Mirzapur Web series download – Best 4 ways

Mirzapur Web series download stands as one of the most asked questions since November 16, 2018, when Mirzapur was officially released on an OTT platform called Amazon Prime. Talking about OTT platforms, They have gained a ton of popularity since the Covid-19 thingy had taken place. Folks are at home where they have barely any method to entertain themselves. Humans are social animals and we tend to seek the support of the outside world to escape boredom and loneliness.

The OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Alt Balaji had managed to keep the people entertained at the comfort of their home. Due to lock down and Social distancing, most of the movies are being released on OTT platforms. The concept of Web series is very raw and fresh for the folks of India,

The whole idea of Web series revolves around serving you with something quirky and exclusive perpetually. Web series largely target the young adulthood age group people and constantly bring up web series that are extraordinarily well-liked and captivating. This does not mean they completely take no notice of the age group that is comparatively older.

They come up with content that will be watched and appreciated by a large part of society. The web series Mirzapur is well-liked by the folks of India. Mirzapur as a web series gained tremendous popularity from the audience. The genre of the movie is a crime and that is depicted very precisely. The IMDb rated the movie 8.5 out of 10 which is very reasonable seeing its popularity among the people. It is one of that iconic creation that clings to your mind.

Mirzapur web series download – Options and processes 


Amazon Prime – The Web series Mirzapur is originally available on Amazon Prime, the steps are given below.

  • Download the app Amazon Prime from the Play store. 
  • Open the App and sign in/log in.
  • Get the subscription for Amazon prime [It is free for 1 month, after that if you want to continue, you will have to pay ]
  • Once you have got the subscription you have to search for Mirzapur on the search box given on the application of Amazon prime.
  • You will get the result of Mirzapur, click on the watch now, and start watching.
  • With the subscription of Amazon prime, you can comfortably watch loads of series and movies that are available for all the subscribers of Amazon Prime.

Considering the fact the Amazon prime is the only OTT platform where you can see Mirzapur, it is the best way and legal way of watching Mirzapur. Let us look into some Pros and cons of Watching Mirzapur on Amazon Prime.

Mirzapur web series download? [ Amazon Prime]  [ Pros  of watching  Mirzapur from Amazon Prime ]

  1. Legal – Watching the movie on the platform it has been uploaded is the best and most legal way you can watch a web series or movies. 
  2. Quality –  You will experience  A – Grade picture and sound quality if you watch Mirzapur on Amazon Prime.
  3. Uncomplicated – Watching Mirzapur on Amazon prime saves you from all the complications that you might face.

 Mirzapur web series download? [Amazon Prime ] [ Cons of Watching Mirzapur From Amazon prime ]

  1. Subscription – You will have to money for the subscription of Amazon Prime to watch Mirzapur. It can be expensive for some people.
  2. The option of download is not present – Through Amazon prime, you can only watch the Mirzapur, you cannot download it. 
  3. Connectivity issues –  If you face connectivity issues, the video will buffer and may negatively affect your watching session by spoiling your mood.

Now we know how to watch Mirzapur on Amazon Prime, Let us now look into how to Download Mirzapur for free. 

Mirzapur web series download? [ Telegram]


Downloading Web series and movies from telegram is very easy. You will have to follow simple steps through which you can see the process of  Mirzapur web series download on your Mobile phone or Pc.

Steps for Mirzapur web series download from Telegram?

  1. Download the application – The first step requires you to download the app Telegram from the Play store.
  2. Log in/ Sign in – Once your application of Telegram is installed, sign in / login and proceed.
  3. Search – Further, search for a channel that offers Bollywood movies and web series.
  4. Search for Mirzapur – Use the search box and type Mirzapur web series.
  5. Click on the result –  Once you have searched for Mirzapur, you will get results, click on the result and the downloading will start.

Though a lot of people are using Telegram for   Web series Mirzapur web series download and Movies it has its own sets of pros and cons ,Let us look into pros and cons of using Telegram as a medium for Mirzapur web series download .

 Pros of Mirzapur web series download using the application Telegram –

  1. No subscription required – You don’t have to waste money on a subscription , You can easily get through the process of Mirzapur web series from telegram for free.
  2. No buffering – The problem of buffering is out of the question when you can download the whole series at once and enjoy watching the series.

