Top 5 Trending Smartphones in India

Trending Smartphones

As Present is the era of digitization so it is almost impossible to live without smartphone. Using an smartphone, we can do all our daily deeds very easily. Trending Smartphones is not just a phone these days, actually it is our bank too.

Trending Smartphones

We can pay all our bills and other payments very easily with the help of an smartphone. We can transfer the money to our friends and family without even going to the bank and also very quickly. In the fig.1 below we can see the use of an smartphone for paying bills, money transfer.

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Fig.1 Paying bills and Transferring the money using an Smartphone

Our Trending Smartphones have now actually become a part of the family without it is very difficult to live a happy life these days as it also captures the happy and memorable moments of our life like any celebration’s pictures and videos using the camera of our smartphone. We can also share these moments with the persons who are not present during the celebration because of any reason.

Now when we know that Trending Smartphones are so important so definitely we would like to know about the latest and trending smartphones so that we can avail the facility provided in the latest versions of the old smartphones or the latest smartphones. Few of the latest and trending smartphones with the specific features provided in those smartphones are being discussed as follows.


Whether we talk about the latest smartphone or the trending smartphone, the brand which clicks our mind instantly is one and only Xiaomi Redmi. The reason behind this is that they provide the latest technology and that too at the minimal prices as compared to the other brands. This is why it has become the most preferred smartphone all over India. Also it is the most selling smartphone in India. We can see every third person using Redmi smartphone.

In the latest models, Redmi has launched its Note 5 pro which is still in the wishlist of many as all the released sets are being bought. Previously, people were crazy about Redmi Note 4 and that was also the most selling smartphone in India. In the fig.2 below we can see the Redmi Note 4.

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Fig.2 Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Then they have upgraded the operating software and camera lenses and produced a latest smartphone which is Redmi Note 5. We can see the Redmi Note 5 in the fig.3 below.

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Fig.3 Redmi Note 5

Then they have updated only few features in Note 5 like processor and front camera and released Note 5 pro. There is not much difference in look between Note 5 and Note 5 Pro. Note 5 has been changed to Note 5 Pro with some changes in the processor and camera. In Note 5, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 was used while in Note 5 Pro Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 has been used.In Note 5 Pro, Front camera is of 20 megapixels while in Note 5 it is of 5 megapixels only.

Specification of Note 5 Pro

Battery Capacity 4000mAh

Screen Size 5.99 Inches


Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 636


Front 20 Megapixels

Rear 5 Megapixels

In the fig.4 below we can have a look over Redmi Note 5 Pro.

Top 5 Trending Smartphones in India

Fig.4 Redmi Note 5 Pro


When we are talking about smartphone then how come it is that we miss Samsung. Its Galaxy S9+ is among the trending smartphones. They have started updating Samsung Galaxy S8 and changed its Screen size from 5.9 inches to 6.2 inches keeping other specifications like front and rear camera. They also upgraded the operating system and Processor. In the fig.5 below we can see Samsung Galaxy S8.

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Fig.5 Samsung Galaxy S8

Talking about the processor, both Galaxy S9 and S9+ have the same processor i.e. Octa Core 2.7 GHz which is an upgraded version of the one which has been used in Galaxy S8 i.e. Octa Core 2.3 GHz. Operating system is also same for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ i.e. Android v8.0 (Oreo) but it is different for Galaxy S8 i.e. Android v7.0 Nougat. In the fig.6 below Samsung Galaxy S9 has been shown.

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Fig.6 Samsung Galaxy S9

Specification of Samsung Galaxy S9+

Battery Capacity 3500mAh

Screen Size 6.2 Inches


Operating System Android v8.0 (Oreo)


Processor Octa Core 2.7 GHz


Front 5 Megapixels

Rear 12 Megapixels

In the fig.7 below Samsung Galaxy S9 + is there.

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Fig.7 Samsung Galaxy S9+


This is a Chinese smartphone which has started in 2013. Recently they have launched a smartphone with the latest features i.e. One Plus 5T. It is also a wonderful smartphone with the latest features in-camera as well as operating system and processor. One Plus 5T is a smartphone with 6.02 inches HD display having Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 16 Megapixel front as well as the rear camera. We can see One Plus 5T smartphone in the fig.8 below.

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Fig.8 One Plus 5T

Upcoming phones

Talking about the upcoming smartphones we are left with One Plus 6 which will be released to market soon. Talking about the specifications, this phone will have 16 MP + 20 Mp dual camera setup with 3450 mAh battery capacity and Snapdragon 845 processor. In the fig.9 below One Plus 6 has been shown.

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Fig.9 One Plus 6

Criteria of the selection of anything basically depends on the requirements of the individuals. For smartphone selection, people mostly go for the look of the smartphone first and then the quality of the images captured by the camera means the camera pixels and finally the processor and battery life.

For people having an average budget and want something trending without compromising their requirements then they should go for Redmi Note 5 Pro and If they wanna explore something totally different by increasing their budget then One Plus 5T and One Plus 6 would be nice. Now if they want the luxurious smartphone obviously it will cost more than the other two I was talking about before in this paragraph then they must buy Samsung Galaxy S9+.


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