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Nowadays web series are trending like The Investigation web series review, name of the series remind me murder case, savdhan India, CID, and many more shows. Who doesn’t like to watch mysterious and thriller killing stories, I like it because it is better than love stories.

After all, love stories usually have common stories like a love triangle, cast system, and so on. But thriller series always have something which has something thrilling in it like our mind gets stressed and start thinking what will be next or we start thinking why to happen, for whom it happens and who did this?

How will be police corrupt or not and able to solve the case or not? These are the few things that come to mind when I think of a thriller web seriesThe Investigation web series review solves all the questions, even reviews nowadays encourage people to watch web series. Reviews made everything easy for the audience where they can think about where to spend their time and why?

Because reviews reveal the story sometimes with no spoilers. Time is an important known matter where you spend it even you spend on entertaining so this web series has kept that in mind and yes series reveals everything quickly but still it has suspense in it, it will not go the way you think and you will get something else so you will get the question that what next but you will get your answer soon, you don’t have to wait for it.

You just have to watch the whole series. Usually, The Investigation web series review is based on true stories which we are always excited to watch but this web series story is not based on a true story. Don’t get disappoint it is not disappointing, you should watch it and decide it. According is thrilling and killing that is worth spending time sometimes you have to make the choice that’s worth than listening to others.

In this quarantine I know we are working from home and some of them almost watch all the web series which are available and now you are searching for new one or waiting for the new one to release some but I am sure you have not to check out some web series from 2019, if you have check out then chances are you judge some web series without watching it but you don’t give a try to watch it.

I can understand even I do the same if I don’t find the web series Name interesting, I look for other web series some time I don’t even bother to read the reviews. Sometimes I like the Title of the web series but I then check out the time, how many hours it will take we come to know this from the number of episodes, season, and length of each episode.

To be honest I like web series which we can watch in an hour but these web series are rarely available. I came across The Investigation web series review what attracted me is less time means it take only one hour to watch the series and yes I watched it which is dam interesting and It.

So you are the one like me who likes to watch short web series than this is the web series for you with a thriller and killer flavor where there is a bit love story of the investigator. The web series gets more interesting when you get to know that someone close to his heart is involved in the case and the dialogue on it is amazing.

The Investigation web series review of Trailer 

Credit – ErosNow

The Investigation web series review is the second step of yours to decide to watch series or not but the first step is always Trailer. The trailer always convinces the audience to watch the whole series because it keeps you curious about what exactly the web series is all about.

The trailer always reveals the half story which makes us watch the whole web series where we come to know about the whole story. But if you don’t get convinced by the Trailer but you still want to know about the web series you start scrolling The Investigation web series review, where you decide to watch it or not.

I am sure you will watch the web series anyways because it is a thriller and the lead actor is amazing. I will talk about The Investigation web series review star cast

  • Aryamann Seth played the character of Anuj
  • Hiten Tejwani played the character of ACP Vishal
  • Leena Jumani played the character of Vishal wife Swati
  • Prakash Ramchandan

There are other characters involve in this web series which you will get to know while watching the web series.

Nitesh Singh is the director of the Investigation web series, the web series is released in 2019 on the online platform.

The trailer of the investigation – Trailer start with the dialogue which made a first impression and the dialogue was “People says every good man has a bad side too” dialogue get continued “But I believe Good and Bad don’t have any universal definition – What l feel right is wrong from others point of view” With this dialogue you will come across so many visuals like actor riding the bike and some people are running seems like the cop is behind them because they are the criminal.

Then there is the entry of Hiten Tejwani who introduces himself in Marathi “I am Vishal Gaikwad” and he shoots someone. Then the scene is He is walking with two cops behind it and next is someone though the water on the body and Vishal asked what Happened? And he gets the reply Sir Murder case, it is high profile.

Visuals of the couples and then Vishal seating with his wife in front of him who seems sad and she said “someone close to me passed away” Than after some scenes there is a scene of Someone is challenging Vishal that he will look after him and after that Vishal declare in front of media that this case was an accident case.

