Tamil TV shows download – 9 Best Tamil Tv Shows

Tamil TV shows download

Yes, you can get a Tamil TV show download, now it is available easily so chill if you miss any show on TV. Are you the one who doesn’t get watch a TV show because you are busy doing household work or you will be the one whose family members don’t give the remote to watch TV.

In this quarantine, everyone is at home and of course, we have on TV to watch but choices of watching TV channels are different and programs are different. Yes, I can understand there will be a great fight between family and you just because of one remote. Now happily leave that remote or your family because there is a Tamil TV show download available for you where you can watch your favorite show anytime and anywhere.

TV shows are the ones who reach the audience directly at their free home that’s the reason Tamil TV shows download win the heart of the audience easily. TV shows always have great recalling power where small screen star get easily known to the audience and every TV show steal the heart of the audience in less period.

The movie takes 3 hours to win the heart but the TV shows take 1-2 episodes to win the heart. As compare to TV shows Movies have less drama and you know dude drama is getting sell easily nowadays. Movies without romance, sex, and comedy in a similar way TV shows without drama is anything’s things are stretch longer and that what makes viewers more curious to watch TV shows.

 In my childhood, I remember TV serials without Saas and Bhau drama have flopped where Saas use to be in domination mood always and Bhau uses to cry all the time. Tamil TV shows download show reality with masala means drama. It was my childhood but time changes and society also changes now there are fewer stories of Saas Bhau in reality how it can be reel.

Nowadays love stories with family problems and culture problem are shown in the TV shows and the shows like one are poor and other is rich and they fall in love with each other. The struggle they show on the TV show to marry each other. Nowadays is Bhau is not crying they are shown silent and smart who are Morden but knows how to keep traditional things.

Apart from drama Tamil TV shows download also have comedy shows, I can understand everyone doesn’t like drama show where every show ends in suspense and then just to know that suspense you have to watch another episode of it.

Even I don’t like to stay curious I am a fan of web series where I get all episodes and I watch all episodes in one time but web series is different and TV shows too. So I was talking about Tamil TV shows download which has comedy shows too, I love laughing. The secret of laughing is we not only stay young but also our stress gets to realize and we forget the pain for a while. A comedy where we can only laugh great thing about comedians is they give a message to society with the strong essence of Laugh.

Tamil TV shows download means there will be reality shows like singing, dancing, celebrities show I mean Talk Shows. Now everyone doesn’t need to love to laugh only by watching comedy shows.

As I said earlier everyone have a different choice so to get happy or to laugh it is not necessary everyone will choose comedy TV show, some of them feel happy by watching Reality shows and the one who is crazy to know the life of Celebrities They enjoy Talk Shows.

No doubt people are getting crazy to know Tamil Celebrities too like people are crazy for Hindi celebrities. Tamil is getting famous not only by their movies but their TV shows too.

Now I can say the whole India wants Tamil TV shows to download because they started loving Tamil content with their celebrities. Cool dude South India is getting because of entertaining Industries, no doubt the credit goes to actor and actress with the whole team they are talented.

South India is known for kathak, Chandan, Idli Dosa, and action movies. But is also known for Tamil TV shows to download, yes Tamil Industries are growing now I mean they are developing now their shows and movies are getting dubbed in Hindi so not only Tamil language people are enjoying the show but also other regional people started liking the show.

Not only these nowadays Tamil moves and shows are recreated in Hindi. As we know Hindi is a common language spoken in India so every famous show or movie is dubbed in Hindi. We can see the progress of Tamil TV shows download, not only this Tamil shows are also available which have entertained the audience longer. Yes, there is a Tamils show which was run longer and win more hearts.

Mythological TV shows are the all-time favorite of most of the Indians, mythological shows are the show that gets hit in less time because not only Tamilian but the whole India love spiritual and mythological shows. You agree or not everyone is spiritual in their way. Spiritual Mythological shows like Mahabharata and Ramayana are the most hit show in India.

TRP of these shows are highest so no matter which religion you belong to this shows are an all-time favorite and mythological shows have a different place in the heart. Yes I can understand every episode is important but sometimes we miss the episodes and sometimes we start missing episodes when shows are ended what to do at that time.

On YouTube, there are episodes available but not all episodes available, and chances are low you will get the episode in one list. Every time you have to search for other episode and that’s time-consuming it not only low down our curiosity but also we lose the hope that this episode will be available or not but wait don’t lose the hope because Tamil TV shows to downloadhad made the things easy you will get each every episode without any cut and mute of the songs and yes it will be perfect list serial wise.

