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Getting bored in lockdown? And wish to see a Superhit movie. Queen is a good option. Download Malayalam movie, Queen. 

If you love to watch Malayalam movies then here I have another Superhit movie for all of you to watch. The movie is titled, Queen. The movie was released this year itself. Well, the movie is there on legal websites if you have a subscription for that you may watch there.

But if you don’t have a subscription you need not worry. Here I will provide all the necessary details about the movie Queen. Further, you will get the link here from which you can download a Queen movie for free. Queen Malayalam movie download.

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There are many people who like to watch South movies. Malayalam movies are also one of them. If you don’t know the language you may also see a Dubbed movie. But before that let’s see what all Malayalam Superhit movies have been released in the past. Kappela, Vikrithi, Uyare, Athiran, Varane Avashyamund are some of them. And of course the movie Queen. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

QUEEN MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD : Women safety in our country? 


According to a recent report, India is one of the dangerous countries in the world in regard to women ‘s safety. Not only rape and murder are common in our country but also women suffer from acid attacks. human trafficking has become so common.

Child marriage and female foeticide are other social issues that are still prevalent in our developing nation. Our laws say that each and everyone is equal but why don’t we see it in practice. Why do we have to think several times when our daughter or wife is out of home? Why several thoughts come to our mind about her safety. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

Dealing with all these social issues many films are released. One of them is Queen which focuses on rape and sexual assault. Further, it portrays the mechanical engineering branch dominated by boys. English Vinglish released in 2012, Mardaani released in 2014, Chak de India released in 2007 all focuses on women empowerment.

Kahaani, no one killed Jessica, Queen released in 2014, Pink released in 2016 are also the Bollywood movies that exude female empowerment in many ways. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

QUEEN MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD: All about producers and directors


The movie was released on 12 January 2018. The director of Malayalam movie Queen is Dijo Jose Antony. The company Producer of the movie is Arabian Dreams Entertainment Co.

The movie is co-produced by Shibu K Moideen and Rinshad Vellathil. The writers of the film are Sharis Mohammed and Jebin Joseph. The cinematography of the movie Queen is by Suresh Gopi. The movie is edited by Sagar Dass. The movie was originally released in the Malayalam language. The distribution of the movie is by central pictures. 

Music of malayalam movie Queen is by Jakes bejoy. So, get queen malayalam movie download

QUEEN MALAYALAM MOVIE DOWNLOAD: From where the movie is inspired? 


The movie is based on an incident that took place in 2015 in an engineering college Adoor in Pathanamthitta. The incident happened during onam celebration in the college. 

Further in another there was a group of boys pursuing mechanical engineering and a single girl for the same. It is the story of Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor, Alappuzha. So, get queen malayalam movie download. 



Women are not opportunities rather are responsibilities of men. This is the message given by the Malayalam movie Queen. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

So the movie starts with the opening of a new mechanical branch of an engineering college. As we all know, the first year of college is usually associated with ragging. The same is what is portrayed in the film. Ragging is sean and how boys try to escape their seniors to avoid ragging is what forms the initial part of the movie. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

Then we get to see the entry of a girl named Chinnu who decides to pursue mechanical engineering. She joins the branch. Her character is so good and friendly that she makes every one of her entire batches as her friend. People started loving Chhinu. 



But soon everyone gets to know that Chhinu is an orphan and is a cancer patient. She was taking her treatment from a hospital where she was accompanied by all her friends. Soon she made other patients her friend as well. By God’s grace, she recovers from the disease with the help of all chemotherapies and surgeries. She then decides to live a college life once again.

She goes to college at the time of Onam celebration. On her way back home from college, she is kidnapped by some anti-social people. She is sexually assaulted. Though she manages to land in a hospital she could not survive. all her friends wanted justice for her. So they took the help of a lawyer named Mukundan. He with his deliberate work succeeds in capturing the culprit. They are imprisoned. The students, disheartened by her assault, decide to be a part of social service. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 



The lead role of Chinnu Tresa is well played by Saniya Iyappan. The role of advocate Mukundan who helps to catch the culprit is played by Salim Kumar. Nabsdhu plays the role of another advocate named Kaaloor. The role of the judge is played by Kalasala Babu.

The role of the principal of the institute named Alex Abraham is well played by Vijayaraghavan. Dijo Jose Antony plays the role of a professor at the mechanical branch. The role of the Head of the mechanical department is played by Kalabhavan Niyad Aboobacker. So, get queen Malayalam movie download.  Midhun A. E plays the role of a senior student. Jithan V Soubhagom plays the role of another senior student.

The senior students are shown taking ragging of their juniors and the latter is shown watching television. We also get to see a minister in the movie. The role of the minister is played by Sreejith Ravi and the role of his assistant is played by Aneesh G Menon. 

