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Room Heater Buying Guide

Room Heater Buying Guide – Introduction

Room Heater Buying Guide – Winter is not an easy season to get through. Depending on where you live winters can range from mild and comfortable to extremely chilly and unbearable. Depending on your sensitivity to cold, cold and harsh winter can affect your day to day activities, productivity, health, and mood. It can be very difficult to cope up with the low temperatures and wearing lots of layers of clothing may not be enough most of the time.

In houses where there are grandparents or elderly people, it is of utmost importance to protect them from the cold as such people are more vulnerable and susceptible to health issues stimulated by cold weather conditions. We need a readymade source of heat that can provide a comfortable atmosphere during winter days. This is where room heaters come into play. A room heater can be an excellent investment for your home and family due to the various benefits they have.

Room heaters are one of the greatest contributions of modern science. Room heaters are electrical devices that work according to technological and scientific principles to raise the temperature of a room. Their sole purpose is to transform a chilly cold room into a well heated and comfortable space. Room heaters have several features that make them worthy of purchase.

They have timers and a variety of heat settings so that you can not only choose when to heat your room, but also the degree to which you want to heat it. They can be used as a secondary source of heat and are portable so that you can carry them and place them in any desired position for localized heating. This room heater buying guide will give you all the necessary info you need to purchase a good room heater for your home.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Factors you need to consider while buying a room heater

  • Price – Price is a very important factor when it comes to room heaters. Room heaters can be expensive or inexpensive depending upon a variety of factors. If you are on a tight budget and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, opt for a good and affordable room heater.
  • Features – Check if the room heater has features like a timer and different heat settings where you can adjust the temperature. Opt for such heaters.
  • Safety – If you have small children or pets make sure your room heater has protective covering like safety nets or grills to avoid touching and mishandling.
  • Portability – If you are someone who wants to carry your room heater wherever you go then you should select a room heater that is portable and which is not too big in size.
  • Size of Room – Room size plays a big factor in selecting a room heater. Measure the size of your room and calculate the power you would need to heat your room. According to the power consumption select your room heater.
  • Electricity bill – Some room heaters consume more electricity than others. If you do not want huge electricity bills then opt for room heaters that will consume less electricity.
  • Health conditions – If you have certain respiratory health problems or conditions like Asthma do thorough research before you buy a room heater. Some room heaters can spread dust particles or alter oxygen and humidity levels. Avoid such room heaters.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Types of Room Heaters

Room Heater Buying Guide – Convection heaters/Fan heaters – The name convection heater is given to this kind of room heater because it produces heat due to convection currents. Convection currents are formed when air as a result of being heated expands and rises above the cold air because it is less dense than the cold air. As a result, the hot air spreads through the room and heats the room. 

Convection heaters help in heating an area quickly and instantly because their heat technology maximizes heat transfer through the process of convection. Most of them are lightweight and are equipped with a thermostat that regulates the distribution of heat. A lot of them also come with timers so that you can set the desired time.

The heater can be automatically activated when the temperature fluctuates, that is when it falls below normal. A standard convection heater usually uses about 1500 watts. 

  • This heater produces instant and quick heat with quick results. Therefore it helps to save time.
  • Most convection heaters are affordable. Therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of money on this type of room heater. 
  • Convection heaters come with timers and lots of different heat settings.
  • Although convection heaters produce heat quickly, they also lose heat quickly due to repeated convection. Hence they are bad at using energy efficiently. They also tend to waste a lot of energy.
  • Although convection heaters are affordable they produce high electricity bills.
  • They can produce unnecessary noise.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Best Convection Heater Brands

Usha 423 N 2000 watt Heat Convector –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

This is one of the best convector heaters in the market and it comes at an affordable price of ₹ 2950. It has a clean sleek and minimalistic design and is efficient enough to heat a whole room properly.

It has good features like portability because of the presence of a carry handle, an adjustable thermostat to regulate heat output, and even a height control setting. It uses an electric power source and can heat a room effectively without much noise. You can purchase this on Amazon or on their official website

Bajaj R x 10 Room Heater –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

This is also one of the best options for convector room heaters. It is also very affordable at ₹ 2570. One of the best features is that you can either opt for a 1000 watt heat setting or a 2000 watt heat setting.

An adjustable thermostat is present in this heater. It also serves two purposes – you can either use this as a room heater in winter for chilly conditions or as a fan in summer to dissipate the extra heat. You can purchase this on Amazon or on their official site

Room Heater Buying Guide – Radiant/Infrared Room Heaters –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

just like their name Infrared room heaters use Infrared radiation technology for heating purposes. The radiant heat waves are directional and thus these room heaters are usually used for small places. They typically use quartz tube filaments as the heat source. Overall they provide energy-efficient localized heating without disturbing air concentrations.

