Onion Juice For Hair Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. {Effects and Benefits}

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1. Onion juice for hair in hair care routine

2. Side effects of onion juice on hair

3. Benefits of onion juice for hair

4. How to make onion juice easily at home?

5. Onion juice for hair loss photos

6. Onion juice for hair growth success and onion juice for hair growth review

7. Onion juice for face

1. Onion juice for hair in hair care routine

Onion juice for hair in hair care routine

For years, people have been researching about hair care and what materials can be used to improve the quality of our hair. In today’s era, the shampoos and conditioners being developed contain chemicals that can damage the quality of that hair and can cause many hair issues such as hair loss, dandruff, split ends, nowadays natural Want to choose to improve. Quality of hair because natural remedies have been in appearance for a long time.

In earlier days people used to apply religious products religiously and they had good hair quality. But times are changing and people have to face a lot of issues due to pollution. Therefore brands now come with herbal products and ingredients that help with various hair issues. Our hair is mostly made up of the protein “keratin”.

People undergo keratin treatment to improve hair quality and make it healthy. But keratin treatment is not a very inexpensive process. Natural remedies may take longer but they work really well if used regularly. Products like aloe vera, coconut oil, fish oil, rosemary oil, geranium oil are some of the products that have been shown to be really beneficial for hair. Onion juice is another popular ingredient that has proven to be really good for hair.

2. Side effects of Onion Juice For Hair

Side effects of onion juice on hair

Everyone may not like onion juice. Although onion juice has many beneficial properties for hair, it can also have some side effects. Here are a few of them:-

Onion has a pungent odor due to its sulfur content and this sulfur content can result in itchy scalp. If the strand is not washed well and the onion paste still remains in your scalp, it can irritate the skin on the scalp and therefore the hair should be washed thoroughly. But then, it is not advisable to use onion juice on a daily basis.

Scalp eczema is a disease caused by dry scalp. And if onion juice is applied daily, due to the sulfur content, it can dry the scalp even further because the natural oils will be stripped.

You may need to shampoo more thoroughly to remove the pungent smell of onion juice from your hair which means surrendering your hair to more chemicals that can cause more damage.

Burning can cause hair fall and if you keep scratching your scalp.

Onion juice has cooling properties and if you use it regularly, you may have a cold or flu.

Since onion juice makes your hair dry, it can make hair brittle and prone to breakage.

3. Benefits of Onion Juice For Hair

Benefits of onion juice for hair

Juice of onion is a well-known method for hair care and is used by many for its proven benefits. Here are some benefits of bearing the smell: –

Nourishes the hair follicles and it helps in bringing back the lost nutrients, which will make the hair shiny and healthy.

It contains a good amount of sulfur which prevents the hair from breaking and thinning easily, both are the major issues that many people face.

Onions have anti-bacterial properties that reduce infection. Burns can cause infections and scratching them can worsen the situation.

These components are natural anti-oxidants and prevent hair from premature graying.

Research has shown that onions also have properties to prevent cancer of the neck and head.

They create an environment unsuitable for lice.

Using onion juice can increase hair volume.

Since they have anti bacterial properties, they have the ability to fight dandruff.

Onion improves blood circulation which again promotes hair growth.

So, the benefit is worth trying, isn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want a healthy, shiny strain!

4. How to make Onion Juice For Hair easily at home?

How to make onion juice easily at home?

Now, you want to do some natural treatment of your hair and the option that comes to your mind is onion juice. But how to get it? don’t worry! You don’t have to go to the market to buy it (well, I’m not sure it is available either) nor do you have to seek someone else’s help to do it.

You can make onion juice yourself. All you have to do is peel the onions and cut them into 4 parts. Pour these pieces into the mixer / blender and blend. Add a little water to get the proper consistency of a paste and then strain the mixture using a muslin cloth so that you get the juice without the onion in it.

Onion juice can make it difficult to apply juices on hair. Now all you have to do is apply that juice. Apply a good amount of onion juice on your scalp and gently massage it using circular movements. It will also help in the application of juice. Let it sit for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Then rinse hair with a mild shampoo with a nice scent (preferably citrus scented) to get rid of the strong smell of onions.

This method should be applied regularly to see results and of course, you will not see results immediately. Natural remedies take some time to work their magic. So be patient and follow the routine for at least two to three months to see any results. This onion juice can be mixed with various ingredients and used as a hair mask for strong, healthy hair.

5. Onion juice for hair loss photos

Can juice of onion really be used to prevent hair loss? Well, research shows that it does. Onion juice contains high amounts of sulfur which help revive hair follicles which are very essential for hair growth. It also helps to increase the amount of an enzyme called catalyst that decomposes hydrogen peroxide and helps to make our hair growth cycle better and faster.

Sulfur reduces hair breakage and thinning. It also helps prevent or delay the graying of hair. Since onion juice has anti-oxidant properties, it helps the scalp from infection and fighting dandruff. Also, It helps in better blood circulation.Juice can be mixed with coconut oil and then applied as a mask for better hair growth. Coconut oil is already known for its nutritional properties.

Onion juice can also be used along with raw eggs; Eggs are an excellent source of vitamins and make hair shiny and smooth. Due to the anti bacterial properties of honey, honey can be used along with onion juice. Yogurt helps in hair loss and mixed with onion juice, it can do wonders for hair. It can be mixed with castor oil, tea tree oil and other essential oils to promote hair growth.

6. Onion juice for hair growth success and review

If you search online and surf through you tube videos and read through the questions and comments on Quora, you will see that in many places people have tested this method and found it somewhat useful. is. Of course, this will not magically help you develop a new patch of hair but if used properly it can help with hair growth to some extent.

People upload reviews about their experience with onion juice, but after that you stop using it. Reviews say that although onion juice reduces hair loss and temporarily promotes hair growth. While giving may help, it may not be the best option for a permanent solution. Some people have said that if you stop using it, you will lose all newly grown hair and that is why it cannot be cured permanently.

According to reviews and stories, onion juice works best when mixed with apple cider vinegar. And onion juice helps prevent fungal infection, however what people saw after using it. But only onion juice does not try to grow healthy hair. To get truly healthy hair one should opt for lifestyle changes and healthy diet. Because hair loss or hair loss depends on many factors, unhealthy lifestyle is one of them. If the issue of hair loss is serious, then you have to first find the root cause and then start treating your hair accordingly.

7. Onion juice for face

Onion juice for face

Apart from using Juice of onion for hair treatment, this ingredient can also be used for skin treatment. Onions are full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C which help prevent skin problems and protect our skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.

Onion contains quercetin which helps prevent premature aging and other family problems. Onions are a rich source of antioxidants and it helps flush out toxins from our body. Onions have anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that help reduce irritation and prevent breakouts, acne and pimples.

Applying onion juice makes the skin glow and glow and not only is it good for the skin as well, applying a coat of onion juice on the lips and washing it after a few minutes will remove dead cells and give soft supple lips. Onion juice can also be used to treat dark spots and pigmentation. Onion juice can be mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and is used as a face pack which will give glowing skin and protects the skin from any infection.

So as you see, apart from using onion juice for hair care, it has many other properties that make it a wonderful option to try. It may make you cry at first but you will be smiling in the long run.


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