India has diversity in terms of religion. Every state has a different form of wedding rituals and outfits depending on what kind of customs they follow. A wedding is considered to be one of the most sacred ceremonies in your life. People belonging to any religion consider this ceremony to be the very important and joyous occasion of their life. For any girl, the wedding is the most important occasion as they have planned and dreamed of this day since their childhood. Starting from what kind of dress they will wear, what functions to keep, how to decore will be. Buying an Indian wedding dress for brides to find is a major task. As its most joyful and important day in their life, since childhood girls have fantasized about their wedding day.

Once when the date of the wedding is planned brides will be excited to get their wedding day outfit. Now the major problem is where to find outfits of your choice.

Indian wedding dress shopping online for brides

Firstly when we go to buy an outfit, the budget should be fixed. Indian wedding dress for brides starts from Rs 25,000 to whatever maximum range one wants to customize. Another point to keep in mind while getting the bridal outfit is either to get a ready-made outfit or customize outfit according to your requirements. Planning for customizing bridal outfit one chose to hire designers for getting outfits done.

There are high-end designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabhyasachi, Anamika Khana and Anju Modi, etc,  who have specialized in custom made Indian wedding dresses for the bride. Their major clients are Bollywood actors and actresses. Another option to search the Indian wedding dress for the bride is to check the Instagram page for emerging new designers, saree weavers, handloom company making a specific type of sarees. 

 Brides who belong to the northern part of India mostly wear lehenga choli for their wedding.While brides from the western and central parts of India wear saree for example brides who belong from Gujarat they wear bandhani or patola (a type of saree). While the Maharashtrian bride will prefer to wear paithani saree (a type of weave from famous in Maharastra). South Indian brides may choose kanjivaram saree (its a weave famous in south Indian) for their wedding outfits. But in the end, it depends on what actually the bride wants to wear.

To check sarees in trends there are various types of weaving sarees.


Saree which Bollywood actress Rekha is wearing is called Kanjivaram sarees. Many Brides prefer to wear this saree at their wedding as it gives an ethnic and glamorous look.


Another famous weave sarees are from Banaras known as Banarasi sarees fo. These sarees are made in Varanasi and known to be one finest silk sarees, they are known for golden and brocade zari borders and elegant embroidery. They are preferred as an Indian wedding dress for brides.


 Another type of sarees for brides can be embroidered sarees. These can be hand-embroidered of machine embroidered depending on the range. Hand embroidered sarees are more expensive compared to machine embroidered one, as it takes artisans lot of effort to do embroidery by hand.

Now the above sarees mentioned can be available from local sarees shops. They can also be ordered online from Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and other online websites and also from High-end saree labels like Raw Mango, Sabyasachi, Ritu Kumar, Nalli, etc.

Saree is one option for an Indian wedding dress for the bride. Another option can be Lehenga choli. Nowadays lehenga choli is in trend compared to sarees. There are numerous options available in lehenga choli starting from color, blouse, and lehenga styling, embroidery, etc. Lehenga cholis are available an Amazon, Myntra. Also, there are many emerging designer platforms from where one can get lehenga choli done. Instagram, Facebook is one of the platforms where one can find lots of designers. 


Lehenga choli outfit for the wedding 

Finalizing an Indian wedding dress for the bride is a difficult task as on the day they want to shine out from the rest of the crowd. Now they’re also a new concept of theme wedding where different themes like the beach theme, maharani wedding theme, color theme wedding. Brides have a difficult time choosing outfits as they also have to keep them in their minds.

As mentioned above there are so many options for Indian wedding dresses for the bride but keeping an open mind while shopping for a wedding dress will help. Avoiding the confusion of what you want, will make the task easy of finding your dream dress.

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