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Percentage Formula in math and its uses

The term “percentage” doesn’t seem foreign at all, does it? It’s a number or ratio that is expressed as a fraction of 100. The word “Percent” comes from the Latin term “Per Centum”, where centum means 100. The percent is a term we have heard a countless number of times; right from the time when we were kids and had to calculate our percentage for the marks we scored in our tests to the time to the time we solved higher-level quantitative aptitude sums related to that topic. The basic Percentage Formula in math is part/whole.

Suppose we say that there is a number A and A is r percent of B.

Then,A=(r/100) x B

Percentage Formula in math is widely used to solve problems related to profit, loss, discount, simple interest and compound interest too. Usually the sign “%” is used to represent a percentage.  

Percentage Formula in math in excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that can be used on various platforms like windows, android, ios, etc. It features data in the form of tables with rows and columns and these data can be used to make pie charts, bar charts, etc. Apart from the charts, we can perform basic calculations in excel as well.

If you select certain data, you can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. For companies, excel spreadsheet can be used to record sales, expenditures, incomes and produce a final result. Some times other than performing basic operations like addition or subtraction, we might need to find out the percentage as well. Excel can do that too. And the process of working with percentages in Excel is easy.

You can just enter a series of data and find out the percentage. For example, if you have to record the percentage scored by a number of students, you just need to enter the names of the students with their respective marks in their respective subjects and you can calculate their percentage. 

How to calculate percentage is excel

Here is how you calculate percentage in Excel. Suppose you have a data containing the names of students and the marks they received in certain subjects. Since percentage is usually calculated on the basis of 100, let’s assume that the full marks of the subjects is 100.

Percentage formula in excel

Now, to calculate the percentage of marks obtained by the students, you will have to calculate the total marks right? For example, if you want to calculate the percentage of marks scored by Ramu, you will have to calculate the sum of the marks he got in all the subjects; i.e in the six subjects mentioned.

And to calculate the total the function “SUM” is available in excel which does the work for you. All you need to do is use that function with and add the cell number range and it will automatically calculate the total. So to calculate the total marks scored by Rahul you need to type =SUM(B2: G2) in the total marks column.

Percentage formula in excel

This step needs to be repeated to get the total marks of all 6 students. 

Percentage formula in excel

We know that the total maximum marks of the six subjects combined together is 600. So we need to divide the obtained marks by total marks to get the percentage. 

Percentage formula in excel

After getting the numbers, we now need to get the proper percentage values. So we need to change the formatting of the cells by selecting the percentage cells and pressing Ctrl+Shift+%. Or it can be done under home, then number, then percentage. 

Percentage formula in excel

And that is it. We are done!

How to calculate percentage of marks

The Percentage Formula in math to calculate marks is the same as the Percentage Formula in math to calculate the percentage of anything else. Let us say the final exams are conducted in some schools. Now let us suppose a student named Sanchita scores 89 out of 100 in Language, 94 out of 100 in English, 95 out of 100 in General Science, 93 out of 100 in General Mathematics, 89 out of 100 in Social Science and 96 out of 100 in Computer Science.

Now suppose she wants to calculate her percentage. How will she do it? We know that the total marks of the 6 subjects are 600. Now applying the Percentage Formula in math we can calculate the percentage scored by Sanchita. 

(Total marks obtained by Sanchita/Total marks ) X 100%

=(89+94+95+93+89+96)/600 X 100%

=556/600 X 100%


Hence the percentage scored by Sanchita is 92.66%. And this is how we calculate the percentage of marks received. 

How to calculate percentage of marks

Percentage increase calculator

There are many sites online which use Percentage Formula in math to find the increase of one value to another in terms of percentage. Now, how to calculate the percentage increase of a value? At first, we need to subtract the original value from the final value. The result that we obtain after that, we need to divide that by the absolute value of the original value. And then we need to multiply the result with 100. Thus, the percentage formula to find the increase is

(final value- initial value)/|initial value| X 100%

The result thus obtained is the percentage increase from one value to another. But if the result is negative, then it is not an increase, but it will be a decrease. This formula can be used to calculate percentage increase of marks, percentage increase of any product, percentage increase in the income of a company as compared to previous years, etc. 

Percentage increase calculator

Percentage off calculator

Percentage off is similar to discounts and again there are many online percentages off calculators that are available on multiple sites. What does a percentage off calculator do? It uses the Percentage Formula in math to calculate how much money one can save when any product is on discount. There are times when we are in a mall or any supermarket or store and we are in a rush to shop.

In those cases, we do not have a pen and paper available to perform calculations and not every calculation can be done mentally. That cases, we can simply use the percentage off calculator to know how much money we can save when we buy a particular product. In order to do the calculation, we need to enter the original price of the product and then the percentage discount. And then by using the Percentage Formula in math, the calculator will calculate the amount that we can save.

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Fraction formula

When we consider fractions, we think of how many parts to take up when a whole is considered. 

Suppose there is a pizza containing 8 slices and we eat just two slices of it. So talking in terms of fraction how much did we eat? We ate 2/8th of the pizza. And how much of the pizza is left? 6/8th pizza is still left. In this case of 6/8, 6 represents the numerator while 8 is the denominator. The numerator represents the part of the whole while the denominator represnts the total part or the whole. Fractions are used to show ratios.

Suppose a class has 10 girls and 20 boys. So in that case, the ratio of boys to girls will be 10/20 or 1/2. The ratio of girls to total number of students will be 10/30 or 1/3 and the ratio of the number of boys to total number of students will be 20/30 or 2/3. This is how fraction formula or the theory of fraction works. 

Fraction formula 

How to calculate percentage discount?

Percent-off or discount percentage, both are the same as mentioned above. But of course, the discount is the more common term that is used. Be it any festival or during the time of New Year, we see chains of shops with huge banners in bold letters advertising different discount rates on different products. And when there is a discount, we are automatically attracted to those products. The same Percentage Formula in math is again used to calculate the amount to be paid after discount. Now how to calculate the price of any product after a discount is applied?

Let us take an example. Suppose the cost of a T.V set is Rs, 50,000 and there is a discount of 45% on it. 

Now to calculate the amount that you need to pay, we need to use the Percentage Formula in math again. 

How much is 45% of 50,000?

(45/100) X 50,000= 22,500. 

So we are getting a discount of Rs,22,500. Now the amount that we have to pay is Rs(50,000-22,500)= Rs,27,500. The Percentage Formula in math makes it easy right? Another alternative way is- if there is a 45% discount that means we need to pay (100-45)%= 55% of the total price. And 55% of 50,000= Rs,27,500. 

So we see that the Percentage Formula in math has tons of uses and benefits and once you know the procedure to use the Percentage Formula in math the correct way, calculations can be made much simpler instead of stressing about it.


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