Cons of  Mirzapur Web series download from Telegram – 

  1. Not legal – Telegram provided you with a platform from which you can download Mirzapur without paying a single penny but the facts do not change . Downloading movies from other websites is not rational and ethical.
  2. Spam – Telegram is filled with spams. You can not be sure about which link is real and which link is false. To find an original link you will have to invest and do a lot of research.
  3. Takes a lot of time – The process of the Mirzapur web series from Telegram can be time-consuming. If your internet or wi-fi is extremely slow it might take up to 10-12 hours to download the series. 

Mirzapur web series download from Torrent?


People across the whole globe download movie and web series from torrents. Let us see step by step process of how you can   get through the way of Mirzapur web series from torrent  

  1. Search for Utorrent on a search engine – Go to any search engine and search for Utorrent.
  2. Download Utorrent – You will find Utorrent classic in the search result, download Utorrent classic from there
  3. Copy Magnet link – Copy the magnet link of Mirzapur and paste it there.
  4. Torrent client – After that just open the link and wait for the movie to be downloaded.

Lets us look into some pros and cons of the Mirzapur web series download from Torrent.

 Pros of Mirzapur web series download from Torrent.

  1.  No Subscription You can totally avoid the subscription part and download Mirzapur for free.
  2. No buffering interruption – If you download Mirzapur from Torrent. you will face no buffering issue, It will be smooth and stressfree.

Cons of Mirzapur web series download from Torrent

Not ration and illegal – Downloading movies or web series from these web sites are strictly unethical. It is not legal to download movies from these sites. These sites may give yo download from Fimlyzilla –

  1. Website – Open the website Fimlyzilla.college on your search engine.
  2. Download movie – Once you have opened the website, scroll down to find the ‘download movie’ section on the result.
  3. Hindi web series – Click on download movie tab and look for the Hindi Web series.
  1.  Alphabetical search box -Scroll down to the bottom, You will find an alphabetical driven search box.
  2.  Alphabet of your choice -Tap on the  alphabet  “ M“ [ m for Mirjapur ]
  3. The search result will display all the web series that starts with the  alphabet
  4. You will get the latest season’s of Mirzapur, You can choose whichever season you want to download.
  5. Tap on the first season of Mirzapur you want to download.
  6. Ignore the Flashy Pop-ups that say ‘ download ’, those contain viruses and can be harmful to your Mobile phone of pc.
  7. Select on Mirzapur (season 1, because only that has haveen be released so far)
  8.  Select the server -Then the download server will show up, select any of the servers as per your preference.
  9. As soon as you select and tap on the server of your choice the download will begin.
  10. It will take a while to download after the file is downloaded you can find it on the downloaded files of your phone or pc.
  11. Enjoy watching ‘ Mirzapur ’ series of the best picture and sound quality.

Advantages you will if have if you use Fimlyzilla for web series Mirzapur download

  1. No need to waste money on subscriptions – If you use the website Filmyzilla for Mirzapur web series download from, you do away with all the expenses that you have to pay for getting an Alt Balaji subscription.
  2. You can watch the Mirzapur web series non interrupted – There will be no adds or buffering to interrupt your watching session. You can watch the web series very peacefully.
  3. High quality – The picture quality of the Web series will be smooth and gripping. Your experience of watching sessions will be elevated with good sound and picture quality.

Disadvantages you will face if you use Fimlyzilla for Mirzapur web series Download

  1. Flashy pop-ups that display “ download “ are there to fool people. If someone clicks on the flashy pop op of “Download’’, their phone or pc can get infected by the virus. 
  2. It can be confusing – The process of downloading from Filmyzilla can be confusing for few folks as there are loads of link and navigations.
  3. A lot of spam – The website is quite shady, It contains a lot of spam and false links.
  4. Time-consuming – The process of download might take a lot of time, It completely depends on your internet speed.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions related to Mirzapur Web series download

  1. Mirzapur web series is an adult web series?

    Yes, Mirzapur web series is an Adult web series , therefore , people of age group above 18 is authorized to watch Mirzapur web series.

  2. When is  Mirzapur web series 2 is releasing?

    Mirzapur web series part 2 is releasing on October 23, 2020.

  3. Is Mirzapur web series  a must watch?

    It totally depends on your preference, If you are someone who likes to watch something unique and new, then go for it.

  4. Mirzapur web series download from torrent is safe?

    No, the site is filled with loads of spam and viruses. The virus can easily get into your mobile phone and computer and hang your phone.

The steps to follow for the Mirzapur web series download are given above in detail. Enjoy your binge Mirzapur web series watching session and escape boredom.


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