New dress design – New and Different Models

New dress design – New and Different Models

Keep on updating in all directions is the best way to post ourselves as broad-minded people among others in this world. This new generation of people always keeps updated in all ways from the gadgets they are using to the design of the dress they wear. In order to serve the people  

New dress design New and Different Models

who needs a new dress design to wear to their friend’s party, needs a new dress design of the dress to wear in their family function, needs a new dress design of the dress to wear when they are going for a new job interview, needs a new dress design of the dress to wear during this summertime to keep them to feel comfortable even in busy work, who search  a new dress design which would be more economical to buy, who always stand on the side of quality rather than price

the cloth designer of today’s generation introduced son new dress design which is having extremely good quality, suitable for all climate and most economical. Let’s see what they are in this article.

New dress design – Ishin Georgette Green Printed Dress:

New dress design

Ishin is a leading Indian cloth manufacturing company placed in Mumbai. They are the leading player in the market for launching a new dress design for these new generations. They launched a new dress design. It has a yellow and red flower with green leaves printing with light gray color as the background color.

This combination works great which depicts a new trend. It is made from high-quality Georgette type of material which is suitable to wear at all type of climate and has a long life. This dress needs dry wash for the first time and usually, washes at a regular interval in next time. This new dress design actually launched as casual wear but it is suitable to wear at parties and looks great to wear at the wedding time. It is available in all sizes. This dress is available on

New dress design – DIEGO western wear frock for women and girls:

A new dress design is launched from DIEGO, a leading cloth manufacture having more than five hundred happy customers all over the world. It is frock type dress having white square boxes of different size thought the dress. This square design is combined with different colors in the background.

This party wears available in red, blue, black, C-green and multicolor background options. It is made of high-quality Heavy American Crepe type material. This material is like by most of the people because of its light weight and excellent quality. All type of wash is suitable and it also looks great after iron.

This knee skater party wear is provided with an invisible zip. A leather belt is also coming as a free gift along with this gorgeous dress as a gift. If you wear this dress along with the belt it enhances the beautifulness of this dress. It is suitable to wear for all types of occasions like wedding functions, college functions, hang out with friends and so on. Since the material of cloth is light in weight, it is suitable to wear at all seasons and user-friendly too.  It is available in medium, XL, and XXL sizes. This dress is available on

New dress design

New dress design – ARACRUZ chaniya choli for women:

A new dress design of Indian tradition is launched from the cloth manufacturer Aracruz, an Indian based company, and a leading dress designer.

Even though it is a new company to the Indian traditional dress manufacturing market, it has more than hundreds of happy customers because of its high-quality dresses. The top of the dress looks beautiful because of its high-quality material and the excellent artwork done it.

It has embroidery of Golden color with the blue colored pearls in it. The bottom part of this dress is made from the same material as the top. It has a red color background with Golden color flower embroidery work.

The top and the bottom part of the dress is made from heavy Taffeta Silk material matches exactly to each other because of the embroidery work is done in it. As part of this wonderful dress, a Dupatta is provided. It is made from the net type material. It is also gold in color with the same color at the borders. But it is dark than others.

Because of the red color of the dress, it is suitable to wear at night-time parties wedding functions. It is available in all sizes. A normal hand or machine washing is suitable for this dress. So there is no need to spend much time and the money on washing the dress. This dress is available on

New dress design – JAIPUR PRINTS Women’s One Piece Long Dress:

New dress design

Jaipur prince is one of the leading Indian cloth manufacturing companies. It is one of the oldest traditional Indian cloth manufacturers having lots of customers all over the world.

They are famous for their high-quality clothes at a low price. From this leading company, a new dress design of casual style is introduced. It is a one-piece dress having printing work throughout the dress. The total length of this dress 49 to 51 inches vary with respect to the wearer. The chest size is 42 inches (Extra-large).

It is made from cotton type material which is not only suitable to wear during summertime but also great to wear during all other seasons. It may be wear along with sleeves or without. The detachable sleeves are provided inside the dress.  At the chest, small flower printings of different colors are provided.

The same design is provided at the bottom of the dress also. In between these, some traditional Indian artwork printing is done. These designs are provided with a white color background, which matches exactly with flower printing artwork. The normal type of hand washing or machine washing is enough for this dress.

The color printing does not fade with washing. So, no need to worry about the color bleeding. The material cloth material does not shrink after the wash. So without worry, you can wash this dress according to your wish. This dress is suitable to wear for all occasions like parties, wedding functions, traditional functions, college functions and hang out with friends.


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