Voot Video Downloader online – 3 BEST WAYS

Voot video downloader online has varied options on various platforms online. Downloading videos from Voot is more than just Important now.  Voot is one of the OTT platforms that offer your numerous movies and web series of varied genres. Voot is a platform that also works aligned with Colors TV And M Tv, All the shows from colors and MTV Are present in the Voot app.

The basic idea of the Voot application was to bring TV available for everyone on smartphones. Shows like Big boss, skiatron Ke Khiladi on Colors and Splitsvilla, love school, and roadies from MTV can be watched on the Voot app.

This was all about what Voot as an OTT platform has to offer to its users, but it has several downsides too. As we must know VOOT requires no subscription to be accessed and the basic generator of its profit is through advertisements. Though Voot is a great application for the people who don’t TV available on the place but discounting the fact that Voot is filled with advertisements and let us agree on this, we all do not like advertisements, it spoils our mood and we get bored while watching an episode or a movie. 

During this time, all we want is to watch movies and web series non interrupted. The best way out is to download the video from the Voot app.  Let us now look into some points that state why we need a Voot Video downloader online

Voot Video Downloader online – Why do people need to download videos from Voot? 


Voot video Downloader online is what people are looking for because it saves you from going through all the prolonged advertisements on the Voot application. Voot video downloader online also saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to stall your watching session due to ongoing advertisements every minute. 

Some people face terrible lagging issues on Voot due to bad network and internet connection Voot Video downloader also saves you from buffering if you are facing network issues. Downloading video from Voot Is largely preferred by the mass as you can watch the movie or web series on one go.

With the increased demand for movies and web series due to the global Pandemic, people are searching for options from where they can download movies from the Voot app very easily with no efforts at all.  We also tend to look for an option that is safe for our device and so it is advised to go through all the terms of the web site that you choosing to download Voot video from. 

Watching a web series, tv serial or movie on your phone is all fun and cool until advertisements pop-ups.  The advertisement manages to make you cranky and sulky, you might even lose interest in watching the video due to monotonous advertisements that pop up. 

Voot video downloader online also allows you to transfer the video from one device to another and so, you can watch the movie on web series on any screen that you want. There is many Voot video downloader online and each has a different set of procedure. Let us look into some Voot downloader online. 

 1.  Voot video downloader online – Videoder Application


You can very conveniently download videos from the Voot app using the Videoder application. It is one of the best Voot video downloaders online. Let us firstly look into the steps of how you can download the Videoder application on your phone. 

  •  Step 1. Go to the search engine – Open any search engine on your mobile phone.
  •  Step 2. Search for the application – Search for Videoder Application on your search engine on your mobile phone. 
  •  Step 3. Search result – Once you have searched for Videoder application on the search engine, click on the first result that will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Step 4. Download the applicationOnce you have opened the web site of the app, click on the download icon and download the app of video on your mobile phone. 
  • Note – Once you click on the download icon, you will receive a warning message which will tell you that downloading this application may harm your device. The fact is,  your device can be harmed if you download an Application from a search engine, It may cause your phone to hang or slow down, hence it is advised to make a wise decision before planning to download the application. ‘
  •  Step 5. Install the application – Once the video is downloaded on your mobile phone, install the application of Vdeoder on your mobile phone. 
  • Step  6. Open the application – Once when you have installed the application on your mobile phone, open the application of Videoder on your mobile phone. 
  • Step  7. Search for Voot app – On the application of Videoer, you will find a search bar, on that search bar, search for the Voot app. 
  • Step  8 . Open the Voot web site – After searching for the Voot app, click on the result, and open the web site of the Voot app.
  • Step  9. Open the video – Open the video of the movie or a web series that you want to download. 
  • Step  10. Download –  Once you open the video of the movie or web series, you can click on the download icon. 
  • Step 11. Video link will be generated – Once you click on the download icon,  the link of the video will be generated on the screen. 
  • Step  12 . Select the quality  Quality –  The link will have several options of quality that you want to download the movie in, select the quality of the movie. 
  • Step 13.  Start downloading the video –  You will find an option of start downloading, click on that, and start downloading the video. 
  • Step 14. Open file manager – Open file manager on your mobile phone. 
  • Step 15 . Internal memory – Go to the internal memory of your mobile phone. 
  • Step 16. Videoder file – Once when you have opened internal memory, open the file named Videoder and you will find the video that just downloaded from there. 