  • A radiant heater is very heat specific, it provides heat only to a localized or selective area. This can be an advantage if you only want a certain portion or area heated.
  •  Radiant heaters are generally quite affordable.
  • Radiant heaters are more efficient in utilizing energy because they tend to eliminate duct losses. They also use less energy compared to convection room heaters.
  • Do not alter oxygen or humidity levels. Does not introduce or spread pollutants and hence they are great for people with respiratory disorders.
  • Not suitable for heating large areas since they focus on a small and specific area.
  • Not useful for multiple people. If there are many people in a room the radiant heat may not reach all the people equally.
  • Can be dangerous due to extremely hot filament. This can cause safety issues.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Best Infrared Heater Brands

Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

This is one of the best heaters in the infrared heater category. It uses an infrared quartz tube for heating and 1500 watts of power. It is even suitable for heating a whole room. It has an array of different features including a 12-hour automatic shut-off time, remote control, and an adjustable noise level controller.

To minimize energy loss it also has an auto energy-saving mode with high and low features. It holds the temperature to whatever you set and produces minimum noise. It also has a well organized, practical, and neat design. It retails at ₹ 7207 and you can find this on Amazon.

COSTWAY Infrared heater –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

This is also a very good choice if you are looking into purchasing an infrared heater. This is a tower infrared heater and also uses quartz as its heating element. There are two options you can choose – you can opt for either the 600 watts or the 1200 watt.

This heater is equipped with an automatic overheating protection device in case one forgets to turn the heater off or in case of malfunction. You can maintain a constant temperature in your room with the help of the thermostat setting. This heater is also portable and has a carry handle.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Oil Filled Heaters –

When you first hear the term ‘ oil-filled ‘ heater you will think that this heater uses oil instead of electricity. This is not true. In oil-filled heaters, oil is not used as a fuel but it is used as a heat reservoir to trap heat. The resistor present inside the heater converts the electricity into heat which is then absorbed by the oil present inside.

An oil filled heater is usually made up of equally sized columns with equal spaces between them. The purpose of this is to ensure even temperatures. The oil heats up these metal columns which then radiates the heat throughout your room. The heat radiated by an oil-filled heater does not travel in a single direction – rather it circulates throughout the room. Hence they are useful for heating large areas.

  • Oil filled heaters usually do not have fans. Due to the absence of a fan, this heater produces no noise.
  • Oil filled heaters use diathermy oil which has a high specific heat capacity. Therefore even after you switch off the heater, they continue to radiate heat which contributes to energy efficiency.
  • Due to the absence of a fan, you don’t need additional electricity to operate the fan. All the electricity goes into heating which makes oil filled heaters very energy efficient.
  • They are comparatively healthier since they do not alter oxygen or humidity levels.
  • They can be used to heat larger areas or rooms since heat radiates evenly throughout the room. 
  • They have a longer life and tend to outlast other types of heaters.
  • Oil filled heaters are usually less portable when compared to convection or radiant room heaters. 
  • They take some time to heat up – do not provide quick or instant heat.
  • They are less affordable when compared to other types of heaters. A lot of them are quite expensive.

De’ Longhi Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

This oil filled heater is priced at ₹ 15,350. This is one of the best oil-filled heaters available and does an excellent job in heating a room. It has 9 fins and uses a wattage of about 3000 watts. Instead of a carry handle, this heater is equipped with castor wheels for mobility and storage purposes.

The wheels come folded under the heater so there is no need of wasting time in assembling it. The settings range from mild to hot and it also has an inbuilt fan for comfortable heating experiences.

Havells OFR 11 Fin 2900 watt PIC Fan Heater –

Room Heater Buying Guide
Image – Room Heater Buying Guide from Amazon

Havells is one of the best brands in India and also has one of the best oil-filled heaters. The Havells oil filled heater is priced at ₹ 14,650. It has a luxuriant elegant design and it has three power settings of 1000, 1500 and 2500 watts. This heater also comes with an inbuilt fan and wheels for mobility.

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Room Heater Buying Guide – FAQs

Out of the three types of room heaters which one is the best?

Each type has its merits and demerits. If you are heating a large area I suggest you go for an oil filled room heater. If you want a small and portable heater, I recommend getting convection or infrared heater.

Which brand has the best room heater?

All the brands I mentioned above are equally good. I would personally recommend the De’ Longhi oil filled heater because it has a lot of features and you can conveniently heat large rooms with it.

Can I carry a room heater to my office or workplace?

If you want to carry your heater from place to place I recommend getting a portable room heater – either an infrared or convection room heater. Oil-filled heaters are usually not portable.

What are some affordable room heaters?

Some of the affordable room heaters are the Usha 423 N 2000 watt Heat Convector and the Bajaj R 10 room heater.

How long do room heaters last?

Room heaters usually last for 2 – 5 years.

Room Heater Buying Guide – Suggestions

  • First, decide your requirements. How many people will be using this heater? How much area needs to be heated? Check your budget and decide the amount of money you will be able to spend on a room heater. I also suggest checking other factors like portability, electricity consumption, and whether the heater has a built-in thermostat.
  • Check out the different brands and look into the various features they offer. Check the warranty of the room heater before you make a purchase.


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