So the time for Valentine’s Day gifts has arrived again. our WhatsApp is flooded with messages and everybody is posting something about it. You have already shared a picture with your s/o and now all that’s left is surprising him/her with that perfect gift. 

But have you bought the perfect gift or under the pressure of this burden and because of your habit of overthinking, you didn’t end up buying anything. Or are you still churning out Chocolates and Flowers every year? So if you are unsatisfied with the gift, better luck next year and if it’s the second option or an affirmative answer to the last question, you have come to the right place.   

So, listed below are some of the top Valentine’s day gift ideas for girlfriend, Valentine’s day gifts for wife, Valentine Day Gift Ideas for fiancée, Valentine Day Gift ideas for husband, and also Valentine Day Gift Ideas for a friend. Gifts are the perfect way of showing your love.

1. Valentine Day Gift Ideas For Her

Okay, the reason why I started with Valentine’s Day gifts for that special woman in your life is that men really need to amp it up. According to a study, a massive of 85% of all gifts are bought by women, so here is my Valentine’s Day Week List to make up the difference. 

a. Jewelry

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it is also a really really expensive bestie to keep. Gold prices are on a surge and let’s not forget that all-natural resources, including precious gems, are on the decline.

And lo and behold, it’s cheap (or in some cases, less expensive), classy, and genuinely thoughtful jewelry to the rescue. Moreover, you have a variety of options to choose from, ranging from rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces. You can now even shop for personalized jewelry like initial rings or double initial necklaces and even zodiac stuff if that’s how you roll.

So here are some of the fine samples of what you can include in your Valentine Day Week List for jewelry.

There is also the pendant that says ‘I love you’ in 100 different language for your polyglot s/o.

Moving on to the next of the Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Her.

b. Perfume Sets

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Hear me out. While it may sound cliché, this is one of the evergreen Valentine’s Day gifts. As Valentine’s day gift for girlfriend in India or abroad, it is uncomplicated yet sincere; as a Valentine Day Gift idea for fiancée, it is a whiff of the life ahead; it is a combination of both, and a touch of familiarity for you both as a Valentine Day Gift idea for wife. It is also one of the most simple last moment grab if you have wasted the whole day stressing out on what to give her or (to put it plainly) just forgot!

So, brownie points for that as well.
If you have the cash, go for brands like Dolce Gabbana or Coco Chanel and if it’s a tight budget, no worries, companies like Revlon, Oriflame and Titan Skinn smell totally Luxe.  

For adding that special touch of love, you can even engrave both of your initials in the perfume bottle.

c. Personalized Cards


This Valentine’s day gift can mostly be used as a garnish on your main serving dish. Cards, undoubtedly, are one of the most used gifts for any occasion, and Valentine’s Day is no exception to that. However this accessibility also has a disadvantage- basically, it makes them generic. And giving generic gifts is a complete no-no and something that should definitely never be placed on your top 10 Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend, fiancée or wife.
And Voila! That’s where personalized cards come into effect.

Personalized cards add that much-needed sparkle to your gifts. As Valentine’s day gift, it retains the authenticity and in the same breath manages to carve out its own niche. 

Add a favorite picture, some important memories or your own short poems in it and this Valentine’s day gift can melt hearts. 

You can do the same with cups, photo frames, cushions, even bed covers. Basically, get any gift and add a personal touch to it.

See, you can personalize something as uptight as a passport cover.

d. V-Day trinkets and sculptures


Now it’s time for Valentine’s day gift that is going to decorate your lives.
*Cue for dramatic music*
All drama aside, trinkets and couple figurines are really good to look at, and they also add that small cuteness factor to it. 

And if you are thinking that these gifts have become old-fashioned then look the last two gifts can be personalized to your liking as well. Just imagine, that beautiful lamp glowing in the dark while you gaze at it lovingly.

 2. Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Him

Women really like giving gifts. And while it may be a debatable topic, it is a very probable fact that women do give better gifts as well. For some, though, this might become a hard burden to uphold and hence without any further ado, let’s begin with the list of Valentine’s day gifts for your Y-chromosome bearing special friend.  

a. Warm Clothes


Q: Why does this Valentine’s day gift work?

A: February is a cold month and everyone is snuggling in their blankets or donning on the coziest pair of socks they can find. So what better way to make your s/o sense that warm fuzzy feeling in their hearts than this gift.

This especially works as a very good example for a Valentine Day Gift idea for your husband. 

 b. Shaving Kits


It’s an undeniable fact that men love their beards and keeping themselves well-shaved is a very important factor for them; thus giving a man the wonderful Valentine’s day gift of a shaving kit will for sure stroke (and if not that, at least a pat) the deepest parts of his heart. Every morning, this kit will serve as a constant reminder of your care for him. It is, what is generally called, a gift that keeps on giving.

Something about a complete shaving kit makes it very appealing for men and thus this stands out as one of the best Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for husband, fiancé or your boyfriend.

c. Vouchers For Spa and Massage


This is a very thoughtful Valentine’s day gift for your man. Men are usually not known for taking care of themselves and so, every gesture of care that you show for them becomes very significant for them.
So this Valentine’s day, take it up a notch higher and spend your s/o for a massage. This will not only rejuvenate his body and spirit but also refresh your relationship. 

And if you don’t want to keep it as just a Valentine Day Gift Idea for him, you can join in the fun as well. Buy a couple of vouchers and enjoy your time (*ahem* in whatever way you want).

d. Bags and Wallets 


If you are still unsure about your Valentine’s Day gifts, a wallet or bag is the right path to choose. I mean you can never go wrong with them.
A great Valentine Day gift idea for him would be something that they want and need. Wallets and Bags fall in that category- they can be used every day and also act as cool accessories for certain occasions.

Now you might say that everybody uses a wallet, so how does that make it a special gift. Well, you can always PERSONALIZE it. Get your loved one’s initials, nickname or your anniversary date adorned on it.

Valentine’s Day is a day where you celebrate love and talking about love, your BF is someone that you should not forget.
Relationships may (or not) change, yet your bestie is the constant in your life.
So this Valentine’s Day, surprise them with the love they deserve. Here are the top Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Friends. 

1. Heart Balloon sets

The Valentine’s Day Gifts for the insta worthy picture.

2. Personalized Journals

The Valentine’s Day Gifts for jotting down your precious friendship memories

3. Sunglasses

The Valentine’s Day Gifts for upping the fashion statement

4. Matching Key chains

The Valentine’s Day Gifts for both of your souls are essentially the same

And lastly, the perennial…

5. Besties bracelets

The Valentine’s Day Gifts for preserving that nostalgic feeling of friendship.

All that said and done, if you are someone who thinks that Valentine’s Day Gifts are not your cup of tea; Fear not, because it’s not that uncommon. Remember, the gifts are not what counts, the thought is what matters. 

An alternate Valentine Day Gift Idea for your wife or husband could be a small getaway or just a comfortable celebration in your house, even a movie night. And an excellent Valentine Day Gift Idea for your friend can be simply spending quality with them.


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