Videoder Voot video downloader online application has elaborated and complex steps. Let us look into some other alternative of Voot video downloader online.  

2.  Voot video downloader online – Keepvid


Keep vid is the most secure and fast Voot video downloader online. Let us look into some steps on how you can download Voot videos from Keepv.id.

  • Step 1. Open Search Engine – Open any search engine on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Step 2.  Copy the link – Copy the link of the Voot video that you want to download. 
  • Step 3. Open the website of Keep vid Open the web site on your mobile phone of Keepvid. 
  • Step 4. Copy-paste the link – You will find a box that will display ‘paste video links and hit go ‘, on that box, copy-paste the link of the video that you wish to download from Voot. 
  • Step 5. Hit go – Once when you have copy-pasted the link of the video, hit go. 
  • Step 6. Format – Once you hit go, you will find various formats of the video. 
  • Step 7.  Select format –   Select the format of the video of your choice. 
  • Step 8. download begins – Once when you have chosen the format of the video, the download will begin. 

Keep vid is one of the safest and easiest Voot video downloader online. Let us look into one more alternative of Voot video downloader online, which is CPMYVIDEOS. 

3. Voot video downloader online – Cp my Videos. 


Cp, my videos offer a platform from which you can download videos from Voot and Hotstar. Let us look into the procedure of using Voot video downloader online by using cp my videos.

  • Step 1. Open search engine – Open a search engine on your mobile phone or any personal computer. 
  • Step 2. Search for Voot – On your search engine, search for the Voot app.
  • Step 3. Open the video  – After opening the web site of the Voot app, open the video that you want to download. 
  • Step 4. Copy URL – After opening the video, copy the URL  of the particular video and proceed. 
  • Step 5. Search for CPMYVIDEO – On your search engine, search for CPMYVideos. 
  • Step 6. Open the web site – Open the web site of CPMYVIDEOS. 
  • Step 7. Paste the URL – once when you have opened the web site, you will find a box, paste the URL Of the Voot video that you want to download there. 
  • Step 8. Click on the download icon – below the box, you will find a download icon, click on that icon.
  • Step 9. Picture quality – After clicking on download you will have to select a picture quality of the video that you want to download. 
  • Step 10. Click on download again – After selecting the format and picture quality, click on download again. 
  • Step 11. Download starts – The process of the download will begin as soon as you click on download and it will take some time to download the video  [ depending on your internet speed ].
  • Step 12. Go on downloads to find the video – To find the video that you have just downloaded, open the download file, you will find the video there. 

FAQ – Frequently asked questions regarding Voot video downloader online

  1. How can I download videos from voot online?

    You can download videos from Voot by using any of the methods given in the article.

  2. Can I download Voot videos on my gallery?

    Yes, you can download Voot videos on your gallery using any of the web sites that are given in this article. 

  3. Can I download web series from Voot app?

    Yes, You can download web series from Voot, you will have to use any of the web sites that are given in this article for downloading web series from the Voot app. [ Note –  The process of downloading web series is the same as downloading any other video from Voot app ].

Winding-up –

Voot video downloader online is one of the most rummages about questions on the internet today. Gladly, there are options that offer you to conveniently download videos from Voot on an online medium. To be rational, watching videos on the VOOT app itself is always a sane way to see a web series, movie, or serial.

Getting a subscription of a particular OTT platform is the sanest way of watching a particular video. Being a responsible person, we should be aware of the downsides of a particular platform before jumping into a conclusion about the web site that you will choose for downloading Voot video. 

One of the safest Voot video downloaders online is to keep vid, it ensures the safety of the user and at the same time, it is easier to download video from Keep vid.  


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