How to convert Vodafone postpaid To Prepaid – 10 Easy Steps

How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid is the most inquired information that is being asked on both online and offline mediums when it comes to Vodafone. In 2020 Vodafone has about 297 Million Users in India and about 444 million across the world.

Vodafone is a telecommunication company that originated from Britain and in Today’s time, it delivers service to the world at large. Vodafone provides products and services like; Fixed-line telephone, Mobile phone, Broadband, Digital television, Internet television, and much more. Before getting into ‘how to convert Vodafone postpaid to Vodafone prepaid’, First let us see what are postpaid and prepaid plans in general.

*Postpaid  – In a postPaid Plan You can enjoy unlimited calling and internet facility and you will receive a bill of your usage at the end of every month. You have to perk to use the service and pay later when you receive the bill from Vodafone.

*Prepaid  – In a prepaid plan you have to pay the bill of a  given amount of calling facility and data to be used beforehand . in short, You pay first and then you use the service. There is a fair amount of control that you can have in a pre-paid plan that helps you to manage and restrict your usage.


Image – How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid

In the current scenario, people are switching from postpaid plans to prepaid plans so that they can recharge on their convenience and save a lot of money. Converting Vodafone postpaid to Vodafone prepaid can make the plan very cost-effective and favorable for the users.

The Prime reason for people to convert Vodafone postpaid to Vodafone Prepaid is a result of the horrifying bills that users received each month due to unrestricted services.  On the other hand, Pre-paid plans are a lot cheaper and reasonable and it in turn reduces the Sky-high bill related issue as you pay the amount before you are using it so you are very well aware of the amount and in turn the usage is controlled.

How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid?

Image – How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid

The next question that is frequently asked is How to convert Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid. The Procedure to follow Vodafone Post Paid to Prepaid is very simplified and user friendly. The process takes place through offline mediums. To be specific you will have to visit any nearby Vodafone outlet to convert your postpaid sim to a prepaid one. The required steps that are to be followed while converting your postpaid sim to a prepaid one are given in the table  below ;

1You will have to Visit any nearby Vodafone outlet.
2Mention that you want to convert your sim from Post-paid to Prepaid.
3You will have to clear all your dues.
4You will have to fill a post-paid to pre-paid Migrant Form.
5You will have to give your Biometric Verification.
6You will have to provide them with your ID proof, Address proof, Passport size photo.
7You will receive a ‘’Due clearance receipt’’.
8You will receive your new Prepaid sim.
9The process of porting will take up to 48 hours. 
10Once you see the network of the older sim is lost Switch it with the new prepaid sim.[ Activation ]
Table- How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid

Let us now look into each step to be followed in detail;

Image – How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid
  1. Visit nearby Vodafone outlet- Search for a Vodafone store in or near your locality and visit that place with your Phone, Aadhar card [ID Proof],  Pan card, or driving license [ Address proof]  and two passport size photos. 
  2. Mention That you want to convert Vodafone post-paid to pre-paid – Once you reach the shop, let the Vodafone employee know that you are looking for converting your postpaid sim to pre-paid one. Ask them about the various services and plans that are accessible. They might interrogate you about the reason you want to switch from postpaid to pre-paid and may try to persuade you to change your mind. In this case, you can explain to them the rational reason why you want to convert your Vodafone post-paid to pre-paid and stay rigid on the decision. 
  3. Clear all pending your dues – Once you have mentioned that you want to convert from postpaid to prepaid they will calculate your due amount. Once they tell you the due amount to date, you will have to pay your dues.
  4. Fill a postpaid to prepaid migrant form – The form will have required details that you will have to fill to proceed further. 
  5. Verify your Biometric – The submission of the form, you will have to Provide your thumb impression as Biometric Verification.
  6. Submit Your Id Proof – The Vodafone Employee Will ask you for your ID Proof. You can give you Aadhar card as your Id proof. For address proof, you can give your driving license or Pan card. They will also ask two passport size photos, you must keep it handy.
  7. Due clearance receipt –  After you submit all your documents and clear all your dues they will give you a ‘ Due clearance receipt’ which means you have cleared dues and you are ready to move to the next process. 
  8. New Prepaid sim – The Vodafone employee will provide you with new a Prepaid sim.
  9. The process of porting   – The process of porting usually takes place anywhere between 24 to 48 hours but some times it can take more or less time than 24-48 hours.
  10. Activation – After a few hours or days you will notice that network coverage of the postpaid sim will be lost and this means your prepaid plan is activated.

