PS4 latest price in India and the top trending games right now

PS4 latest price in India

PS4 latest price in India

PS4 latest price in India changes from time to time and also depends on the type of the game.Play station 4 is a home video gaming console and Sony Interactive Entertainment has launched this console. Its predecessor was Play station 3 and this is the upgraded version of that. The console has an Accelerated processing unit and people have recognized it as one of the most powerful Accelerated processing units. People are getting addicted to these games gradually and there are very less people who do not know of this game. These are some of the ps4 consoles available on Amazon at a discounted price-


This gaming console is a different experience altogether. The games and movies play in high clarity, the skin tones look realistic and graphics are better. The colors are vibrant and the user will love playing games on this console. It has one year seller warranty too. The cost of this console is Rs.42,000 while its Rs.37,900 on Amazon.

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PS4 LATEST PRICE IN INDIA – Sony PS4 Slim 1TB console

This console has a free game along with it- Red Dead II Redemption. This version is 30 percent slimmer than its predecessors. The storage capacity allows the people to store a good amount of games, videos and screenshots. Its cost is Rs.33,650 but it is Rs.28,990 on Amazon.

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PS4 LATEST PRICE IN INDIA – Sony PS4 500GB slim silver console with additional controller

This version is also 30 percent slimmer than the other consoles. And because of its storage capacity, people can store a huge amount of data there.

PS4 consoles are very popular products and people can buy it at both retail stores as well as online stores. Major online shopping websites provide a decent discount at times. But to get it at the best price, people should check PS4 latest price in India list regularly.

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Why are PS4 games so popular?

Its time to celebrate 1024x576 PS4 latest price in India and the top trending games right now

The gaming industry is making tremendous developments and people all over the world are buying these gaming consoles. Sony has sold more than 10 million pieces of the PS4 and the craze is still going on. There are many theories as to why these gaming consoles are so popular. Some people say that it is because Sony launched the PS4 very smartly and they distributed it well too.

Every major city had access to PS4 and hence, the number of consumers were increasing. Also as compared to the sales of Xbox one, the sale rate of PS4 is comparatively high. Xbox had a lot of requirements in order to use it, so more and more people were attracted to the PS4 gaming console. The major audience, the hardcore gamer’s, everyone was attracted to PS4. Moreover, India is a country where more people are middle class than rich.

So price plays a huge role in deciding what to buy. At almost same features, the PS4 was comparatively cheaper. So more and more people switched to PS4. The main objective of a gaming console is to let the consumers play games. And PS4 does just that. Plus, it has such a wide variety of games that it draws a large portion of consumers.

Although people check PS4 latest price in India online, a little price hike also does not have a large effect. The PS4 gaming console is sleek, compact, stylish and it looks good. It creates a desire in the hearts of the youth. Sometimes looks also does matter.

Difference between PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim

PS4 latest price in India

Both of the models of gaming consoles are extremely great for playing games in their own way. But when it comes to PS4 latest price in India, both of these models have a slight difference. PS4 Pro is the newer version while PS4 Slim is the older one. The earlier version had a maximum resolution of 1080p while the new PS4 Pro 2160p, which people call it as 4k resolution. PS4 Slim are for people who are new to the world of gaming, who want to play but aren’t as passionate yet.

Whereas PS4 Pro are for the hardcore gamers, the ones who want solid graphics and high tech resolution while playing games. The PS4 Pro looks more sleeker as compared to PS4 Slim, but slightly heavier. Both the models have Blu ray drives but PS4 has more USB port connections.

But before buying any gaming console people usually check PS4 latest price in India and when there is a comparison between PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, the price of PS4 Pro is higher. The price of Sony PS4 Pro gaming console starts from Rs.35,899 at Flipkart.

Whereas the price of PS4 Slim ranges from Rs.27,990 to Rs.32,990 depending on the storage capacity. The price of the former one is for 500GB consoles while the price of the latter is for 1TB consoles. The bottom line is that the PS4 Pro gaming console will help a gamer to experience the best quality and the best resolution.  And the PS4 Slim users will help to play games at a slightly lower resolution and at a lower price.

Things we need to know before buying PS4 gaming console

Apart from checking the PS4 latest price in India, it is important to know what comes with it and how to use it before buying one. Inside the PS4 gaming console box, people will find an HDMI cable, a DualShock 4 controller and a micro USB cable which we can use to charge the console. The HDMI cable is an essential component and the PS4 cannot function without it. There is another feature called Play Station Plus, where people have to pay an annual subscription fee to download many games. It is more useful if we play online with friends.

Play station plus also allows the users to automatically download game updates even when the console is not in use. The PS4 comes with 500GB hard disk space. Even though it seems like enough, games nowadays are getting increasingly bigger in space and size. Plus, people cannot add any external hard drives to the PS4. So that can, later on, be an issue. In order to share games online, or stream content and download games in the background, people will require a patch which will unlock these features.

PS4 also allows the user to capture 15 minutes of their gameplay using screenshots and that feature is called “Game DVR”. There were 23 games in the PS4 when Sony launched it. But obviously as time goes, people can add more games to it. If people check PS4 latest price in India, they will find that even though the prices can be a bit expensive, but it is a dream come true for the gamers and they will enjoy it thoroughly.