The role of Balu is played by Dhruvan. Shamil Raj is portrayed as Shamil. The role of Muneer is played by Aswin Jose. Arun Haridas plays the role of Jaban. Eldow Mathew plays the role of Eldho. Suraj Kumar is seen as Varghese Kurein. Sam Sibin is protracted as Shankar.

Muhasin Moozi plays the role of Shyam. Jenson Alappat plays the role of Madapravu Ajith. Juice I V is shown as comrade Naushadikka. Monika Thomas Puthuran plays the role of Eliza. Sunil K babu plays the role kd Viswaroopan. Sethu Lakshmi plays the role of mother Thresiamma.

So, get queen Malayalam movie download. Jaimi Afzal is portrayed as a bride. The role of her sister is portrayed by Baby Meenakshi. The role of her father is played by Santosh Keezhattoor. Other featured roles include Leona Lishoy, Deepika Mohan as Malu’s mother, and Hochimin KC. 



IMDb rates the movie as 7.1 out of 10 and 94% of Google users have liked the movie. Now let us see the music part of the movie. 

The lyrics of songs are written by Joe Paul, Sharis Muhammad, and Jyothish T. Kasi. Jakes Bejoy has composed The original songs of the film following are the titles of songs of Malayalam film Queen

  • Saare Njangal
  • Aarandda
  • Vennilave
  • Podipaarana
  • Ponnumkasavinte

All these songs are well-liked by people and are 4-5 minutes long on average. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 



The movie is definitely a must-watch. The movie provides a very relevant message. The acting of all lead actors is highly appreciated. What the movie teaches is a fact that we can’t restrict women in the name of protection. We must support them so that they should get equal rights and freedom.

Not only this the way relation of friendship is shown in the movie will fill your eyes with tears. Maybe the second half is better than the first half. But the first half of the movie is also good. The songs of the movie are also good.

After watching the movie, you might be left with several questions in your mind regarding the lives we live and the lives women live.everyday we get some news regarding rape cases and murder in India. But this is how our country is. But we can’t feel the pain that the family undergoes after being part of it. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

The movie is well directed and well made. Queen Malayalam movie is a flawless movie with fresh actors including Sam Sibin, Dhruvan, Ashwin, Jenson, and many more. The movie welcomes 2018 with a handful of surprises. The movie is a mocktail of many emotions like campus and friendship stuff.

The movie can be watched by all the family members. Queen is overwhelming as well as an entertaining movie. Once you watch the movie then only you will understand the title of the movie. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

Each and every girl has a dream. Each and every girl has a right to fulfill it. Each and every girl is a queen. Men should not see them as an opportunity rather they are a responsibility. This is what the movie teaches. But let us ask a simple question to ourselves. Are our girls safe in our country?

Without any hesitation, the truth is a big No. Salim Kumar’s arguments are worth listening to and will leave you awestruck. All his arguments are thought-provoking. The movie not only tells the present scenario about women’s safety in our country but also raises questions against the legislature, police force, and judiciary. The Queen highlights the threat to women in our country.

The movie also focuses on friendship goals as well as the dreams of a girl. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. There is actually a need in our country to save our women from the evil heads who commit a crime against women. 

Queen is a movie that is completely dominated by youth. The theme of the movie is well relevant to today’s world. The role of Salim Kumar is very well-liked by the people. Further role grabs the attention of many viewers.

If you are a mechanical engineering student then the movie in its certain scene will definitely captivate your attention. Every actor has done justice to their roles. The movie is a bag full of mixed emotions.

There is a feeling of friendship, there is a feel of a breakup, there is a feeling of pain, there is a feeling of respect, and most important there is a feeling of freedom to protest against social crimes. The title of the film definitely does justice with the Storyline of the movie. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

The movie Queen brings out certain facts. In the end we see a witness who tells the judge that this is how it is in India. Well, that is definitely true. Otherwise, we would have seen the culprits being hanged for their crime leading to justice for the victims. Further, we see that in the movie the minister says that the college students are for fixing posters and for a strike.

This helps them to make a political martyr. Well, this also holds true in today’s time. The script is quite powerful.we will see many actors especially Salim Kumar making wonders in the film. The movie brings our frail judicial system, corruption, and student politics. All these issues are well relevant even to this date. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

The first part of the movie will fill you with joy. But as you reach the second part, the movie becomes tragic. Queen has all the elements to become one of the best movies of 2018. Queen is more than a movie which will leave an imprint of Queen in your head once you finish the movie.

The movie is quite emotional and may make you cry. The movie will force you to think that this is the time that things should be changed. Otherwise, it is well said that nothing changes if nothing changes. We want a world where every girl is safe.

We should build a nation where a girl’s security is not compromised. The movie will realize that it’s the Storyline and not the stardom which decides people’s acceptance for the movie. So, get queen Malayalam movie download. 

Here is the link for the trailer of the movie:


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