Successful Shopping Trip-Shopping is not just fun, but an art

Also what makes you buy anything and everything?

Every time you shop do you really are in need of the product you buy for Successful Shopping Trip?

Definitely no, sometimes or maybe most of the products you buy are the products you really like or find it interesting not necessarily you are in need of it but you do buy it for your own self-satisfaction step to get Successful Shopping Trip.

Not always you shop for fun. Sometimes things attract you so much that you start saving up for it in a long and always stay updated with the product sometimes your goals are to have that product one day.

I am very sure every individual has one such thing in their wish list which they dream of having. Maybe sometimes your actual lifetime goals are achieved when you think that now you own the thing you always wanted. Let’s take an example you really dream of having a GUCCI bag but being a middle-class individual you start saving up for you don’t directly go and spend your savings in that bag but you start saving up for that bag too.

Secondly, the next time you see a bag and directly go buy it without thinking twice that’s when you have achieved your long time goal, how? How successful are shopping trips? You may ask Now you’ve grown up as an individual that can buy things without thinking twice.

Why is shopping always considered a fun?

People save up for it, work hard for it, dream of it and that’s when they get it.

Not every product is non-affordable you may ask yes, completely true but every product you buy gives you an inner peace small happiness. Things you do for fun make you happy for the time being but they don’t actually make you happy in the long run. Let’s take an example from Shopping itself you go places and buy stuff for fun you don’t really like that product it’s just there don’t you feel that? You just sit shop products for the sake of it. But you don’t really like it.

Lets see what are the factors you consider while you shop.

  • You are either attracted by the product at once or you are really in need of it.
  • Does the product actually serve your purpose, if yes, does it serve with ease?
  • The product is not  in need but is in a offer and you may need it in future.
  • Does it serve your class?
  • Will it attract the people around you?
  • Or its just that you want it and you really don’t know why.

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Lets also talk about why girls only have the tagline of ‘SHOPOHOLIC’ and boys don’t.

Do you really agree with the statement? I don’t. The truth would be boys are more into this than girls. Boys are very particular about what they want. Girls may change their view in particular of the current trend and all, but boys no.

Its just that girls buy product 4-5 times a month and boys do it in a go.

The most important factor you see while you Successful Shopping Trip is the comfort of the product and most importantly you take Brand name into consideration.

Brand name is most important factor while shopping.

  • Are you aware of the brand name?
  • Does it attract you?
  • Do you trust that brand?
  • How many things you own from that brand?

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There are various factor in which people get attracted toward a product through a brand name.

Taking an example, if a particular product say a a dress if its from a particular brand say, Zara you’ll be instantly attracted to the product not nessesarily you like the product but you are very much in for it because of the brand. Brand name plays a major role in product especially if we talk about upper class they survive because of the brand name for them nothing is important other than the brand.

SUCCESSFUL SHOPPING TRIP – The next major factor is the price.

  • Is the product affordable to you?
  • Is the product worth the price?
  • Are you ready to pay that much?

Pricing factor is also important why will you buy a product if you think its not worth the price you are paying?

But you’ll be ready to pay any amount if the the product is worth it and you really need it.

Also sometimes the price attracts you. You may not in need of that product but you buy it because its either cheap or it’s in an offer.

Now finally, whats the target audience?

  • What type of audience will need this product?
  • What type of audience will attract this particular product?
  • Or what are you keeping in mind while buying it?

The target of audience should be clear to you what are you thinking while making this product where do you want to sell this product? Where do you see the product in use?

These are again important factors to be taken in account.


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  • What is the reach of your product?
  • How many people are talking about it?
  • Is it everywhere on the internet?
  • Is it easy available?
  • How much is the reach of the product?

Talking about sellers perspective he needs to take advertising very seriously. People will not buy the product unless they know its trending or unless they know its existing.

Coming to buyers perspective I as a individual will buy the product if its trending and is all over the internet and television. My favourite stars own them etc.

I’ll be easily pleased if the product is well advertised.

Concluding, there are major factors a buyer as well as a seller takes into consideration while buying as well as selling.


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