Revolving chair in India – Top 10 best Revolving chair

With the Bihar election seared up in October heat. Revolving chair in India every 5 years, this is an inevitable subject for politicians. The chair is the symbolism of that power that everyone wants to have.  The way we sit on chairs affects our work. As per health experts, a normal office worker spends an average of 10 hours on a chair about 7-8 in the office, and remaining at home watching TV or surfing over the internet. 

Sitting with correct posture and choosing the right choice for revolving chairs for work or study is necessary. One should not neglect as neglecting will affect our physical, psychological wellbeing. Today from my comfort revolving chair I am going to tell you the best revolving chair. But wait for a short while. Before knowing which are the best options for you need to know the criteria on which your choice is made.

Criteria to look up for best revolving chair: 

Height adjustable: 

It’s a must-have feature for a revolving chair. With a height adjustment facility, you can seat in your chair comfortably without any back or hip pain. If the chair is too high you have to come forward to touch feet which gives pressure on your upper back and neck and if the height too low then the knee near your thigh gives lower back pain.

This adjustment is done in two ways either with a pneumatic cylinder and manual where revolving the chair will be pushed up or down.

 Tilt tension and Tilt control:  

This control enables you to rock back or come forward or helps in reclining in your chair. Correct tilt control and tilt tension allow free movement. So these controls are adjustable control is present underneath your chair.

Tilt knob makes that makes harder or easier tension, while tilt limiter locks the chair and avoid reclining. A lighter weight person needs tighter control while a heavyweight person needs higher tilt tension.

Lumbar support: 

The lumbar portion is the lower part of the back of the body. Many people who work for long hours have a back problem and suggested using a lumbar support chair. Lumbar support is where your back relies upon.

So while buying a revolving chair lumbar protection is a must. It gives extra support where your spine can be in natural positions which avoid extra tension to muscle. A spine is the most crucial part of the body holds the body upright and allows flexibility.  Whether it’s revolving office chair, sofa, recliners all comes with ergonometric features. Make sure your chair has that.  This lumbar support is adjustable as per height, size. As per design the curve and depth changes.

Armrest : 

A part of a chair where your arms rest. Does really armrest help us? Are we actually taking advantage of this feature? And if not this how it is important and you should start using it as its height time for it. In seating posture, the load of our body is on the back but with armrest, some load is shared with support to upper limbs.

Armrest actually gives rest your arm so no need to lift while typing or holding up mouse or pen or paper.  So when next time while adjusting arm set makes sure your desk height and natural elbow position at the same height. So shoulders down, relaxed arm, and resting elbow increase your efficiency with brain boost up creative juices.

 Swivel and caster: For a good revolving chair in 360 degrees to the left and right swivel and caster are most important.  We cannot imagine an office chair without a revolving chair. You can easily skitter with office colleagues. 

A twin wheel caster revolving chair is easily available nowadays. Castor helps in the distribution of weight and cause less damage to floors.  Types of caster available are carpet caster made up of plastic perfect for carpets while hard floor casters used on woods and tile have rubber shield. Braking caster is used fully in the conference room presentation area or on the uneven surface so wheels break when you are sitting.


Fabric: Most recommended as it is durable, good for daily use,  Breathable thus less sweaty skin, comfort for long hours, comes in a variety of color  

Mesh: Highly breathable so that can circulate air freely, mesh fabric lighter than padding and its springy nature helps in tilt mechanism in the chair 

Leather: It gives a prestigious and executive look and finesses to chair and office as well. Since fabric gets stained and absorbs dust easily, the Leather chair has easy maintenance leather cushion chair with padded leather arm set that provides relaxation to the body.

Revolving chair in India – Green Soul

It is the best brand for revolving chairs in India as it keeps “YOU” in mind. All products are manufactured keeping an eye on accuracy for the well-being of users. The designs work on 4 basic principles: Comfort, support, design, and durability.

Key factors or being the best brand for revolving chair India: Ultimate Lumbar support, Dynamic Movement, Premium quality, Moderate price.Easy buying steps. Well packaged box delivery, Positive feedback by users, Diverse Product range

Recommended revolving chair option:

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • Monster ultimate (s) BIFMA certified multi-functional chair (GS-734US)
  • For height: 5Ft 2”– 5ft.10”.
  • Color: Blue-black, Red black white, Black grey. Full black.
  • Rocking range: 15 Degree.
  • Backrest angle: 90-180 degrees.
  • More breathable premium soft fabric.
  • Lumbar pillow: soft memory foam.
  • Dual Caster wheel.
  • Heavy-duty metal base.
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Price as of now @Rs.19,990/-.

