10 Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies: Now watch it online

The world of cinema never had a language barrier. Amid this lockdown due to the pandemic digital platform gave a chance to entertain us.  But if you all are bored of Hindi and internationally acclaimed web series here is a list of South Indian Hindi dubbed movies online.

South Indian movies are gaining popularity over some years. South Indian film industry is the largest in India. Even though its five distinct regional language industry of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tulu These south Indian movie has extra drama and extra action. Dubbing of south Indian movie into Hindi is taken into the business when 24 X 7 movie channels like zee cinema, set max wanted fresh content to keep entertain the audience.

Earlier in the 90s south Indian cinema was more stagnant over mythology, politics but it took transition and revitalized in recent years. we all watched and now a fan of movies like Yevadu, rowdy hero. Kanchana series, maagdhera Vikram vedha, Chab=ndramukhi, Sivaji: the boss, I, Vivegam. With S rajamauli Bahubali had massive success overall.

With these movies, south Indian actors became familiar with us like Rajinikanth Mahesh Babu, prabhas, Suriya, Allu Arjun, Nagarjuna.  Tamanaha, Kajal Aggarwal, Anushka Shetty, Keerthi Suresh.

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Bharate

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

If you are planning to watch action based dram movie along with family Bharate is the latest Hindi dubbed South Indian movie watch it online on YouTube. Bharate Hindi dubbed version got released on the color Cineplex channel. Bharate is a Kannada movie under the direction of Chethan Kumar and produced by Suprith. A typical story comes from under the wings of the director.

Bharate is a Kannada action drama starring Sriimurli as Jagan Sree Leela as Radha. This is the first time stimuli playing a dual role. The plot of the movie is predictable as Jagan aka Sriimurali has a family background of Ayurveda vidya. His forefathers inherited skills and settled in the blue city of Rajasthan. Jagan along with his traditional business work as a tourist guide in Jodhpur and there he gets acquainted with Radha aka sreeLeela. Sree Leela visits Jodhpur as a tourist. 

And thus the love story has begun…But as a conflict occurs when Radha leaves Jagan without letting him know. But when Jagan travels to his hometown for rituals by God’s grace two lovers meet again. Like all love stories, couples face objections with family. And the love story faces a lot of hurdles as Jagan discovers his family history and takes vengeance with an antagonist of the story Bharate is a truly fancy commercial movie and must watch as a south Indian dubbed movie online if you don’t know Kannada.

As a villain Sai Kumar, Avinash, Ayappa, and P Ravishankar add action to this south Indian movie. A witty remark by Jagan adds fun to the movie. SreeLeela flaunts her skills and delight to watch. Arjun Janya as the Music director gave a good score and soundtrack for the song Bhara Bhara Bharat”. 

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Ka pae Ransingam

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

South Indian movies are not always comedy action-packed or thriller based. If you want to get a taste of a reality-based true story then watch Ka pae ransingam is the latest Hindi dubbed movies available online. It’s Tamil language political drama. Mr.viramundi in his directorial debut put up a bold and powerful drama.

This is the fourth time Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh teamed up and the chemistry between them enhances the drama. The story is about Ranasingam aka Vijay Sethupathi as an activist who always fought for the rights of farmers and their lands. But when while working Dubai ransingam dies. And ransingam wife fights to bring his body back.

Aishwarya Rajesh was given conviction to character absolutely aces the role of a village girl. Her journey with courage, determination, and grit over the apathy of politicians and society is a heart-wrenching reality. You can watch this Hindi dubbed movie on zee5. This film is dubbed in over 10 international and regional languages. The movie got 7.3 scores from IMDB

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Raatchaasi

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

Do you want some motivation from Tamil movies Raatchaasi one of the latest Hindi dubbed movies now available online? Raatchaasi has critically acclaimed a must-watch Telugu movie. Again debutant director Syed Gowthamraj has done an excellent job. Jyothika aka being a protagonist in a story looks majestic over Gokul Benoy cinematography.

The film is about a poorly run school in the village that took the attention of lieutenant colonel Geeta rani. Being earlier recruited in the Indian army receives a challenge as headmistress. This is a journey of women on a mission who wants to change the status of the school and be one of the best.

The film got released in July 2019 and now available on YouTube with 195 M views. You can watch this aspiring Hindi-dubbed south Indian movie on an online platform like YouTube, Amazon prime, IMDB while its world television premiere was on Sony max.

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Penguin

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

For a long, we all are waiting to watch a mystery thriller movie that will hit the bar. But a good mystery always needs a good plot and correct execution.so the penguin, none of the mystery lovers wants to miss. Penguin is a 20s era film that was shot in Tamil and Telugu. Again directorial debut of Eashvar Karthic who knows how-to unveil the mystery on a reel. 

Since the plot and direction were done by debutant Eashvar Karthic with starring National award winner keerthy Suresh.  Has to be viral online The story revolves around Rhythm( Keerthy Suresh) who is expecting a second child from a second marriage. But she is already with a baggage of a broken first relationship and trauma turns into guilt when she loses her first child ( Ajay).

It’s a journey of expecting mom to bring back her lost child. Absolutely don’t want to give spoiler further. If you are now tempted to watch. Penguin Hindi dubbed South Indian movie version is available on amazon prime. It got posturized in the Kodaikanal lust green Nilgiri forest and with an eerie background score gives you thrills and chills, just expects the unexpected.

