The microwave oven buying guide in India is prominent to thoroughly know about before stepping up to purchase a microwave oven in India. The idea of cooking, heating, grilling, defrosting, and much more in a small span of time is interesting and very useful in our day to day life.

The pace of life is extremely rapid and fast-moving and people do not have time to invest in cooking, they want everything quick and perfect that saves time and effort. To lessen the burden and escalate the delightful experience of quick-cooking microwaves came to the market.

Microwave allows you to cook, bake, grill, heat, defrost anything that you want within minutes. The word Microwave explains a lot about how it functions, it basically works on the basis of Micro [ which means small]and waves means radiations. In scientific terms, microwave works on the basis of electromagnetic radiation.

The walls of the microwave are built in such a way that the waves keep moving inside the microwave that cooks and heats the food inside the microwave. There are numerous Microwaves in the market that offers varied functions and are used for different types of cooking. Due to the huge amount of companies and brands that sell microwaves,

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it becomes complicated to decide on one that suits all your needs. A microwave oven buying guide in India can help you go through all the complications and decide a microwave oven for your self and your home. This article inculcates all that you need to know before making a purchase of a microwave oven. 

Types of microwave ovens in the market of India – Microwave oven buying guide in India

Image – Microwave oven buying guide in India

There are basically 3 types of the microwave oven in the market and each has different functions.

1.Solo microwave oven
2.Grill microwave oven
3.Convection microwave oven
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Now lets us look into what individual Microwave oven has to offer to the people. [ Microwave oven buying guide in India ]

Solo Microwave oven

Solo microwave ovens have basic functions and features. As the word suggests it has solo functions. You can do basic cooking and normal heating and defrost of the food or any liquid substance.

These microwave ovens are majorly used by food outlets. When you go to the food outlet and you order a Sandwich, very evidently it won’t be hot, once you order the sandwich, the shopkeeper heats the sandwich in the Microwave oven to make it warm. Those microwave ovens are solo microwaves because they are used for basic heating.

Grill Microwave oven

Grill Microwave ovens can do all the work that a solo microwave oven does but on top of that, it also has the feature of grilling. You can enjoy all your favorite grill food with the use of minimal oil. As the name suggests, Grill Microwaves are used for grilling food. You can grill sandwiches, You can enjoy grilled chicken and grilled paneer as well.

Note – Grill microwave ovens do not have the feature of baking.

Convection Microwave oven

The convection microwave oven has all the functions that Solo microwave oven and Grill microwave oven has but on top of that, you can do baking in these microwave ovens.

A convection Microwave oven is the best of all the 3 mentioned in this article. Convection microwave ovens are broadly used for baking cakes, pizza, biscuits, and much more. It can be called as all-purpose Microwave ovens. Convection ovens are used in houses and restaurants. Convection microwave ovens come with grillers.

Now let us look into some characteristics of the Microwave ovens that you need to see before purchasing a Microwave oven.

Microwave oven buying guide in India – Characteristics.

Image – Microwave oven buying guide in India
1.Child lock
3.Pre – heat
4.Auto – cooking
Table – Microwave oven buying guide in India

Child Lock –

The microwave works with heat radiation and very evidently it is not safe for children. Out of curiosity children might try to touch or open the microwave but with child lock, you don’t have to worry about having small children around the kitchen while something is being heated or cooked [ though it is not advised for children to be in the kitchen ].


Microwave ovens have a feature called defrosting. With this feature of defrosting you can defrost anything in the Microwave oven. Defrosting can help you warm any food item within minutes. This feature is very much used by teenagers and adults you live away from family who keep the food in the freeze and save it for later.


Preheat is used when you have to bake or cook something. With preheating feature you create an environment that is already slightly heated which directly leads to better and quicker cooking. 

Auto  – cooking

Few people are multitasking and they take up more than 2 work at a time. For multitasking people, Auto –  cooking mode can save them time for other works.

Timer –

The Timer mode In Microwave oven allows you to set timing. Suppose you want to heat milk or water, now firstly you will have to keep the milk or water in a container [ the container should be suitable for the microwave oven ],

Once you have kept milk or water inside the microwave oven close the door of the microwave oven, After you close the door you will find the panel and there you have set the timer, decide how long you want to heat the water or milk. The microwave automatically stops once the timer is stopped. 

Microwave oven buying guide in India – Things to keep in mind before purchasing a Microwave oven

Image – Microwave oven buying guide in India
1.Size of the  Microwave oven.
2.The budget of the buyer.
3.Power of the Microwave oven.
4.Warranty on the Microwave oven.
5.Cleaning of the Microwave oven.
6.Control Panel gave in the microwave oven.
7.Design of the microwave oven.
Table – Microwave oven buying guide in India

Size of the Microwave oven

The size of the microwave tells us the capacity of the microwave. The size of the microwave should be directly proportionate to the size of your family. The capacity of the microwave oven is measured in liters.