New York efficient office chair (classic model) with high back and Mesh

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • Mesh covered seat and chair back.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Tilt lock: 90° till 105°.
  • 5 smooth caster.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Suitable for height: 5ft.2″ – 6ft”.
  • Capacity: – Upto110 Kg.
  • Dimensions – 18.5 In, 19 In, 26 In, 47 – 51 In, 30 In, 18 In,18 – 22 In.
  • Price as of now @Rs. 9,490/-.

Revolving chair in India – CELLBELL

It is one of the most reviewed companies by users for manufacturing revolving chairs in India Based on customer feedback CELLBELL review products and innovates accordingly.its one of the Indian startups winning hearts.

By cutting the middlemen offer a great product at a reasonable price. You can directly place an order through their website also can track your order with the provided link.

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • New Arrival: C99 High back revolving boss chair.
  • Colour: Wooden Brown.
  • Dimension: 66 X 41 X 85.
  • Shape: umbrella shape for labor support.
  • The material used: Leatherette.
  • Tilt control: rocking degree up to 90-110.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • Weight Capacity: 110 Kg.
  • Height adjustment: Supported.
  • Arm set: leather cushion elegant and durable.
  • Installation: DIY / come along with user manual/video link or can get paid service.
  • Shipping: free.
  • Price @ INR 6999/- Approx. with various offers.

Revolving chair in India – Innowin

This is one of the best-experienced brands when it comes to buying a revolving chair made in India. Innowin has always put forward luxury products through simplicity, elegance.

Innowin consistently innovated a brand that has the essence of uniqueness yet economic furniture. Embodying swadeshi value, connecting customers through innovation are Innowin”s aim for manufacturing revolving chairs in India.

Jazz High Back Office Chair

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • Colour: Black.
  • Dimension:
  • Shape: molded with 45 density.
  • The material used: Nylon / Mesh.
  • Tilt control: rocking degree up to 90-110
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • Weight Capacity: 150 Kg.
  • Height adjustment: pneumatic adjusts Supported.
  • Arm set: Nylon Adjustable 2D arms.
  • Installation: Semi assembled just connect the base with seat.
  • Price @ INR 8600/- Approx. with various offers.

Revolving chair in India – Savy Home

Apex chair by savy home is a popular brand for revolving chair for its style and luxury products with innovation Savya Home when they design for a revolving chair or any product focus on quality comfort and health, Savya home are specialized in making ergonometric revolving chair for office purpose.savya home have excellency in offering top-notch service, best price, and durability.

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • New launch recommendation for office purpose: Apollo Plus Chrome Base & Arm high back.
  • Colour: Black with silver color at someplace.
  • Headset: adjustable up and down tilt up to 125degree.
  • Dimension :Length 25 inch / height vary from 48 to 53 inch / width: 26 inch.
  • The material used: Plastic.
  • Fiber: copolymer mesh and seat 2inch thick pad.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • Weight Capacity: 100 Kg.
  • Height adjustment: Supported.
  • Arm set: plastic and strong.
  • Installation: DIY / come along with a toolkit.
  • Price @ INR 9990/- as of now.
Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • Bestseller: Delta MB Chair Umbrella Base.
  • Colour: Black with silver color at someplace.
  • Dimension:Length 22inch / height vary from 35 to 40 inch / width: 24 inch.
  • Shape: umbrella shape for labor support.
  • The material used: Plastic.
  • Fiber: copolymer mesh and seat 2inch thick pad.
  • Warranty: 12 months.
  • Weight Capacity: 100 Kg.
  • Height adjustment: Supported.
  • Arm set: plastic and strong.
  • Installation: DIY / come along with the toolkit.
  • Price: [email protected] 3399/- Approx.

Revolving chair in India – Transteel

Transteel is the most tried and tested brand by Multinational companies like Infosys, ITC, Titan, American Express, BOSCH. Transteel is the most reliable brand when it comes to safety, sales support, and customized furniture.

Revolving chair in India
Image Revolving chair in India from Amazon
  • Recommendation for ergonomic revolving chair: Reflex Mid-back mesh ergonomic computer chair.
  • Armrest: one way adjustable wide arms.
  • Lumbar back support: S shape rest for the back with an additional lumbar pad
  • Colour: Black.
  • Dimension: Length 20 Inch / width 19 inch, height 46-52 inch.
  • Height adjustment: supported.
  • Fabric &Material used: Fire redundant mesh, polyester fabric for the seat, and breathable.
  • Warranty: 24 Months.
  • Installation: done by technicians with 7-12 working days.
  • Price: @INR 8330/- Approx. offer price.
  • 3% Cashback offer, No Cost EMI available as of now on Mega sale.

Revolving chair in India – WIPRO

It is one of the globally trusted brands when thinking of the best revolving chair. Wipro provides a complete range of office furniture. Wipro’s Journey started in 2004 and within a short span, Wipro furniture acquired its position bagging four awards and renowned as ‘green company of the year 2013’.

