Smokey eye makeup and Basics of Eye makeup & its different styles

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup usually consists of a dark liner with a brown or earthy eye shadow and smudging it can help achieve a smokey look. There is a wide range of eye makeup items that a person can buy either from the store or online that catches their fancy.

They just need to know what works for them and then it’s all uphill from there. One just needs to be careful that if one is doing eye makeup during the day, it needs to be a little more subtle and light and if it’s for a night out, the alternative I better to choose a more bold, dramatic look. The color palette selection is very important as it can make or break a look. 

Smokey eye makeup

Eye makeup is something that has been in trend since almost forever. People are developing new trends over the years and new techniques are being added to perfect it and make it more creative. Eye makeup can be subtle or dramatic owing to the occasion.

Eye makeup consists of eyeliner which can be both pencil or liquid, eye shadow (which are available in multiple colors) and mascara. In eye makeup, these basic elements are used. Over the years more accessories like glitter eye shadow, rhinestones, fake eyelashes, eyebrow gel, etc are being added to make it look trendy and fashionable. Eye makeup can make your eyes look more prominent and attractive. And the most fun part? A person can alter their eye makeup according to their eye color or the color of the outfit.

Things needed for Smokey eye makeup

Today many companies sell make up kits both for normal eye makeup or smokey eye makeup looks. An eye makeup procedure basically needs three primary components. First, the eye shadow. The eye shadow gives a pop of color to the eyes. One can try pinks, browns, golds, metallic and there are many other options too. The second element is the eyeliner. Eyeliner is an essential part. And people who use it regularly can agree to the fact that when a person applies eyeliner but doesn’t for a day, the eyes seem to look dull that day.

Smokey eye makeup

Eyeliner makes the eyes literally “pop out”. It makes the eyes look more prominent and brighter and larger and more defined. Its more common to apply the eyeliner around the base of the eyelid that is, around the boundary of the eyelashes and also along the waterline. They can vary the thickness according to their own choice. In earlier days they used mostly black eyeliner. Now, colors like blue, green, brown, white are also getting increasingly popular.

The third is the mascara which is a cosmetic item to enhance the eyelashes. It lengthens, thickens and makes the eyelashes look prettier. Mascara usually contains wax like substances and its stored in a tube like container. The brush used along with the mascara also plays a vital role. Makeup companies put a lot of thought into coming up with brushes that work the best. Plus, for smokey eye makeup look, mascara looks great to instantly light up the eyes and make the face look awake.  

Smokey eye makeupHow to apply eyeliner by yourself?

Who likes clumsily drawn eyeliner? The answer is no one. Everyone wants their eyeliner game to be on point. A simple line drawn across the lid with a sharp wing at the end is the most common eye liner style. But getting it right isn’t always easy. Specially for beginners, getting the eyeliner right may need some time and practice.

Smokey eye makeup

But this is something girls won’t mind practicing for! You can use the brush that comes with it or buy a new one. The key is not to make longer strokes the first time. Start outlining the base of the eyelids or the boundary of the eyelashes to be specific. It is better to keep the strokes small so as to not make a mess out of it.

Once the smaller strokes are done, we can vary the thickness according to our own choice. Now, the tricky part. The above steps were just for a basic eyeliner. But according to research, winged eyeliner is most popular eyeliner style. For that, it is important to find the correct angle and if we following the natural direction of the lower lash line, the process will be easier.

Once the angle is determined, we can extend the line to the desired length and from the end of that line, we can connect the line to the original line and then fill up the gaps. And there is the wing! The finished should look really sharp with a pointed edge and we need to correct the crooked lines. 

Smokey eye makeupHow to apply pencil eyeliner

Using pencil eyeliner isn’t tough but first it should be made sure that the pencil eyeliner is the right kind for the person using it. Pencil eyeliners can be of various types. Some pencil eyeliners are powder based and are called kajal or kohl. They are the best option for creating smokey eye makeup look. The intensity of color can be less but it works better when we wet the tip before applying.

Smokey eye makeup

Some pencil eyeliners are gel or cream based. We can put them on smoothly and are best suited for creating pointed wings and cat eyes. Then there are liquid pencil eyeliners which give the most darkest intense color and can be very messy to wipe off if its put on wrong.

We can use it to create a dramatic effect. The procedure is similar to any eyeliner. A thin line should be drawn along the lash line as going thin is safe when someone is new to this. We can make the line thick accordingly.

Similarly we can draw another thin line along the water line. If its hard to draw a single straight continuous line, then we can draw small dots at first and then connect these dots. This tip makes the process even easier. 

