformula Media Partner. We are a Leading Brand of the Affiliate eCommerce World in India. is India's one of the Prominent bargain Chasing websites that helps its users with the Best Offer, Best Deal, Discount Coupons,  Gift Vouchers, Giveaways, Freebies, Contests and many more in the online Stage. Today, Percentageformula is working with more than 200 Top online companies and the numbers are seamlessly increasing. If you are new here we would suggest you visit our About us Page to know more about Percentagefomula.

Partner Kit Options


Though Articles your Business get exposed to a Huge Relevant Audience with percentageformula. Your article must be of at least 2500 words or more. Content must be100% unique, Free from Grammatical errors. Use one single URL in your content. It is Highly important to use minimum 5 photos to attract the attention of the Relevant users.


Another Successful way to promote your Business is Banner. With the banner also you can attract a Huge Crowd. Boot IT will depend on How attractive your banner and services are. We will promote your banner on home page, post page and blog page.

Store + Promote

Promoting your product by opening the store is another wise thing to do. We will open a separate store for your products and brands where you will be able to list your own products and have the opportunity to generate more sales. We will try to promote your products through our various social media or email marketing.

We are an Advantage to your Merchandise

Percentageformula aims to help people become their own boss. Our Clients get the maximum value from us to offer optimum solutions as per their individual requirements. Our year Long industrial experience allows us to pay maximum value to our Clients every time. We make the best use of the latest  technologies to meet the targets of Best quality, Best Efficiency, and cost effective. Percentageformula is considerably Famous for upholding its quality standards through the matchless user-interaction and user-experience it offers. Our USP is we deliver User the most authentic and updated coupons, Offers and deals. Moreover Percentageformula always puts the business of its affiliate partners first and prioritizes their business requirements. We have an absolutely easy payment process for all the businesses that want to make us their Partner. We provide a flexible platform for all our Business Partners. Percentageformula is currently  working with  hundreds of Business Partners and is planning to enlarge it further in the coming Times. We Understand that every partnership is different, Therefore we offer our clients an extensive range of advertisement solutions. For Instance, Percentageformula has already tied- up with many Massive Online  industry players like SEMrush, Google for work.

Percentage Formula

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Pick an advertising kit from and flaunt your business internationally.


Start from $10


$10 if you pay for monthly

$100 if you pay for lifetime


Start from $10


Home page - 500*250 Price - $30 per month

Post Page - 750*90 price - $10 per month. 300*600 Price - $20 per month

Blog Page - 750*90 price - $20 per month. 300*600 Price - $30 per month

Store + Promote

Start from $99


Create store and up to 5 products list - $99/ month

Create store and up to 10 products list - $120/ month

Create store and up to Unlimited products list - $199/ month

Store + products + Email marketing - $250 per month

Personal TrainerStore + products + Social share - $250 per month

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