PS4 LATEST PRICE IN INDIA – Top PS4 games right now

PS4 is a successful product in the market now and we know why. PS4 has a wide collection of games are they are divided into their genres. From action, mystery, puzzle, etc there are many categories to choose from. And sometimes it can confuse the people where to start, so it’s better to carefully make a list.

And there are many many games to tick off the list. When we check PS4 latest price in India, we also know that all games aren’t for free. We have to buy some of them in order to play.

And the best part is, these games are also available in online stores like Amazon where we can get the game at a discount price too. So, here is a list of the top PS4 games that are rocking the markets right now due to their gameplay, graphics, and storyline. These games are a must-play for all the PS4 users out there even if the PS4 latest price in India might be a little something to think about.


PS4 latest price in India

Grand theft auto is one very popular game which people has followed since a long time. Vice City and San Andreas were the earlier popular versions of it. This game falls under the category action and adventure. Play station 4 users got this game in around November, 2014.

People can play this game either from a first person or third person perspective. The story is based on the main lead and there are three criminals and how they attempt to commit heists while facing pressure from a government agency. The main lead can navigate either on foot or through any vehicle. The game has amazing shooting and driving game plays and it features an interesting soundtrack too. It was one of the fastest selling game in history. This game costs Rs.2799 originally but people can buy it at Rs.1985 on Amazon.

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PS4 LATEST PRICE IN INDIA – Marvel’s Spider-Man

PS4 latest price in India

Spider man is not an uncommon name when it comes to the world of superheroes. More so, there have been numerous movies of the Spiderman franchise. Insomniac Games released this game for the PS4 players on September 7, 2018. This game is in third person perspective and has great jumping, navigating, web shooting, and combat skills. The story line is set in the city of Manhattan.

There are many gadgets that Spiderman can use like electric webbing, blasts, concussive webbing, etc. Spiderman also has many suits that the users can unlock. These suits were inspired from the movies and the developers also created some new suits for the game. Most of the characters are same as they were in the Spider man comics. Once the player completes specific tasks, they get rewards and they are called tokens. The cost of this game is Rs.3999 but on Amazon, its price is Rs.2354.

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Resident Evil 2

PS4 latest price in India

People do not care to check PS4 latest price in India when they get to play such an intriguing survival horror game. Capcom developed and published this game and they released it worldwide for the PS4 players on 25th January, 2019. This game revolves around 2 players; Leon S. Kennedy, who is a police officer and Claire Redfield, who is a college student. And the story is based on how they attempt to escape their city to survive the zombie apocalypse.

The original game was released in 1998 and the remake version has much more advanced gameplay features. People can set their own difficulty level. Even though there are two main characters, the users can play the game by being any one of the two characters and depending on this choice, the plot of the main story will change. The cost of this game is Rs.5999 but it is available for Rs.2190 on Amazon.

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Call of Duty: Black ops 4

PS4 latest price in India

This game is a first person shooter game and people can play it on multiplayer mode. Trey-arch developed this game and Activation published it. They released this game on October 12, 2018. People received three Zombie maps when this game launched, and they could get another one after making a small purchase. This game consists of multiplayer, zombies and blackout modes.

Each mode has a different plot to play and consists of specialists, who are soldier characters and they have their own combat abilities and personal traits. The automatic health regeneration feature is removed in this version. This game is the first one to have two separate plot lines for zombies. The gameplay and the modes are both fantastic and there are lots of content to discover and explore. The cost of this game is Rs4,699 in India but its specialist edition is available on Amazon for Rs.2,499.

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Monster Hunter World

PS4 latest price in India

This game falls into the category of action role playing and Capcom published it. It released for the PS4 players in January, 2018. In this game the player plays the role of a hunter to hunt down monsters. There are different environmental scenarios and the player crafts appropriate gears throughout the game to take down more difficult monsters. People can play this game alone or in groups of 4 using the online services.

Monster Hunter world has another feature in it called Ice born which people are going crazy for. People are enjoying the adventurous levels and the different difficulty tiers. Monster Hunter was rated 90% by Metacritic, 9/10 by GameSpot and 4.5/5 by GamesRadar. No wonder the people love the graphics and the quality of the game has impressed the audience. In Ps4 the game Monster Hunter World requires around 5.9GB of memory space. The game costs around Rs.2,999 but it is available for Rs.2,790 on Amazon.

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

PS4 latest price in India

This game falls into the category of action role playing. Ubisoft Quebec developed it and Ubisoft published it. They released it for PS4 players on October 5, 2018. There are two main roles to play and they are Alexios and Kassandra. People can select the role depending on the gender they want to play as. The games features excellent combat skills and graphics.

The character can even develop romantic relations with the other characters which the user cannot control. The story is set in a historic time frame. People loved the story line and the involved action. This game is definitely on everyone’s list of top 10 favorite PS4 games. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey takes up 46GB of download space on PS4. The cost of the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is Rs.6999 but it costs around Rs.2990 on Amazon. Plus people get the advantage of free delivery on Amazon.

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Apart from the above mentioned games there are many others which are favorites of many people like Horizon zero dawn, dragon age: inquisition, fallout 4, persona 5, blood borne, Resident evil 7: biohazard, Final fantasy XIV, Fortnite, etc. So while checking the PS4 latest price in India, before getting a PS4, there are many things to consider and many games to check off the list after getting the console.

Keep going gamer’s!


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