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Voonik is an online marketplace operating in products for women’s fashion and online clothing store India. It works on a 10,000 rule algorithm to help users find the right product on the basis of filters like skin tone, body type and preferences.

What’s the need to roam here and there in markets when you can just ping up all those same things and maybe somewhat better in your laptop screen with more discounts and offers?

Voonik is online Clothing store in India wherein you can get sarees, kurtis, dress, tops, footwear, lingerie, bags, jackets, t-shirts, sport shoes, casual shoes, accessories, shirts, sandals, inner wear, bottom wear all at discounted price with a wide variety of range, colour, quality, brand, style.

There are lots of discounts going on at present only on Voonik. There is at present new arrivals of t shirts for men which are starting at just Rs. 399. Indo western kurtis are also starting at Rs. 399. Sarees are at huge discounts upto 40%. Bags and other accessories like sun glasses are now at 50% discount. Tops are at 70% off now.

No shopkeeper will give you this much discounts and offers and often they growl at you when you did not get things of your want or desire which seems to be very insulting for anyone and end up taking things which you do not like pretty much. There is nothing like this sort of problems on e commerce sites wherein you can spend hours looking for things of your need. Voonik ease your this work as well by providing just things of your need so that you did not need to scroll or browse much.


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About Voonik Store

Women's apparels can come in a wide range of designs. Every other day, some new fashion comes to the limelight. It becomes the trend and then fades away with time. As women's fashion is more widely spread, it is natural that the fashion stores for woman are in abundance amount both online and offline in comparison to males.  Such a kind of online market place for women and girls is the Voonik. It is an online e-commerce site exclusively for women. The main office of the online forum is situated in Bangalore in Karnataka in India. Unlike other stores or online platforms, the virtual market store for women was first developed as a personal mobile application and later on the application got its official website.  Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan created Voonik. It was established in the year 2013. It has almost five hundred employers working in the company.

How to get cashback from

The website percentageformula provides amazing offers in its Voonik store. To avail the discount and other benefits of the store, one must follow some steps. In the following section, we will get to know about the offers percentageformula offers in accordance with the Voonik Company briefly.  Before we gather information about the codes, coupons, discounts, and deals, "let's discuss the process of procuring cash back. There are four simple and easy steps to enable the cash back. The first step is to visit the percentageformula website and login to their portal. Once you are logged in, the site will provide you with information about different deals and products. The second step is to click the "buy now" option and purchase the products one desires.  The third step includes filling up a form which appears once you have purchased the items. After completing the form, take a screenshot of your purchased order and upload it in the website. The fourth and final step includes the ''merchant's confirmation, and once it is confirmed, you will gain your cash back in the percentageformula website.

Voonik offers, coupons, daily deals and daily discounts

Voonik even suggests a kind of dress that we might like based on the previous search list of the website, and this allows the consumer to get the right type of clothing without having to search on a wide range of products. Currently, a number of offers, deals, and sales are going with the Voonik store. From sarees to salwar kameez to jeans to shorts; whether it is a traditional look, or a gym look or a typical day at the office, there is nothing that the company Voonik does not offer its customers. The Voonik store through the Percentageformula website is the one destination for any look one desires. Percentageformula gives significant and exclusive sale discounts because of which it is a top-rated online portal and is widely used among the customers. As it provides clear vision and transparency to the customers, this site is immense loves.  Let us discuss about the deals, coupons, and sales that the store has in the current scenario.

Voonik deals of the day and upcoming sales

The first deal is on the best seller products. Customers can avail a discount of up to seventy five percent off through the Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website. This deal has started four days back and is said to end by the second week of the month. The second deal is the merriment for the western outfit lover girls out there as Voonik store through the percentageformula website presents up to fifty percent off on exclusive products. This deal has started from the first of this month and will be valid until the end of the month. The next sale is on women's jewellery. An exotic variant of jewellery including necklace, mangal sutra, earrings, pendants, waist chains and bracelets are available in up to eighty percent off from the base price. Customers can avail this discount through the Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website. The lingerie section is also giving a discount of up to eighty percent through the Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website. The next deal is on hand bags, purses, clutch bags, tote bags and vanity bags as customers will get a discount of up to seventy percent on hand picked products. The next deal is on sunglasses and kurtis. It proclaims almost up to seventy-five percent off on selected products. The delightful news for the gym freaks is on its way as Voonik has announced an offer of a flat fifty percent on women's tights, joggers, sports bras and sports shoes. Customers can avail this discount through the Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website.[/vc_column_text]

The next deal is on the casual shoes. This deal proclaims up to seventy five percent off on selected products. Trendy and sleekly designed slip on's on-demand these days; hence Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website is giving a minimum discount of thirty percent off on all its slip on sandals.  Exclusive floaters are on a cut from thirty percent up to seventy percent through the Voonik store sponsored by the percentageformula website. Ladies' scarves and kaftans are used widely to protect one self's body parts and face. Understanding and respecting these needs the Voonik store merchandised through the percentageformula website present a vast amount of up to sixty percent off on hand-picked products.   The official summer dresses that three-fourth shorts, hot pants, swim suits and crop tops are on for offer in the next deal. All these products with vibrant colours and different textures are available on the Voonik store through the percentageformula website. This deal proclaims a minimum discount of fifty percent of on all hand-picked and exclusive products. The next deal is on combo sets of two sarees, three ballets, and shoulder purse and vanity bag. All these deal are available in a discount of up to sixty percent. Coming to the coupons and sale section, currently, the store is not presenting any coupons or sales, but the site will inform as soon as it is available.

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