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Getting bored at homes, get PM Narendra Modi movie download. The movie based on the life of the 14th prime minister of our country was released the previous year in 2019, specifically on 24th May 2019. The movie is directed by Omung Kumar. So who are all the producers of the film PM Narendra Modi? Producers include Suresh Oberoi, Acharya Manish, Sandip Singh, Anand Pandit.

The movie is written by Haarsh Limbachiyaa, Anirudh Chawla, and Vivek Oberoi. The screenplay is by Anirudh Chawla and Vivek Oberoi. The story of the movie PM Narendra Modi is by Sandip Singh. The lead role Is played by Vivek Oberoi. The movie is edited by Sanjay Sakla. Cinematography work is handled by Sunita Radia.

The music of the movie PM Narendra Modi movie is composed by Shashi khuhi and Hitesh Modak. Pm Narendra Modi movie is 136 minutes long and is distributed by Panorama Studios and Anand Pandit Motion Pictures. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download.

Legend Global Studio and Anand Pandit Motion Pictures are the production company of the film. The movie was released in the Hindi language on 24 May 2019. PM Narendra Modi movie had a budget of Rs 8 crore and has grossed over Rs 23 crore in the box office. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: All about the cast of the movie


The lead role of Narendra Modi is well played by Vivek Oberoi. While the role of his mother Hiraben Modi is played by Zarina Wahab. We see Narendra Modi’s guru in the film. The role is played by Suresh Oberoi. We see Manoj Joshi playing the role of Amit shah. Darshan Kumar is seen as a corrupt news reporter. Boman Irani plays the role of Ratan Tata.

Barkha Sengupta is being portrayed as Jashodaben in the film. Anjan Srivastav plays the role of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The role of Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is played by Naresh Vohra. Prashant Narayana is also featured. The role of inspector Arjun Patel in Akshardham is played by Bhavik Bhojak. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Why to watch the movie? 


At the starting of the movie only there is a disclaimer that the whole of the story portrayed in the movie is not the truth. 

So get pm Narendra Modi movie download. Some people liked the movie so much that they want a sequel to the movie. They believe the movie to be a must-watch. The movie PM Narendra Modi is directed in a superb way. Vivek Oberoi did a great job. After watching the movie you will feel super proud to be a part of the country that is governed by corrupt-free PM Narendra Modi. 

Narendra Modi is one of the most hard Working and renowned people. You will get to see Vivek Oberoi after a long time and he does full justice to his role. You will see the true Modi resemblance. Whole 129 minutes being a Biopic focuses on PM Narendra Modi. Manoj Joshi who played the role of Amit Shah and Boman Irani who played the role of Ratan data both of them did a great job.

Movie PM Narendra Modi focuses on how he became the Prime Minister. The movie could be further extended to 160 minutes telling about Modi’s political career as a prime minister. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download.  So fans are expecting a sequel to the movie to cover the rest of it. 



So if you are Modi’s fan then the movie is a must-watch for you. His remarkable journey devoted to the public is highly appreciated. PM Narendra Damodar Modi is a credible inspiration to a huge amount of population worldwide. 

Let’s see people’s reviews on the other side. They think that movie is hastily assembled and haphazardly edited. Their view is that the movie hurriedly ticks off all important events in Modi’s life. Though they have some points also. They find the dialogue to be worthy. They also mention that few of Modi’s own quotes have been used efficiently. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. 

Narendra Modi had deep respect towards mother India from childhood itself. This has been clearly portrayed in the film. You might find Oberoi’s performance as quite okay and might think that the actors lack the maturity to portray PM Narendra Modi. Manoj Joshi as said earlier does justice to his role as Amit Shah.

Further Zahina Wahab’s role of Modi’s mother Heeraben is worth appreciating. Many of Modi’s supporters think that Modi deserves a grand Biopic and the movie is not that one. 



Well, you might be aware of the fact that the movie’s release was denied until the completion of the Lok Sabha elections. Well, the title of the movie is quite simple and plain. And the title does need any other fancy terms to attract the public to watch the film.

In Hindi, we can better say that movie ka Naam hi kafi hai… PM Narendra Modi is an epitome of virtues and values and if you make a movie on such a person then there is a rarest of the possibility that you will get to see the gray side of the character. Modi’s journey is quite vast and incredible.

And it is next to impossible to portray his whole journey in just 3 hours in the cinema. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. According to some fans of Modi, the movie should have been in parts or in the form of a series depicting each and every part of his life. There are many scenes in the movie that will instill a feeling of pride in you.

On the other hand, there are scenes that are quite emotional and will bring tears to your eyes. Some scenes on the other hand will bring goosebumps. PM Narendra Damodar Modi ‘s raw wisdom and intelligence are well depicted in the film. So watch the film for his naam Daan vs kamdaan journey. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Other positive points of the movie


The movie is quite emotional and should be watched by the whole family. The movie is about a great politician and leader. But here are some negative reviews as well about the movie. Few people were not happy with the acting of Vivek Oberoi.

They think that movie content could have been enhanced. You will see many punches by Manmohan Singh without him saying a single word. We all know that Modi’s works are towards his state as well as his country, that’s why he has gained so much of popularity and has been the chief minister of Gujarat for four times.