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Avane Sriman Narayana

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

This is 2019’s year ending most hyped and blockbuster movie.  Making a film on a fantasy-based with a comedy and adventure is a difficult formula. But Sachin Ravi in directional debut impresses us all. the latest south Indian Hindi dubbed movie list will be incomplete Without adding this blockbuster.

Do you know the story of Bhakta Pralhad and Hiranyakashyapu and Vishnu’s avatar as Narasimha from mythology? The film uses the same mythological story and fantasized about it with modern drama. Rakshit Shetty as dapper quirky cop Narayana is impressive, energetic, and Mind-blowing.

The film really shines due to its bold experiment watch it if you love south Indian movies for its rawness.  Avane Sriman Narayana got released in Kannada. Tamil. Telugu, Malayalam. The latest Hindi dubbed version to watch online available on  amazon prime, youtube, and Mx player

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Mr. Majnu

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

 Mr. Majnu is Akhil Akkineni and Nidhi Aggarwal starring in the 2019 Telugu comedy-drama film. If you are lethargic from work from home burden then watch online Mr.Majnu latest south Indian Hindi dubbed movie is a real stress buster.

The plot of the story very simple Vicky ( Akhil ) a chocolate boy who not so serious about love and relationship and Nikki who always dreamed of her ideal husband. 

This duo falls in love. Vicky being playboy denies Nikki’s approval. So Nikki in despair moves to London so the Whole story revolves around how Vicky brings back Nikki into his life. So in final words, I will say Mr. Majnu is directed by Mr.Venky, complementing music score by S, Thaman, 145 Minutes romantic drama an entertainer.

You can watch this latest Hindi dubbed version movie on ZEE5 or YouTube where it’s crossing 150 Million views. 

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Dwaraka

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

This list of the latest south Indian dubbed movies online wouldn’t be complete and all the fans of Vijay devarakonda will be disappointed if I don’t mention this movie. Yes!  Here is the latest Vijay devarakonda’s Hindi dubbed version movie Dwaraka. 

You can watch it online on Youtube or MX player.  An engaging drama by Vijay devarakonda and pooja Zaveri. You will amaze to see devarakonda in his slapstick comedy and dancing avatar.  

This Story is all about Erra srinu (Vijay devarakonda’s) thief turn into a fake sadhu because of greed.  While fooling people over his fake baba he encounters Vasudha ( pooja zhaveri) and a love story begins.

The further plot is all about how Erra srinu comes out of his exploited image. Anantha Chitram’s beautiful composition by sai Karthik is already buzzing on the internet. So why are you waiting?   Go watch this latest Hindi dubbed version with almost 70 Million views on youtube. 

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Dear Comrade

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

Do you miss the Arjun reddy starrer Vijay Devara Konda lion king Avtar in Dwaraka? Here is another treat for his fans.  

Dear Comrade has critically acclaimed the 2019 Telugu blockbuster cinema.  The film got dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada .and its latest Hindi dubbed version you can watch online on Youtube, Amazon prime, and Mx Player.

Two contrasting character bobby and lily falls in love. Bobby being a union leader has anger issues and lily focused state-level cricketer find it hard to reunite in the relationship.

An intense love story of Played with sensitivity and grace by Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika Mandanna.Directed by Bharat Kamma you can find shades of  Arjun Reddy in the plot but still, you would like to appreciate the movie.

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Bluff Master

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

Are you looking all in one story, which has heist, comedy, action, romance, thriller then watches the latest Hindi dubbed South Indian movie  Bluff Master. Bluff master got released in the Tamil language is an official remake of the blockbuster movie sathuranga vettai. 

The film is directed by Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi. Satyadev Kancharana and Nandita Swetha sharing screen while bramhaji in the supporting cast.  In this story, Uttam aka Satya dev after losing his parents finds that money is the only priority in life.so Uttam thinks of some swindle schemes but things don’t go well. He got caught up with a ruthless gang who demands money.

At the box office, this film was a positive buzz and lived up to the expectation. You can watch this movie for Satya dev energy,  a good screenplay, and Nandita Swetha’s effort for portraying a quirky and innocent character. Watch this latest south Indian Hindi dubbed version on Youtube, ZEE5, MX player.

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies – Action

Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies
Image – Latest South Indian Hindi dubbed movies

Those who want to see an action thriller team-up of Vishal and Tamannaah. or if you like watching movies where the story is about an undercover agent. Here is the film for you. Within a week span of online presence, the movie crosses 70 M views.

With Vishal and Tamannaah there is a bunch of casts cast including Aishwarya Lekshmi, Akanksha Puri, Ramki, Yogi Babu, and Kabir Duhan Singh in supporting roles.  The plan of the story goes as an Indian army officer is on a mission to hunt the mastermind of a terror attack. While on the hunt colonel subash aka Vishal came across a conspiracy.

Being an action film is packed with stunts, combat skills, chase, and explosions. The film is shot under the direction of Sundar Con exotic location in turkey and Azerbaijan. Watch this latest version of Hindi dubbed version on youtube while its Hindi rights are sold to Sony max.

With this latest Hindi dubbed South Indian movie list, there are many more to come in Hindi dubbed versions like KGF Chapter 2,  French Biryani, Palawan,  Darbar, Bheeshma, and super deluxe. Hindi dubbed version of south Indian movies made sure that crossed the cultural border connected Indian cinema over regional barriers.

Taking into the popularity and acceptance of south Indian movies many south Indian movies have a remake in Hindi like the upcoming Akshay Kumar’s Laxmi bomb, shahid kapoor’s Kabir, and jersy. and Ajay Devgan starring Vikram vedha.


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