The whole process might take 15-20 minutes [ excluding the activation ]. Once done, you can savor all the perks and benefits of your new prepaid plan of Vodafone. 

Now we will take a glimpse of the benefits that Prepaid provides in comparison to postpaid.

Benefits of converting Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid in comparison.

Image – How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid Postpaid
1.You have to pay the amount before using the service –  You are very well aware about the total amount of money that you have to pay .You have to pay the amount after using the service– The amount is unspecified so you are not aware of how much you have to pay .
2.Pre-paid is cheaper- Pre-paid plans are always cheaper . They provide you with given amount of service in a given amount of money .It is a lot reasonable and costumer friendly for most of the users..Post -paid plans are comparatively expensive – In post paid you have to use the cellular service first and then pay for it . The limit of post paid is much more higher than the pre-paid one. It is precisely uncontrolled and unrestricted which leads to giant bill each month.
3.Plan changing in easement –It is very handy to switch plans when it comes to prepaid . You don’t have to wait for a whole month to jump to some other plan of your choice.Plan changing is complex–  Switching to another plan post-paid can lead to elevated bills. Changing the plan mid cycle is vastly tangled in post-paid.
4.No sky high bills – As said earlier when you take up a pre-paid plan, you are well informed about the amount that you have paid and the service that is generated from the plan. In other words , the amount would not constraint you or stress you out.Heavy bill amounts– There is no prime restriction over the data and services  that is being used , hence it can root strain and worry by seeing exceptionally high Figures on the bill that you receive on monthly basis.
5.Vodafone prepaid plans have variety and are more desirable- Vodafone prepaid plans have exciting deals and offers . You can enjoy unlimited data and call facility on daily basis based on your preference .Vodafone post paid plans lack variety –Vodafone post paid plans do not have ample variety . Even if they have good offers it is particularly expensive .
Table- How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid

Every coin has two sides, so with a bulk of perks that we know regarding converting your Vodafone post- Paid to Prepaid, there are also drawbacks that a person encounters when switching from post-paid to prepaid. 

The disadvantages of converting Vodafone Postpaid to Prepaid are given below;

Image – How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid
  1. Data and call facility that are unused cannot be continued – If in case you are not able to exhaust the daily based facility, you cannot use it the day after. You will have to exhaust the per day based data cellular to make the full use of the money paid to Vodafone.
  2. Paying before using is uncommon and strange – The concept of paying before using is not cherished by all the costumers. Few users find in unusual and Unfamiliar. For the people who prefer to pay after they have used the facility,  Postpaid is the best option for them where they can pay on a monthly basis.
  3. You Do not get free access to over the top media services – Post Paid plan of Vodafone allows you to get a subscription of Amazon Prime, Eros Now, sonyliv on Vodafone play.
  4. You Receive a Bulk of messages – When you convert from Vodafone postpaid to prepaid you get an endless amount of plan-related information through messages which can get Vexatious and annoying.

How to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions );

  1. After how many days can I migrate from Post-paid to post-paid?

    You can Migrate from post paid to prepaid after 90 days .

  2. Will my phone number change if I convert from Vodafone postpaid to prepaid?

    No, Your number will remain the same, You will just get a new sim card.

  3. Can I convert my prepaid sim to post paid?

    yes, you can visit the Vodafone website, then you can go to buy a postpaid section. Later you will have to fill in details. You have to fill in your address and then you can get doorstep delivery. 

  4. How to get money back security?

    The amount automatically comes as prepaid balance .

  5. Sim change is compulsory?

    Yes, You will get a new sim card when you convert from postpaid to prepaid.

  6. How long it takes to convert?

    It takes 24 to 48 hours to convert and activate Vodafone prepaid.

  7. Can I convert my Vodafone postpaid to Vodafone prepaid from home?

    No, You will have to visit any nearby Vodafone outlet to convert your Vodafone postpaid to prepaid.

Always visit the Vodafone store within 2 days when you receive the bill otherwise you will have to wait for another month of the billing cycle. This is because they might decline your request saying it is the middle of the month and the conversion process would not be possible.

Winding up;

Converting Vodafone postpaid to prepaid is certainly a better choice for all the people looking for a restricted yet considerable amount of service from Vodafone. Nobody likes seeing long alarming bills that give you a panic attack. Undoubtedly Vodafone wishes for more and more people to join come and join the postpaid plans.

They succeeded pretty well in captivating the costumers towards their postpaid plans. Some people undeniably are inclined towards paying after using a particular service but the majority of the folks are positively willing to convert Vodafone postpaid to prepaid due to variety and preference and are happy and satisfied with their decision. 


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