If your family is small [ 2 – 3 members ], it is advised to buy 15 – 20 liter capacity of the microwave oven. if your family is slightly bigger [ 3-5 members ] it is advised to buy a 21 to the 30-liter microwave oven. If you have a big joint family [ 6  + members ] it is advised to buy a 30+ liter microwave oven.

Note – With the increase in the size of the microwave oven the price of the oven will gradually increase.

The budget of the buyer

Microwaves can range anywhere between 4000 to 20000+. The buyer should prior decisions about the range of the microwave oven that he/she wants to buy. The microwave oven should be budget-friendly.

Power of the microwave oven

Ovens with more power cook or heat food faster than the ones with lesser power. A small size microwave oven [ low capacity ] should have power anywhere between 600-800 and a bigger sized microwave oven [ High capacity] should have power anywhere between 1200-1650. You can decide accordingly once you decide the size of the microwave oven.

Warranty on the microwave

The company should provide a 1-year warranty on the microwave oven. The warranty ensures that you can get your microwave oven repaired if it gets damaged within the period of the warranty.

Cleaning of the microwave

The cleaning part can get a bit hectic for a few folks, so before buying make sure you know how to clean the microwave and how often you have to clean the microwave. Few microwaves come with a vapor cleaning technology which makes the cleaning process much easier.

Control panel gave on the microwave oven –

The control panels are the prime part of the microwave oven. There are three main types of control panels available in the Microwave oven namely;

  • Mechanical 
  • Feather-touch 
  • Tactile button 

Mechanical type control panel

The mechanical control type panel in the microwave have regulators. They are extremely easy to use. 

Feather touch type control panel

It is the latest type of control panel. The controls in the panels are screen touch, you can easily get your microwave oven working within a touch.

Tactile button type control panel

It is quite the same as the mechanical control panels. They also have buttons and regulators. The design of the panel is elevated and sleek.


once you decide you buy a microwave, make sure it has a sleek design and outlook. The design and appearance of the Microwave should charm everyone in your family.

There are numerous microwave ovens with stunning design and appearance, choose the one that appeals to your eyes and at the same fulfills all the other needs. [ it is not important to purchase a microwave that is fancy and striking, it is completely up to the buyer ]

Image – Microwave oven buying guide in India
Microwave Oven NamePriceLink
Panasonic 27L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 14,800Click here
Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave OvenRs. 5,490Click here
Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven Rs. 5,500Click here
IFB 30 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 13,490Click here
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven Rs. 9,790Click here
Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave OvenRs. 7,290Click here
Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave OvenRs. 4,099Click here
IFB 20 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 9,790Click here
LG 32 L Convection Microwave OvenRs. 18,599Click here
LG 20 L Solo Microwave OvenRs. 5,990Click here
Table- Microwave oven buying guide in India

FAQ- Frequently asked questions – Microwave oven buying guide in India.

  1. What is the different between oven and microwave?

    Both the terms mean exactly the same thing. Microwave is just a shorter version of microwave oven.

  2. Going through a microwave oven buying guide in India is actually necessary before buying a microwave oven?

    It is advised to know about what you are planning to purchase. With a proper Microwave oven buying guide, you can know about all the aspects that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a microwave oven and on top of that, you will save your selves from fraud. 

  3. Is cooking in microwave oven safe?

    Microwave oven cooking or heating is absolutely safe if you use proper containers. Using plastic containers is not advised because  Plastics tend to melt from heat which is not good for your health. Make sure to use a proper container when using a Microwave oven.

  4. Which type of Microwave oven is the best?

    A convection type of microwave is said to be the best because it has all the functions of solo and grill microwave oven,.

  5. What kind of container should not be used in the microwave oven?

    Avoid plastic containers , Styrofoam containers and paper cups.

  6. What should I look for when buying a microwave oven for the first time?

    This article [ Microwave oven buying guide in India ] will guide you through the process of deciding the kind of microwave you should buy.

  7. Grill Microwaves cannot be used for baking?

    No, Grill microwaves are broadly used for grilling purpose but it can also has of solo microwave oven. 

  8. Which is the one of the best microwave oven in India?

    For the cheaper category, Samsung Solo Microwave oven. For the expensive category – Lg all in one convection Microwave oven.


Hoping that this Microwave Oven buying guide in India will help you to decide the kind of microwave oven that will suit all your needs. Food made at home has its own notable beauty and microwave ovens make It easier for the people to cook restaurant like food at the comfort of your home.


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