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When will I get Cashback?

Usually, we will update 2 to 3 days which means 48 to 72 hours (when merchant confirmed us) on the user profile.

Do you have Affiliate System?

We will start affiliate marketing soon. But you can share your referral link with your friends and family’s and you will earn points. and you will get this below your accounts profile.

Is Registration Free?

Yes, Registration completely free. you will get daily deals, offers and verified coupons in daily basics which is completely free.

How to start earning?

You will earn cashback from any products purchase through and save your money while you purchase online.

Which payment Systems do you have?

We will pay directly to your bank account or if you have Paytm or Google pay we are happy to transfer your earning in to Paytm or Google pay.

How I promote my brands?

Yes, To promote your brands you need to fill the form on top section. Submit the form and we will contact you as soon as possible. or you can directly mail us on [email protected]

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