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The Man Company is here to create the most awesome Men’s grooming products. Let’s be honest here, Indian men are the most underprivileged men in the world as far as grooming is concerned.


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About The Man's company

The Man's company is an online store exclusively dedicated to men. It is an e-commerce site that deals with men's products. It is a virtual store that has the grooming needs for a man. It is a private based company and is originated from India. The main motive of this store is to promote boys or men's grooming products. Many a time, gents' products are not given much importance as if it is not necessary. The headquarters of the company are present in Gurugram in India. The company was created in the year 2015 on December eighth. The company was co-created by Mohit Saxena, Bhisham Bhateja, Parvesh Bareja. The CEO of the company is Mohit Saxena. The chief director is Bhisham Bhateja, and the managing director is Parvesh Bareja.  The trio has immense knowledge of grooming and makeover and designing products. The trio also experiences ample expertise in manufacturing and business strategically compound issues.  It is the perfect destination for men's grooming. The company has delivered many products to many cities and towns all over the country. The company carries a standard and straightforward business model. The company keeps most of its products in its warehouse. Once customers view the items and order them. The products are then sent to the respective pin code with a third party, which helps in delivering the items. The company has a total of one hundred and fifty people working for the company.

How to get cashback from

The site percentageformula gives amazing offers in it's the Men's company's supply.  In the following area, we will get to know about the deals percentageformula offers following the easy day Company briefly.  Before we gather knowledge about the codes, coupons, discounts, and sales, let us know the process of getting cash back. There are a total of four easy and simple steps to gain the money back.  The first step is to go to the percentageformula website and login to their site. Once you are logged in, the website will provide you insight about different products and deals. The second step is to pick the "buy now" option and purchase the products one requires.  The third step includes completing up a form which appears once you have purchased the items. After submitting the form, take a screenshot of your purchased order and upload it in the website. The fourth and final step includes the 'merchant's confirmation, and once it is confirmed, you will gain your cash back in the percentageformula website.


There are many stores for a woman both in retail and virtual store. However, it's challenging to find stores that solely have types of equipment for men. Many times not much importance is given to men as its stereotyped that grooming, fashion are things that only a woman could and should do. Therefore, the men's company is one of its destinations for all grooming and beauty products. The company has things grooming products for face, hair, body, neck, shower gels, and beards.  The company's ultimate aim is to give genuine products which have herbal effects on the person with low-cost effects. The products are infused with essential oils that are a luxury to the body and helps in pampering oneself. Percentageformula gives spellbinding and amazing coupons and offers because of which it is a sighted upon supply in the virtual platform and is widely popular among the consumers. As it provides unambiguous vision and placidity to the consumers, this site is uncommonly liked.  Let us discuss the deals, coupons, sales, and offers that the company has in stock for its valuable customers.

The Man's company coupons, daily deals and daily discount

The first offer is for the customers using Man's company site through the percentageformula website for the first time. The Man's company site will present a discount of ten percent on all the products offered by Man's company site store. Customers using the Man's company site for the first time will gain a discount of ten percent on The Man's company site products. The products have to be billed above INR nine hundred ninety-nine. This offer is accessible from the Man's company site's store from the percentageformula website. This deal is open to all. With the onset of scorching summer, tanning is something that cannot be avoided. However, we can take precautions. Understanding the tanning problems over our country, the store has come to a solution for this. Customers can avail a discount of up to twenty-five percent off on all the de-tanning products. The customer can avail this discount through the man company through the percentageformula website. This offer has started from twenty-first June 2019 and is scheduled to end on thirty-first July 2019. The Beardo Company is an established company which is exclusive for beards and mustache. It helps in grooming the mustache and beards. Almost every man love keeping beards and mustaches all over. This adds up to our next offer. Customers can access a discount of flat twenty percent off on all the Beardo products from the percentageformula website. The customer can avail this discount through the man company through the percentageformula website. This offer has started from twenty-first June 2019 and is scheduled to end on thirty-first July 2019.

The game ready collection is up for the next deal. The game ready collection contains exclusive collections of grooming products such as shower gel, bathing products, shampoo. Body wash, face wash, conditioner, etc. Customers can grab a discount of up to twenty-five percent off the handpicked products. The minimum billed amount for this offer to establish itself is INR one thousand one hundred ninety-nine. The customer can avail this discount through the man company through the percentageformula website. This offer has started from twenty-first June 2019 and is scheduled to end on thirty-first July 2019.

There are no coupons presently working for the man company's portal through the percentageformula website. However please do enjoy all these exciting and fascinating offers. The site will inform as soon as any new coupons or offers are added to the store.

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