Smokey eye makeupSimple eye makeup with eyeliner or eyeliner makeup

Eyeliner is a cosmetic item which is a classic and will always be evergreen. Moreover we can use eyeliner to create plain basic looks as well as bold dramatic looks and smokey eye makeup looks. Every year there emerges many new styles when it comes to eyeliners and there are many ways to do it but here are a few ideas to get started.

Smokey eye makeup

The top left one is the basic eyeliner which we can use in day to day life. It is just a thin line across the lid and is very easy to do so. The one in the middle of the top row is a winged eyeliner that gives a retro look and usually goes with every eye shape. The rightmost picture on the top row shows a thinner winged eyeliner with a very sharp wing.

The left most picture in the middle row is a fish tail winged eyeliner style and it is unique and creative. The middle picture in the second row shows a much thicker and dramatic go on the winged eyeliner and this is for when you are in the mood to go a little extra.

The picture at the right end of the middle row shows the thick eyeliner style minus the sharp wing. The left most picture of the bottom row shows a slightly slanted winged eyeliner style which is for such days when you are not in the mood for a basic wing.

The middle picture in the bottom row is a very glamorous style which will definitely turn heads with its double wing. The picture on the right end in the bottom row is a very very simple style for days when you don’t want to put in much effort but you don’t want your eyes to look dull as well. So we can just pick our favorite and get started.

Smokey eye makeupEye makeup steps or eye makeup step by step

Eye makeup if done well, can do wonders for the face. But there are a few steps which we need to follow to get the eye makeup done the right way . Here is a step by step guide on doing eye makeup.

Step 1:-

Prep the eyelids first. It is important to create a good base for that eye shadow to go on perfectly. We should apply a light coat of primer on the eyelids and if a primer isn’t available, we can also apply a light layer of concealer and the shade of if should be appropriate according to the skin complexion. 

Step 2:-

Put the lightest shade of the eye shadow first using a fluffy brush. It will help the eyes look brighter. 

Step 3:-

To add some depth to the eye, the medium shade should be applied across the eyelid. 

Step 4:-

We should apply the darkest shade around the crease to give the look more definition. 

Step 5:-

This step is optional, but to add some more drama, we can apply a fourth shade which is darker than the one in step 4 on the outer V of the eye. 

Step 6:-

We can apply the lightest shade in the palette to highlight the inner corners of the eye to make them look lit up. 

Step 7:-

Now its time to grab an eyeliner which matches the skin complexion and line the eyes or even add a wing. 

Step 8:-

The last step is to apply a few coats of mascara to the eyelashes. This will make the eye makeup look complete. 

Smokey eye makeup

For a smokey eye makeup look, we can apply a dark shade of eye shadow over the lightest shade in step 2 and the edges should be blended out well with a brush to create the smoky effect. 

Smokey eye makeupEye makeup for beginners

When it comes to beginners, they don’t want to do a dramatic look during their initial practice days. They prefer going for more subtle looks which can take them from day to night. And when it comes to subtle, neutral shades are the best option. Shades like beige, light brown, dark brown, grey, black are some of the shades which beginners will feel more comfortable with. And when someone is doing eye makeup for the first time, they don’t always prefer metallic or shiny shades.

Smokey eye makeup

So in that case it is always better to go for matte finish shades. When its comes to eyeliner, beginners would prefer more lighter or subtle shades like brown and black rather than choosing bold colors like blue, green, white or purple. Also, sometimes liquid eyeliner leaves off a shiny finish after drying. For people who don’t like it, kohl or kajal can be a better option for them and it gives a matte jet black finish.

Instead of using false lashes for a dramatic look, beginners can just curl their eyelashes with a curler or apply a few coats of mascara. For a smokey eye makeup look, black is always a classic. Basic shades can hardly ever go wrong, so “Less is more” should always be the motto for beginners. 

Smokey eye makeupEye makeup for small eyes

Eye makeup can someone feel better and more beautiful and as facial makeup, eye makeup also varies according to the different shapes of the eyes. The goal is to make the eyes look bigger, rounder, brighter and more prominent. And there are a few ways of doing that. Small eyes usually have a mono lid. So its important to create the illusion of a crease using a dark eye shadow.

Smokey eye makeup

The shape of the applied eyeliner shouldn’t be such that its covering the eyes or maxing them look boxy. We need to use the eyeliner tactfully. The waterline, when lined with a whitish or light colored eyeliner, makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Light fluttery false lashes should be used to give the illusion of a fuller eye. Dark liner and the inner corners of the eye highlighted with a pearl eye shadow gives the illusion of a big healthy eye. These tips also apply while creating smokey eye makeup look for small eyes.