Then there is a twist a man calls Vishal and says sir two policemen died after that one policeman says to Vishal that your wife has an affair sir. After some scene, there is a wife of Vishal crying and screaming that I want to talk to the Vishal and ending dialogue of the trailer made me more curious to watch the web series and that dialogue is “I never thought one unsolved case will complicate my whole life”

After watching the Investigation web series review trailer, to be honest I recalled the story Airlift movie which is of Akshay Kumar. Where his wife was involved in the case and she was having an extra material affair which Akshay Kumar come to know which leads to murder but later Akshay Kumar proof himself that he is not a culprit he shoots because he wants to protect him. But this web series is different not similar to the movie as I thought.

Acting in the Investigation web series

Image – The Investigation web series review

The web series revolves around criminals and the lead actor Hiten Tejwani so I will talk about him who is playing ACP Vishal role in the web series. The actor has chosen a different role this time, we have seen him in the role of husband and son who is sweet but now he is the indifferent role and look.

He is in a serious role this time who is dam tough and he looks amazing in his mustache. He has played the role of a cop and he has given justice the role where he is smart and investigate the whole case very well with his hard work, feels like Hiten Tejwani is another singham.

The Singham of the web series follows his duties and responsibilities very well. His acting I loved in the whole series and others were ok, he played his role strongly which is more effective and impressive.

I have talked about the dialogues which I find impressive and relative, loved the hiten dialogues in the whole web series. There are other dialogues too but his dialogues are like a king. There is a dialogue of him I would like to share is “Police wale ke haath hai, Kitne bhi dholo gande hi rehte hai”

Story of the Investigation web series review

Image – The Investigation web series review

Hiten Tejwani played the role of a cop in this web series, where he gets a murder case and the whole web series revolve around this murder case, him and investigation where something is related to his life too in this case that makes the web series more interesting, the role played is never played by Hiten Tejwani before so to watch him in an investigator cop role is one of the new and interesting things to watch in web series.

The web series is of 9 episodes and every episode is of 9-10 minutes which you can complete watching an hour. The web series is a thriller so I will not reveal the whole story of it because I don’t want to be a spoiler. After all, if I will reveal a bit of it then the web series will not remain interesting for you.

As I said Hiten got a murder case, in the public toilet they get a body and the body is of a student who is a union leader of Mumbai. This get claim when one of his friends recognizes him and the investigation start of this case. So the question comes that this is a murder case or an accident case? Vishal feels like this is not a murder case it is an accidental case so he closes the file of this case by declaring it as an accidental cause.

But there is a twist in the Investigation web series review, the body post-Morten report says that it was a murder case and the report goes into the hand of the union student friend, he takes the report and goes in the union group where he shows that report to other students and the whole union student protest.

Then pressures come from the head-on Vishal to open the case again because it is a murder case not an accidental case, this way case gets open, and the whole investigation starts where you come to know where and why to happen who did what? So many twist and turn you will get. Till the last episode, you will not get bore

Why The Investigation web series review is important

Image – The Investigation web series review
  • The review is important because it will help you to decide whether to watch the investigation series or not.
  • The lead actor acting is amazing.
  • Web series is short and simple with a thriller nature.
  • In one hour you will be able to watch the whole series.
  • The story is amazing and engaging.
  • The end is also cool but it is an open-end means next season will come soon.
  • The story is linked well from past to present.
  • The high profiled case is shown which is interesting.
  • Criminals do more crimes to hide one crime, so watch the series to know which crimes criminals do, how many more people get killed.

Thriller web series lover you should watch The Investigation web series review

Why The Investigation web series review is not important

Image – The Investigation web series review
  • The review is not important because the name itself reveals the story.                         
  • Apart from the lead actor, the acting of the other actors is not impressive.
  • The script is not proper like you will not get the answer to all questions and chances are you will get confused.
  • The reason behind the murder feels invalid.
  • Feels like a scriptwriter was not having time to write an exact story, he was in a hurry.
  • Comedy lovers this web series is not for you.
  • If you are the one who loves thriller movies, don’t keep the high level of expectation you will get disappointed.
  • Thriller web series means it is full of seriousness no laugh only thoughts and of course no romance so romantic series lover you will get disappointed.
  • Sex lover the one who only watch series for sex, this web series will disappoint you.

Where to watch The Investigation web series review

The investigation web series is available on Eros Now which is new in the market. You will get this web series at Jio Cinema for free. It is not available anywhere else, it is not on youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, Viu, airtel Xstream


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