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VCare has introduced a long searched required product that is VIP hair color shampoo, which shows instant effects in covering the gray hair in addition to the natural black beauty on the customer’s head. Interestingly, VIP hair color shampoo is applied very easily and is the first shampoo containing the conditioner and the color in it. 

Therefore hair color shampoo becomes India’s first hair color shampoo. 

VIP hair color shampoo :

VIP hair color shampoo is the safest hair dye with no side effects. This product is easy to use and can be applied to color hair, head, beard, chest, mustache, and body hair. It can be applied easily by bare hands. 

VIP hair color shampoo is tear-free, with no ammonia, made with natural ingredients, and gives out a pleasing smell after application. 

Users can easily use it without any gloves or protection on the skin because it is strain-free and skin-friendly. VIP hair color is FIVE IN ONE as its application is not limited just to head hair. 

VIP color shampoo is user friendly and focuses on making it easiest for the consumer to use the product. One of the main reasons it’s more preferable is that it’s herbal and totally made of natural ingredients with no added chemicals to harm in any way. 

Color shampoos are safer and harmless to use than normal shampoos because they provide extra softness to the texture of hair. Also, the color eventually fades off because they’re not permanent. So there is no side effect of this hair color shampoo. It gives 100% coverage of grey hair if applied correctly. 

Vcare supports its consumer’s demand and requirement of staying up to date with their personalities for which they’ve designed hair color shampoo. Vcare believes in providing confidence to the users which they feel after bringing back their black charming shiny hair. 

How to apply VIP hair color shampoo


VIP hair color shampoo is applied on clean dust and oil-free hair, make sure they are free from any kind of dirt and are completely dry. This hair color shampoo comes with two packets of shampoo inside the packaging. 

Apply the equal required amount of shampoos from both the bottles by pressing on the nozzle and make sure your hands are thoroughly wet and mix the shampoo to make a mixture. 

Now apply the mixture on your head or wherever you want to apply the color and massage the area slowly. DO NOT FORGET TO WASH YOUR HANDS with soap within 3 minutes of being in contact with the shampoo. 

Wait for 15 minutes and then rinse your hair with clean water. The results are presentable and perfect. Customers are more likely to recommend VIP hair color shampoo after they use it for once. 

VIP hair color shampoo – Offers 


The current price of this hair color shampoo is Rs. 500/- in India but the online purchase of the same gives attractive offers and discounts on purchase. 

Amazon offers free delivery for orders more than Rs.499, which makes ViP color shampoo of Rs. 456, This means the customer saves  9 % that is Rs. 46 on purchasing from online. 

WebsitePriceProduct Link
Amazon.inRs.500Buy Now
Amazon.inRs.1,199Buy Now
Flipkart.comRs.465Buy Now
Flipkart.comRs.475Buy Now
Flipkart.comRs.275Buy Now

Vcare offers this product at many online platforms so the customers can avail it from where ever they feel like. VIP hair color shampoo is the safest hair color shampoo with easy to use the process and wide availability of ranges and amounts of packaging for all sets of relevant consumers. 

VIP hair color shampoo is available in black and brown colors. 

VIP hair color shampoo :PROS AND CONS


  • It is totally natural and chemical-free so there’s no side effect.
  • It makes the consumer look naturally good with its natural texture.
  • Keeps the hands stain-free and the place too.
  • It does not require any specific set up to be applied it can be done at home without any professional help.
  • The natural sleek hair adds to the beauty of the consumer.
  • It comes in two colors – black and brown
  • This hair color shampoo strengthens the hair with its natural elements.
  • This hair color shampoo is affordable.
  • In addition to all of the above,
  • it’s a mixture of conditioner and shampoo which give hair a shiny silky texture.


  • VIP hair color has a very strong smell and takes a little while to get used to in the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Following are the few questions which are commonly asked my the consumers. 

  1. Is VIP hair color shampoo a natural product? 

    Yes, VIP hair color shampoo is totally natural and chemical free. 

  2. Can VIP hair color shampoo be used on wet hair? 

    No, for the application of shampoo the hair should be completely dry, oil free and dust free. 

  3. Where can we find VIP hair color shampoo? 

    VIP hair color shampoo is easily available in any departmental stores or chemists. In addition to it, its easily available online at various platforms. 

  4. Can VIP hair color shampoo cover the gray hair? 

    Yes, it covers all the gray hair where ever applied. 

  5. What are the available colors in market for this product? 

    VIP hair color shampoo is available in two colors, black and brown. 

  6. Is it required to wash hair with normal shampoo after using this? 

    No, VIP hair color shampoo is enough for the hair wash and there is no requirement to wash hair with any other shampoo after rinsing off it. 
    Wash hair with clean water only. 

  7. Is the color permanent? 

    No the color is temporary and can dissolve totally in 3-4 days. 

  8. Does it leave any stains on forehead or skin if applied? 

    No it only colors the hair and is totally stainless.


  • If a consumer wants to try coloring hair for the first time then I’d suggest this product to be used because it’s very easy to use. 
  • It’s natural and would avoid any kind of side effect so even senior citizens can use it without any problems. 
  • It’s instant and temporary so if the consumer wants instant results, I’d suggest VIP hair color shampoo. 


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