He is quite respectful towards his mother as well as senior politicians. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. Na khuanga na khane dunga is a popular quote by him which you will get to hear in the film PM Narendra Modi. We will get to see how PM Narendra Modi handled various situations including Gujarati riots and Akshardham attack. 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus died in those riots. But seeing how Modi handled those situations Is worth appreciating. 



Director has shown certain scenes with exaggeration. 

The lead role is played by a child named Narendra. He truly believes in patriotism. In his vessels, not only blood flows but also patriotism. He has a blood group in India. His father owns a tea shop at the railway station and the mother washed the dishes of various houses.

This scene is seen for 5 minutes then the movie shifts to a scene showing the story of when Narendra grows old. Now the story is after 15 to 20 years. Narendra is from a poor family. He is seen taking part in an active and giving a speech on women empowerment. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download. Then we get to see that he becomes a Sanyasi when a marriage proposal reaches his home. He denied the marriage to Jashodaben and went to the Himalayas. 

After his journey, he returns and becomes a part of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. In 1975 he fought regarding the state of emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. In 1980, He was then assigned to Bharatiya Janata Party. Then we see different political parties of the country and except BJP all are shown corrupt.

The film is about the journey of an ordinary person to become the prime minister of the country. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download. He is seen raising a flag in front of terrorists. He fights against the terrorists to Lal chowk along with the Indian army and other members. He is seen uniting all Indians under his leadership of Ekta yatra. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Other important scenes of the movie


Further, there is a scene in a show where he throws papers in front of Indira Gandhi. He is seen working for the welfare of people of  Gujarat for their benefit and to serve them. Further, he is seen to work as both doctor and police in the riots between Hindus and Muslims. All this work impressed people of Gujarat so much that they made him the cm of Gujarat. Following it he becomes the prime minister of the country. So get pm Narendra Modi movie download.

Narendra Modi did great work for the people of Gujarat. With all the hard work of team members of BJP, the party wins the Chief minister elections and appoints Keshubai Patel as the Cm of Gujarat. Being afraid of the popularity of Modi, he asked the BJP founders to transfer Modi to a different place. As a result, Modi decided to give a resignation which was later declined. He was transferred to New Delhi but returned Gujarat in 2005. he replaced Keshubai Patel and became the cm. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. 

But in 2002, he faced the Gujarat riots. He tried to take the help of the federal government and other state governments but everything was in vain. But he managed to end the violence by himself. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: How Modi faced various challenges


Another problem came just after that. The terrorist attack on Akshardham. But that too was resolved and the process of development continued. He made Gujarat as the best state of India and not only this he made Gujarat as the best state of the world. Streets were planned and roads were well constructed. Further, job opportunities are raised.

Many international companies were ready to invest in Gujarat. Security of the state improved and corruption was eradicated. Seeing all this, in 2014 he was to become a candidate for Indian General elections by BJP heads. He became so popular that he became the target of many terrorists. Not only this he even survived an attempt of assassination by the terrorist. At the end of the movie we see him taking the oath as fourteenth Prime minister of our country. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. 

Film is sugar coated to a large extent. You get to see  a 2 minute scene of Godhra Kand telling people that it is all done by congress and BJP has no role in it. There are 3 to 4 songs as well in the movie.IMDb rates the movie as 3.5/10 and 76% of Google users have liked the movie. 



The principal photography of film PM Narendra Modi began in January the previous year. The shooting started in Ahmedabad. Some important scenes about his journey were also filmed in Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. In Uttarkashi, while shooting for a particular scene, Oberoi was injured.

The final filming was done in Mumbai itself. Javed Akhtar was also given credits for the lyrics of songs of the movie but he later confirmed that he was not the part of the movie. since the songs of previous movies of Javed Akhtar and Sameer were taken, The producer thought of giving them the credits.

But both were shocked to see their name in the credit list. As a result, they tweeted that they have not written any songs for the film. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. 

Here is the list of songs that are included in the movie PM Narendra Modi. 

  • Fakeera
  • Junoon
  • Namo Namo
  • Hindustani 
  • Ishwar Allah
  • Saugandh Mujhe is mitti ki

Original lyrics of the song Ishwar Allah was by Javed Akhtar. The original lyrics of the song Hindustani were by Sameer. 

PM NARENDRA MODI MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Link to download the movie


The film received many negative reviews by the critics and was unhappy with Oberoi’s performance. The release of the movie was banned by the election commission until the elections were over. This was in relation to the plea written by a student wing of Congress party.

They said that the release of the movie will violate the code and conduct of elections and hence should be banned. The plea was rejected by the Supreme Court who said that the election commission is the right authority to make decisions of that plea. As a result, the election commission stopped the releases until elections.

But what’s more interesting is that one day prior to the day of its release, a new poster with a tagine Aa rahe hai Dobara ab koi nahi rok sakta was released. So get PM Narendra Modi movie download. 

The tagline symbolized Modi’s victory in the 2019 elections. The trailer of the film was released on 20 March 2019 and the movie was released on 24 May 2019. 

Here is the link to watch the movie:


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