Tamil TV shows download

I will talk about famous Tamil TV shows download which touches the heart of the audience. As I discussed earlier who doesn’t like TV shows everyone is crazy about the TV show, It is one time of addiction ones we start we are not able to get out of it.

And who love to watch incomplete stories, no!!! No one so the end is always happy is not a condition. Anyways we watch serials till the end and then get disappointed too because of the serial ends. If we love that TV show so much we don’t forget to listen to the song of the show and of course, a lover like me watch it again and again whenever I miss it.

Here is the list of famous Tamil TV shows download.

Keladi Kanmani Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Keladi Kanmani is the famous TV show which was telecasted on Sun TV in 2015, this is one of the famous show to which the audience gave them so much love and support. It has two seasons where in season one show revolves around women Maya who doesn’t have a father and she is raised only by her mom alone.

Maya has mental health issues, she is mentally ill. Her mother dies and Maya life changes, she gets married but she in-laws never accept her. In the second season journey after the marriage of Maya is shown and her journey after cure. The show stars cast are Nancy Jennifer, Shanthi Willians, Divya Sirdha, Arnav, Sadhana, Kiruthika Krishnan, Sheela, Vithal Rao, Feroz Khan, and many more.

Saravanan Meenatchi Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Saravanan Meenatchi is one of the famous romantic Tamil show which was telecasted on STAR Vijay in 2011 and it is still running successfully till now. Two seasons are there, both are successful and the story is all about finding love and perfect life partner.

The girl is from the village her name is Meenatchi and the boy is from the city his name is Saravanan, this is the two lead character of the show. And show revolve around their love story from meeting each other till falling in love with each other. The show star cast is Stalin, Mirchi Senthil, Rajasekar, Sreeja Chandran, S.N Laxmi, Kuyili, and many others.

Chandralekha Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Chandralekha is the story of two girls, it is a famous TV show which was telecasted on Sun TV in 2014. The story is about Chandra and Lekha who were switched after taking birth, they start living with their family confidently and with respect. The story revolves around these daughters who grow up and live their life with Virtue.

This TV show is successfully running and hitting the commercial. The star cast of the show are Krithika Laddu, Shwetha Bandekar, Jai Dhanush, Rishi, Rajesh, Arun Kumar Rajan, Saakshi Siva, Nagashree, Meena Kumari and many others are there in the show.

Vani Rani Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Vani Rani is also one of the famous Tamil show was telecasted on Sun TV in 2013. Raadhika Sarathkumar played a titular role. The story is all about Vani and Rani who are twins and are the ones who love each other, they have a great sister bond between them.

The show showcase how these twin sisters help each other to solve day to day problems. This serial also won the heart of the audience for a long period, TRP of the show is strong and of course, huge fan followers show. The star cast of the show are Neelima Rani, Venu Arvind, Babloo Prithveeraj, and many others are there in the show

Vamsam Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Vamsam is also famous and one of the longest-running Tamil TV Show who ruled the many hearts for a long time. The show was telecasted on Sun TV in 2013 and it got so successful that more than 1000 episodes are available for this TV show.

This story has twin sisters but the story revolves around one sister’s life Shakhthi, is the one whose struggle is shown where she comes across mishaps and her struggle to find relatives.

The double role is played by Ramya Krishnan as Shakthi and of her same age sister Archana who is IAS. The show star cast is Sai Kiran, Seema Saakshi Siv, Bharath Kalyan, Ramya Krishnan, Sandhya Jagarlamudi, Sakthi Saravanan, and many other cast are involved in this TV Show.

Now you are wondering that this is not the shows of this year, I know these shows are not of this year but this is one of the famous shows which were run longer on TV and these shows were having a huge fan following.

Old is always gold but now the question arises what about the current Tamil show which are the latest and of course you want to watch it so dear fans chill dude there are latest shows are also available on Tamil TV shows download.

Magarasi Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Magarasi is a Tamil show it was launched on Sun TV in October 2019 show revolves around Vijay SSR Aryann, Sriranjani, Riyaz khan, and Divya Sridhar.

Tamizh is an IT employee who leaves for Haridwar with children, Bharthi gets a train because of Tamizh’s help when the train was getting departure from Haridwar. They introduce each other and Tamizh tells Bharathi about his life, about his love marriage, about his mom who is in a coma because of his love marriage, and why he gets separated from his wife.

