Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – Top 6 Train Food Delivery Apps

As a young girl the mode of transportation I enjoyed the most was the train ride. The thrill of seeing the scenery, hills, greenery, water bodies was just what I wanted. But the only disappointment during these rides was the food.

Back then technology wasn’t as good as now and we had to adjust to the local train station food. Right now the best thing that has happened is Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India. Imagine ordering the food you like for your favorite ride. That’s the most wonderful combination, isn’t it?

We came across a few best train food delivery apps in India that are booming in business with their amazing food services, may it be for its food quality or its taste.

These train food delivery apps made their debut a few years ago, but now are reaching many people with its simple way of reaching out. Here are the 6 best train food delivery apps in India that you shouldn’t forget for the next time you are traveling on a train.

#1 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – Travelkhana-Train Food Service

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website

TravelKhana is a train foodservice application available on Google Playstore. This app has reached out to a large number of people with 1,000,000+ downloads on Playstore. They have a wide service all over India.

They are delivering food to more than 300 cities actively every day now! They offer so many kinds of cuisines from north Indian thali to South Indian snacks. They have so many options on the food delivery app that the user gets overwhelmed with choices.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are also separated. Jain Thalis are also available. Combos, sandwiches, and small snacks are trending currently. The train food delivery idea has made this app so easy to use and makes the customer have a hassle-free experience.

Another more exciting feature of this app is that it can be used offline as well! Just imagine running out of data and craving for some food, this is the perfect app for all. All you have to do is download the app from the Playstore and choose from the wide range of choices.

They have a lot of options from which you can choose. Sign in and make sure you provide the proper location to clear the possible confusion. They are experts delivering more than 6000 trains, so you can trust them. They even have trending food based on the place you are at! What are you waiting for? Download this food delivery app now!

#2 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – RailYatri

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website

RailYatri is known to be another best train food delivery app in India. They are famous for their fast deliveries. They are also official partners with IRCTC. They deliver to 150+ train stations. They make food delivery so convenient that users are always happy with the service.

They also have an app on the Playstore. It is very easy to install and the set up is quite new as well. Sign up and you are good to go. This app not only allows the users to order food but also helps in booking tickets and more. Look how user-friendly this application is!

You can order food even while traveling via bus. The main reason you should choose RailYatri is because of its fast orders. They make sure they deliver without any troubles. The food is also reviewed to be tasty and fresh. The app was developed by Kapil Raizada, Sachin Saxena, and Manish Rathi, all from IITs and IIMs.

This makes us support the app even more as we should be focusing on made in India from now. While ordering on the app make sure you don’t forget to order honey chili potatoes, doughnuts, and north Indian side dishes.

#3 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – IRCTC E Catering

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website

This is the official government train food delivery app that is made for train travelers. When starting up companies have thought about the food delivery apps, don’t you think the government wouldn’t hire people for the same? This app is very simple and on point.

It is as easy as any other food delivery apps. This app is available on the Playstore and App store. While you are on this application don’t forget to order samosa, dhokla, sandwiches, and chicken dishes. This app includes local flavors in the most trending food of the station.

The delivery is done in all the states and all the stations. As it is a government app, it can be used all over the country. The food quality is reviewed to be moderate and the cleanliness is rated good. Overall this can also be considered as one of the best train food delivery apps in India.

#4 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India –

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website is the most trusted train food delivery app to date. They respect that each city has its taste of food and tries its best to match up with so many items on the menu! They are connected with both local stores and high-end top restaurants for this food delivery.

You will get to order from almost all nearby restaurants in and around your surroundings. The food gets delivered right to your seat and you don’t even have to go to the pick-up point. You can order via the app, website, or even through a phone call.

These app developers have kept intact with the good old phone call ordering method as well. They deliver to more than 250 stations, covering up to 4000+ trains. Their billing details are very transparent and don’t involve any hidden extra charges.

You also get a lot of discounts and offers from famous restaurants. The best offers are always available on your application. There is another exciting news, they provide a lot of special offers to people who book in bulks! If you are going with a large family or a large group you can always make use of the special offer to buy the famous foods from across your surroundings.

As mentioned before this app is famous for its fast and fresh delivery. the customers can order new dishes at every station and they encourage the passengers to buy as many small orders as they want.

Repeated orders are always encouraged. If you are looking for a healthy breakfast, luxurious lunch, or even a light dinner or even small snacks they have got it covered. You can now relax and have a wonderful trip while enjoying the best food from across the town.