Smokey eye makeupEye makeup for big eyes

Having big, beautiful, prominent eyes is everyone’s wish. Highlighting the brow bones with a metallic shade or a pearl shade is a great option to make the eyes look bigger. Shimmery eye shadow helps in creating dramatic looks and will help accentuate the big eyes even further. The smokey eye makeup look is a great option for people with big eyes as it gives more space to work on the lids.

Smokey eye makeup

Thick winged eyeliner looks great on big eyes as it further highlights the shape of the eye. But not everyone is comfortable with big eyes and find ways to minimize them. We can line the inner rims of the eyes with dark colors like black, brown or navy to create the illusion of smaller eyes. In fact dark eye shadows work better in making the eyes look smaller than light pastel shades. Creating an extended winged eyeliner helps in creating a look for smaller eyes. 

Smokey eye makeupHooded eyes makeup

When it comes to hooded eyelids, there are formation of creases, no matter what. So it is necessary to place the makeup the right way. Highlighting the inner corners of the eye will make them look bigger and more lit up. Applying dark eyeliner on the waterline may not work for the people with hooded eyes and it makes the eyes look closed up.

Smokey eye makeup

Liquid eyeliner takes longer to dry up and may cause a little mess as it has the tendency to smudge before it dries up. So gel liner is the better option. For the people with hooded eyes, its suggested to apply makeup with their eyes open as it is easier to find the natural crease then.

When we have hooded eyelids it is common for the makeup to smear around even when we don’t want it to. So its better to invest in some water proof mascara and water proof liner . Smokey eye makeup in copper hues or silver hues look really pretty. Light shimmery colors work the best in case of hooded eyes. Ultimately its about the placement of the makeup and getting the contouring right can go a long way. 

Smokey eye makeupEye makeup kit  

For a proper eye makeup kit its important to get the hands on a great eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. We can also add other things can be added along the way, but these three are the most basic elements which are needed for eye makeup. Here are the top 3 eyeliners that have been recommended. 

Bobbi Brown Long wear gel eyeliner– This eyeliner is gel based and dries up real quick. Moreover it is smudge proof and sweat resistant. The pigmentation is great and it provides a deep black color. It’s price is around Rs.1450 on Nykaa. 

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L’Oreal Paris supergel intenza– this product gives the feeling of using pencil liner in a gel based formula and is great for smokey eye makeup look. Its costs around Rs.800. 

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Revlon Color stay liquid eyeliner– This product lasts long and we can use it to create both subtle and dramatic looks. Its smudge proof and it costs around Rs.840. 

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Here are the top 3 mascaras in the market-

MAC in extra dimension lash mascara– This mascara does not clump up and provides great volume and length to the lashes while feeling lightweight at the same time. It costs around Rs.900. 

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Lakme eyeconic curling mascara– This lightweight formula has a unique brush which gives the eyelashes a nice lift and keeps them softer at the same time. Its price is around Rs.300. 

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Maybelline Hyper curl volume express mascara– It can last up to 18 hours and is great for creating dramatic lashes. It costs around Rs.335. 

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Top 3 eye shadow palettes-

Maybelline New york the 24k nudes pallete– Great for creaking glamorous glittery looks as well as dark smokey eye makeup looks. Its priced at Rs.900. 

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Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow, Desert Rose– Great for creaking pinkish, dewy, glittery looks and its price is around Rs.390. 

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Makeup Revolution London New Trals Vs Neutrals Salvation Palette– The shades in this palette are great for creating smokey eye makeup look. Palette its price is around Rs.1180. 

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Smokey eye makeupEye makeup tips

Here are a few tips that we can follow while doing eye makeup-

We need to prep our eyelids well before applying makeup. So its important to clean the face and invest in some good primer for the eyelids. 

For people with an unsteady hand, its better to start off using pencil eyeliner instead of using liquid eyeliner. 

For smokey eye makeup look, pencil eyeliners is the way to go. 

After applying a single coat of mascara, its important to give some time before applying the second coat so as to prevent clumps. 

Its better to invest in high quality makeup brushes as they go a long way. 

Applying nude or white liner on the lower lashline makes the eyes look bigger. 

Brown shades and neutral shades can never go wrong. It works in case of subtle looks as well as dramatic looks and smokey eye makeup.  

For creating smokey eye makeup looks, it is important to find the right shade as black smokey eyes might not look good during the day. 

Its very important to blend the eye shadow properly. Blurring the lines is an essential step in smokey eye makeup. 

We can use earbuds or cotton swabs as a tool in smokey eye makeup. It helps to easily blur or smudge the eyeshadow. 

We need to keep most of the colors closer to the lash line and its important to use a little highlighter to make the eyes pop. 


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