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From being a mobile recharge solution to a full-fledged e-commerce store and now the frontrunner of Cashless India mission, Paytm has come a long way in a very short time. With Paytm, you can recharge phones, DTH cards; pay bills: landline, mobile, gas, water et al, book flights, trains, cabs, hotels; pay insurance premiums, school fees and more. Apart from that, Paytm also offers its customers a wide range of products across categories like fashion, electronics, home décor, automobile accessories, musical instruments etc.
Paytm is something we are most aware of. It is really a hero at the time when you are cashless and in need of urgent money. Just scan the QR code or use phone number and send money to the person you need to give.

However, Paytm provides other facility too like recharge, grocery shopping, ticket bookings, and other transactions. You can even take benefit of Paytm through which provides discounts and cash back under Paytm store.
There is flat cashback of Rs. 3000 on flight ticket booking. Form Paytm you can also book movie tickets and is there to give you discounts as well.
There are grocery items available on Paytm on which discounts and cashback are also available. Electronic products are also at discounts on under Paytm store.
Paytm has been of tremendous use since it has been discovered. It is helpful in making society digitised and cashless. is made so that customer can get full leverage of online shopping and purchase things at cheap rates. Both Paytm and is of total benefit on one platform.

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About PayTm store

The paytm is an Indian e-commercial digital wallet. It is a payment system based in India. The creator of this company is Vijay Shekhar Sharma, who is also the c.e.o of the company. Paytm is available in 11 Indian languages, which makes it easier for the customers to use the potential of the application.

Paytm also comes to aid with the payment in offline markets such as hotel payments, drug stores, and daily essential needs stores such as the grocery, vegetables, and fruit stores.

There is a paytm QR CODE that is unique for all the customers, which helps in identifying the account of the individual and helps in payment transactions. The headquarters of the company is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh in India. According to the company, almost as 7 million use the QR CODES of the paytm service to use these to transfer money into directly to their bank account.

How to get cashback from PercentageFormula?

The website percentageformula provides amazing offers in its Paytm store. In the rear portion, we will get to know about the proposals that the store gives to its customers. Before we gather information about the deals, discount, coupons, and offers, "let us know the process of securing the cash back. There are four uncomplicated and simple steps to gain the cash back. The first step is to pop in the percentageformula website and login to their site. Once you have signed in, the site will provide you information about different deals and items. The second step is to point the "buy now" option and order the products one wishes. The third step encompasses filling up a form which appears once you have ordered the items. After completing the procedure, take a screenshot of your purchased order and upload it in the website. The fourth and final step includes the ''merchant's compliance, and once it is confirmed, you will gather your cash back in the percentageformula website.

PayTm daily deals, offers and coupons

In this digitalized era, each one of us trying to be more into the system wants to use the digitalization process to its maximum equity. Carrying cash everywhere has become a menace to every one of us and let us face it; we all have been in a situation where we have encountered a problem of not having enough cash with us. There is also a fear of money being stolen from us and many a time exact change is not present with and we get to be satisfied with someone rupees chocolate instead of the coin. Finally, Paytm brings a solution to us as it is a source of a digital purse for us, where we can keep all our money and go all cashless anywhere. Not only this but also Paytm serves with many offers and deals to us. Percentageformula gives notable and worthy sale and discounts because of which it is a top-rated online arena and is widely used among the customers. As it provides clear vision and transparency to the customers, this site is immensely loved. Let us discuss the deals, coupons, and sales that the store has in the current scenario.

PayTm offers, deals, coupons and upcoming PayTm sale

The first offer is from Fossil watch, which gives up to seventy percent off to its customers who buy the products from the Paytm store through percentageformula website. The deal started a week ago. The next deal is for the festive moods. It's the holy Ramzan month and hence Paytm has also decided to celebrate it. The Paytm store through Percentageformula website his presenting a flat fifty percent off on all its non-alcoholic perfumes. The next deal is on for the healthy assurance of life. The company wellness is giving up to seventy percent off on all its products such as acupressure machine, diapers, elderly care, heart care, diabetes care, sexual wellness, weight loss, etc. All these items in its discounted fare from the base price can be availed through the paytm store sponsored my percentageformula website. The next deal is from the company 'Sparx.' This particular deal gives up to seventy-five percent off on its products through the purchase of the same from the paytm website through percentageformula website. This deal has started from the first of June.
Handbags are in high demand like for always and understanding this demand of the ladies, the company 'Lino Perros 'has come up with up to seventy five percent off on some handpicked products which includes, handbags, clutches, purse, tote bags, shoulder bag, duffle bags, gym kits, laptop bags etc. This particular deal can be claimed through the purchase of the same from the paytm website through percentageformula website. This deal has started a week earlier that is from the first of the month. Gents jeans and kurtas are available at a price starting from just INR 499 from the paytm website through percentageformula website. This deal has begun a week earlier that is from the first of the month. The scorching heat has driven all the energy out of us. In this summer, all we crave for a bit of air-conditioned air, cooler or fans. Respecting the consumer's wishes, paytm have come up with a fantastic deal. Customers buying electrical products from the Paytm store through percentageformula website can avail a discount of up to fifty-five percent off on all its products at its maximum retail price. Not only can this but also up to INR thirty-five thousand be given back as the cash back offer. This offer started a week ago.

How PayTM sales, deals and coupon works?

Paytm yet again bring another offer through its coupons. The Eid special offer is on the bus tickets. Customers can avail cashback of INR 300 from the bus tickets from the Paytm store through percentageformula website. The promo code of this offer is 'EIDBUS.' Coming to the sales section, currently, the store is not presenting any sales, but the site will inform as soon as it is available. Till then enjoy all these fantastic deals, sales and offers through from the Paytm store through the percentageformula website.

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