For this very reason, this app is one of the best train food delivery apps in India. The delivery boy insurance the safety of your food and also the quality of your food. The delivery boys always wear a mask and they are in a very hygienic condition.

All you have to do is select the station, pick a restaurant, choose whatever you want to eat within your budget and you are good to go! You can choose from South Indian, North Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, burger, sandwiches, pizzas, and a lot more.

All restaurants to deliver fresh and hygienic meals to ensure the best service levels. You have various options to pay, you can choose cash on delivery on you can pay in advance through online payments. They have strict delivery timings which start around 8:30 in the morning and continue till 10 p.m. at night.

For your safety, this app ensures that the delivery boys carry around their identification cards issued by IRCTC. You can place your order around 45 minutes before you reach the station and your order will be waiting at the station while you reach there.

#5 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – Gofoodieonline

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website

Gofoodieonline ensures that your long traveling hours on the train are joyful with tasty food. They have taken service around the local railway stations and have concluded that train food has poor quality and the taste is also negligible.

To make the customers more comfortable with their train journey this application was built. They deliver food on the train to about 170+ stations across all over. The law of their customers and they support their food partners very very well. They have many food partners across many towns.

They are pretty famous for the service provider. They not only deliver food but also help in the online booking of the tickets. Always grateful for their food partners for helping them deliver food on time.

Without the food partner corporation, they wouldn’t be able to deliver the food on time with the same quality and quantity. This app is a unique feature that trumps every other train food delivery apps in India. 

It has live tracking option. the passenger can now keep looking and tracking at their orders. the ensure that the passengers get fresh and hygiene food order on time at their seat. The only objective is to provide simple good quality and conveniently packed foods. Their major feature on the application is that they provide diabetic-friendly meals.

They also provide Jain food in the selected routes which are non-onion and non-garlic foods. They have simple steps to order. The app is very user friendly and can be used to book online coolie, PNR status, booking hotel rooms, and buses. All you have to do is enter your train number with the starting date of the train.

Their delivery boys are very punctual and will wait for you at the pickup point. All their delivery boys will wear a uniform that will help you identify them as soon as you spot them. Isn’t it amazing how these apps can use man force and make something amazing out of it? Go give this app a try today and know for yourself why it is rated the best train food delivery apps in India!

#6 Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India – Yatri Bhojan

Train food delivery app in India
Image Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India from official website

Yatri Bhojan is also one of the best train food delivery apps in India. Here’s why. They have been incorporated to operate an online food store that provides very very fresh and hygienic food prepared by the outlet and the food partners for the railway stations.

They have many food partners across the city. They even provide food services for flight passengers. this company also has its call center and also a website for ordering online. They understand that not everybody will have a smartphone and an internet connection and hence they have a call center that is active throughout the day.

This app like any other train food delivery app has the option of pre-ordering the mail from the given options. They have a preorder time of 45 minutes. cancellation availability is also there which is the plus point in this application compared to the other food delivery apps.

The food providers which are incorporated with this app are all legally licensed. They are very strict about the quality of the food and the packaging. this app is tied up with more than 250 restaurants and caterers over 150 stations in Pan India.

They value their customers very much and they also keep their orders or their previous orders in history so that they can repeat the orders whenever they want. They respect their customers and they also see every feedback of every food order that has been placed in this app. It may be regarding the food quality of the packaging or even the food delivery boy.

They take everything into account and improve their delivery services. this makes them one of the best train food delivery apps in India which are also trending right now. This app also provides delivery is in bulk to all major airports.

This sums up the top 6 best train food delivery apps in India. Make sure you check out each app during each train travelling. Every app is curated personally to please every Indian so make sure you have a try in each of these applications and also give your valuable reviews! Happy train eating!

FAQ about Best Train Food Delivery Apps In India:

  1. During COVID situation, is it safe to order from online food delivery apps?

    It is safe, as the restaurants have an open check policy and they sanitize their work station very often. The delivery boys are made sure that they are tested negative. 

  2. Will there be a refund if I don’t like the food?

    Depending on the app you use and their policies, a refund will be made. They have their refund and return policies mentioned in their apps.

  3. Is cancellation available?

    Each app has a cancellation option available, but the cancellation should be done within the given period and the payment return will be discussed with you at the restaurant call center. 


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