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In an Indian wedding for men’s Indian wedding outfit, we should take care of certain traditions, culture and follows these things because Indian weddings are feast days where outfit needs to ensemble the occasion. We Indians are so perceptive about certain colors not being worn on traditional occasions because they thought to be unfortunate.

The First men’s Indian wedding outfit is Sherwani: It is traditional to wear that is worn by most Indian men. It is a long coat-like vestment with front open that is carried with dhoti, churidar or salwar.

There are various types of sherwani and few of them are:-

1. Chipkan Sherwani:

The design of Chipkan style Sherwani is guided from Mughal’s period. If you have the zeal to have this type of royalty look so you can wear it. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, Raymond.

2. Indo-Western Sherwani:

Indo-Western Sherwani

As the name describes it is the blend of western style with Indian clothing. The specialty of this outfit is that it gives ease of western style with the conventional way of Indian clothing. This is the best men’s Indian wedding outfit because this is the highest in trend nowadays. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, Fashion Curries, Abhivani, Royal Men.

3. Jodhpuri Sherwani:

Jodhpuri Sherwani

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It is a combination of kurta and trousers. The designers for this sherwani should have many years of experience to make products so marvelous. That’s why this men’s Indian wedding outfit is too expensive and limited. It can be pair up with Jackets, Churidars, stoles. It comes with a brand like Rajwadi & Raymond.

The Second men’s Indian wedding outfit is Jodhpuri suit:

Jodhpuri suit

Basically, it comes from the Jodhpur state. It can be paired with pants that are lost above the knees and become tight as they go down, It can be pair up with churidars or trousers. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, Raymond.

The Third men’s Indian outfit is Simple white kurta-pajama with Nehru jacket:

white kurta-pajama with Nehru jacket

It is the basic clothing of Indian men. The exaggerated biff styles in men’s kurta pajama for a wedding styled with men’s Nehru jacket. The pajama can be straight cut or churidar. Nehru jacket can also be used with a floral printed kurta and vice-versa. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, Raymond.

The Forth men’s Indian wedding outfit is Bandhgala:

men's Indian wedding outfit is Bandhgala

It influences Indian heritage and culture. A closed neck more often with fabric or few buttons at the top. It gives the best look with a stone-studded brooch. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, Raymond.

The Fifth men’s Indian wedding outfit is Dhoti Kurta:

Dhoti Kurta

This is one of the most humble Indian wedding dresses which gives evergreen look. This Indian outfit never goes out of style. You can wear it with plain kurta, sherwani. It comes with a brand like Manyavar, SojanyaFabindia.

Although there are few choices for men’s Indian wedding outfit as compared to women. But men’s today have no limitations when it comes to choosing fabrics, colors, and prints like outfits like Achkan style sherwani, Floral print silk sherwani.

If you don’t know what to wear men’s Indian wedding outfit then the best option at that time is kurta-pajama because it is the basic traditional cloth in India as this can be used in many rituals.

If you pair men’s Indian wedding outfit with contrasting pagdi and stole then it becomes a perfect Indian outfit.

Value of Indian traditional outfit:

A traditional Indian costume has been around here for many years. It shows the existence of the wearer. The main reason for wearing this outfit is to celebrate some occasion. Some people only believe in wearing a western dress to look modern and think traditional Indian wear as boring.

Indian traditional outfit is a part of the culture that tells about lifestyle, history, place of living. The dresses and colors of the outfit describe the meaning of marriage and its rituals. It also tells about the religion from which we belong. Hindus wedding doesn’t look like American marriages.

Starting from Tilak every function has its connection in the relationship. Tilak, Haldi, Sangeet, Barat, Shaadi all need everyone to attire a new outfit for every occasion.Men.s Indian wedding outfit for these functions are sherwani, yellow kurta for Haldi,pagdi with an outfit for Barat.


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