Bharthi doesn’t reveal her life much she only says she is from Haridwar, and she will tell her story at the right time on a fine day. Bharthi travels with Tamizh to his place where his family was waiting for him and by seeing Bharathi and Tamizh with each other, his family considers his wife.

Family love for Bharathi increased day by day and Bharathi start living with his family happily where she solves most of the problem and his mom is out from coma. You should watch a further romantic story to know more about Bharthi’s life.

Mangalya Dosham Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Mangalya Dosham is a horror Tamil TV show which is launched in March 2020 on Colors Tamil and it is also on Voot where all colors tv serials you get to watch there.

Arun Padmanabhan, LaximiPriya is the lead of the TV show and Tri Colors Entertainment PVT is the director of this horror Tamil show, who doesn’t like horror show I still watch fear file. The show revolves around this two couple and their life. The star cast is Ravi Tej, Keerthi Vijay, Sumi Sreekumar.

The story of Nayantara is 100 years ago where she murders a man who was her husband and Nayantara is born again as Nithyashree. In the present, she knows that her husband of previous life who she killed last life is back in this life to haunt her.

Kalyana Veedu Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Kalyana Veedu is the Tamil TV Show launched in 2018 on Sun TV, Thirumurgan is the director of this TV show. It is a family show, the star cast are Ankitha, Anjana K.R, Dona Sankar, T.S.B.K Mouli, Kannika Ravi, POP Suresh, Benze Preinkilin, and Thirumurugan.

Gopi is a part-time singer and fulltime salesman, the one who struggles a lot. The one who goes through up and down to settle the family. Thanjavur is the place he gets settled and there he falls in love with Surya but there is a twist. Because of some situation, gopi makes a marriage commitment to his friend Shweta.

But destiny is with gopi, shwetha husband comes back in her life so Gopi and Shwetha marriage is not possible. Now disappointed gopi travel back to his place and he founds that Surya is engaged. Pollachi is the place where Gopi and Surya get the transfer for work.

There surya confest that she doesn’t marry the guy she is engaged to because of dad she is going to marry that guy. By knowing this gopi get happy and excited. Gopi asks Surya for marriage and she says yes but the problem is her father. Will her father will accept her love, to know this crazy love story you should watch it.

Thirumanam Tamil TV shows download

Tamil TV shows download

Thirumanam is the Tamil TV show which has 400 episodes, the TV show was launched on Colors Tamil in October 2018 and it ended on 5 March 2020. Azahar and Jawhar are the directors of this Tamil TV show. The story is revolving around Sidhu and Shreya Archana who is playing the lead role in the TV show. The story is all about the marriage of Santosh and Janani.

Our Indian culture you know right and our Indian families who pressurize to get marry and some family give pressure to marry the one they choose. Arrange marriage is the one who always defeats the love marriage so in this TV Show the lead actor Santosh is fallen in love with another girl but his family pressurizes him to marry.

And as we are children who never able to stand against our family in a similar way Santosh not able to sand for his love and he promises his family that he will get married to the girl they have chosen but he tries his best to stop this marriage and he fails.

And then he gets married to the girl forcefully because of family pressure, his wife’s name is Janani. After marriage he asks Janani to give divorce, he scolds her. Now you have to watch what the reaction of Janani on the divorce is? She will give him a divorce?

How can Tamil TV shows download?

The mention TV Show is available on VOOT and MXPlayer links are given above which are of MXPlayer. You can download the Voot app to enjoy Color Tamil TV shows.

  • Chose the video you want to download or play the video on MXPlayer.in
  • Copy the URL of that Video
  • Open new tab and visit to 9X buddy
  • Enter the URL there and you will get download links

Where to watch Tamil TV shows download

Good news for you guys TV shows are available on the online platform you can watch anywhere and anytime, no one will disturb you. Not only Tamil TV shows but also other famous shows you can watch on it. You can watch Tamil movies and web series also.

The online platforms are Disney+ Hotstar, MXPlayer, SUN NXT, Netflix, Yup TV, Zee5, and other channels app you can download it and you will get the Tamil TV show. So enjoy your shows most of them are free to watch so no need to spend money but spend your time on the Tamil TV Show, I am sure your time is worth spending on these full of drama. If you are a drama lover you will enjoy it.


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