Wipro furniture always made a consistent effort in manufacturing products with innovation, Design, ecological Sustainability, and less impact on the environment. Wipro is a member Of BIFMA since always ensured the safety and comfort of users with their exclusive range of revolving chair for office or work from home space.

Revolving chair in India
  • Adapt High back executive ergonomic office chair.
  • The automatic weight sensing mechanism.
  • Height-adjustable arms.
  • Colour: Black, Cinnamon Brown, Cool Blue, Olive Green, Rich red.
  • Dimension: Length 20 Inch / width 19 inch , height 46-52 inch.
  • Adjustable Headrest.
  • Cushioned lumbar support.
  • Fabric &Material used: Nylon and Aluminum base.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • Installation: require carpenter assembly/ provided by the seller.
  • Tilt control: Can till up to 122 degrees.
  • Price: @INR 14,099/- Approx.

Revolving chair in India – NilKamal

This brand needs no introduction being India’s most favorites and largest manufacturing brand. A brand that becoming an integral part of Indian homes or office space. With 30 plus store and 3000 plus distributors, Nilkamal has given the utmost best experience.

Nilkamal: a one-stop solution with a plethora of products. Best brand if you are looking for a quality and budget-friendly option for a revolving chair. After Purchase Nilkamal gives a quality assurance warranty, free home delivery, Easy EMI option, and free assembly.

Revolving chair in India
  • Nil Kamal Optima mid-back chair.
  • Armrest: PP Nylon star base fixed.
  • Lumbar back support S shape rests for the back.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Dimension: depth 59.5 cm / width 60 cm, height 102 cm.
  • Height adjustment: supported.
  • The material used: Polypropylene.
  • Castor type: two-wheel Nylon.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • Installation: assistance provided if within 2-5 days after purchase, post-delivery.
  • Price: @INR 6475/- Approx.

Revolving chair in India – Godrej Interio

It is India’s largest furniture brand. We know Godrej since our childhood with their store cupboard. And I am sure many of us have still had that cupboard. Just imagine the durability and quality of the Godrej brand. So when it comes to revolving chair Godrej emphasis comfort, Aesthetics, and a healthier interior.

Godrej interio today has a presence in over 430 cities and 800 dealers, Godrej is the only brand I came across which Greengard and Greenpro certification. The most recommended brand for revolving chairs which are built with integrity, trust, and respect for the environment.

Revolving chair in India
  • Suggested new arrival and bestselling revolving chair product in India: Motion High Back Chair.
  • Colour: carbon black and grey, Pure Blue and grey, Carbon black and white, Pure Blue and white.
  • Armrest: Adjustable.
  • Lumbar back support: S shape ergonomic.
  • Multidimensional movement.
  • Spring back motion.
  • Powder-coated metal parts.
  • Green guard certified: create a healthier interior as have strict chemical emission limit.
  • Dimension: Depth 76cm / width 76cm, height 99.5 to108.8 cm.
  • The material used: Glass-filled polyamide and knitted fabric.
  • Free delivery.
  • Weight capacity: 110kg.
  • Warranty: 12 Months.
  • Installation: Free installation provided.
  • Price: @INR 7293/- Approx.
  • EMI option is available.

So now we all know how to choose perfect revolving chair as per budget, quality, and colour, material and comfort.Covid-19 pandemic put us to do work from home. But long hours sitting in same postures may affect work efficiency, stress and health. So here are some ground rules that everyone should follow:

  1. Must have a correct, desk, chair, and appropriate accessories.
  2. The desk should be neat and clean.
  3. Take a break after every 45 minutes i.e. move your legs.
  4. Schedule a routine.
    5 Sleep properly, hydrate, and exercise regularly.
  5. If sitting for long hours do this exercise.
    Eye strain:
    Work from home exercise:
  6. Follow all while choosing and using the revolving chair and don’t let the revolving chair take charge of you instead you take charge of your revolving chair. Be healthy and Be safe.

Revolving chair in India – Da Urban:

It is BIFMA and ISO certified brand revolving chair in India. Accurate precision, the international quality standards are key features for da Urban revolving chairs. Since 1998 DA urban providing chair which is durable, easy height adjustment, breathable mesh seat, tilt knob and control mechanism and take less space in the area.

Revolving chair in India
  • Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair (Black).
  • Colour: Black.
  • Armrest: Cushioned.
  • Lumbar back support S shape rests for the back.
  • Dimension: width 19inch, height 40inch, seat length 20 inches.
  • Height adjustment: supported.
  • The material used: leatherette double layered.
  • Caster type: 5 smooth nylon caster wheel with Chromium base.
  • Weight capacity: 100kg.
  • Warranty: 6 Months.
  • Installation: DIY/ Manual provided.
  • Price: @INR 4890/- Approx.


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