Marathi web series download – Best 10 websites list

Marathi web series download – a new craze

A new form of entertainment that is web series has taken the younger generation by storm. This phenomenon has been escalated due to the pandemic effect since people cannot go out to the theatres so web series is the next best option available. Commercial movies are rather melodramatic with little or no relation with reality so the younger generation has shifted to web viewing.

The normal TV serials are also a no-no for the youth because of the elasticity in content matter and perpetual shifting from the main storyline. The 30-minute telecast slot 12 minutes of commercial ad which is a very negative factor. And you have to wait a whole 24 hours to move on to the next episode.

Regional web series has gained so much popularity in recent times because of their intense storyline, highly talented fresh faces and another added advantage is you can watch the whole story in one stretch without any commercial breaks and in the comfort of your home at your own time.

Regional language web series are highly in demand because they have an intense and intricate plot and presentation is very bold as well. You don’t need a cable connection to watch it because it is easily available over the internet. Several websites offer you Marathi web series download option as well as in other languages but most of them are usually fake websites, so we need to check the authenticity of the sites from where you can stream or download Marathi web series without paying are huge subscription fee.

We have to check the authenticity of these sides from where we can download Marathi web series because most of them have Malware that can steal your data and even sometimes automatic subscription occurs repeatedly and it becomes difficult for people to stop the subscription easily.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – Zee5: a popular Marathi web series download site –


Zee5 is a video-on-demand service watch Marathi web series for free online. It is one of the sites that provide access to televised content even before they are aired on TV. Available globally except in the US Zee5 online websites that cater to the fans of Indian entertainment from all over the world. With several original shows and web series in multiple regional languages,

Zee5 boasts of a dynamic and interesting catalog that easily caters to viewers of all ages and preferences. From suspense thrillers, dramas, and comedies to infotainment Zee5 has a huge collection of Marathi web series that can easily satisfy your cravings for regional entertainment. With Zee5 viewers can access live shows, original series, and even acclaimed Marathi plays on a digital platform.

Whether you are looking for a chilling suspense thriller, an emotional drama, a light family comedy, or some deep patriotism Zee5 with its huge collection of regional web series is bound to have the perfect option to fit your mood. With highly evolved video streaming technology, high-speed online streaming, and crystal clear sound Zee5 provide a viewing experience like no other.

Additional features like language navigation, seamless video playback, smart content search and recommendation, several video quality options to choose from allowing for an easy to navigate, comfortable, and user friendly experience for viewers. Due to its wide

collection and user-friendly interface Zee5 is easily ranked as one of the online best Marathi web series download platforms. Zee5 is available on both Google Play Store as well as the Apple app store and can be accessed via any device such as mobiles, PCs, laptops, and tablets. Zee5 can also be accessed just for free on Airtel Xstream, Vodafone play. This ensures one-stop entertainment for viewers anywhere anytime

.With a minimum subscription plan of INR 99 per month and unlimited HD streaming users rank Zee5 among the best Marathi web series download platforms.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – Eros Now: movies and web series at your fingertips –


Another name to be counted as one of the best Marathi web series download sites is Eros Now and it is absolutely free on Apple and Android iOS devices. It has over a million users and nearly 8 million. In fact, It is a popular platform to watch regional web content free online because it was the biggest catalog of movies and web series in the widest range of Indian languages ranging from Bhojpuri and Punjabi to Marathi and Bengali.

Users can download web series just like in all other websites but the specialty in this platform is that can also categorize it according to their favorites for later viewing. The basic pack in this platform is free but it offers Limited movies and web series.

The exit point is it is absolutely ad-free. Eros premium pack is 4.9 US dollars per month which is quite a large amount but you get to see in HD streaming and offline viewing and can add subtitles therefore it allows add free undisturbed viewing.

If you click the opening menu it gives you options for Regional choices. a very good collection of those movies and web series that may not have been box office hits financially but are on your special cannot be missed list.

Surprisingly the user gets a number of critically acclaimed series that are not the most ideal for family viewing also. In fact, Eros Now has the best collection of older content and some of them have digitally modified print for nongrainy picture quality. What is that they give both options of selection based on genre and decade you have selected the language of your choice.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – MX Player: an app exclusively for regional language content


For Marathi web series download MX Player is another premium app offering a huge collection of movies music and web series. They have a very exclusive and original audio and video content. You can watch your favorite series as well as some originals anytime anywhere with this app.

The best part of this platform is that it not only Hindi and Marathi but its language ranges from Malayalam, Kannada Bhojpuri, and several others. Mx Player gives you more than 50000 hours of premium content in any language.

An added feature of this platform is its Max creator option where the user can upload their video and reach to more than 150 million active users and maximize his revenue share.

It also enables the creator to access video development tools from all platforms. Although it is one of the best platforms to watch Marathi web series it does not give you an option to choose the genre of the content. Comedy religious film drama thrillers and even Children’s movies are all trumped into one option under the Marathi language, which can be quite tiresome sometimes. Since it has such a huge collection, could have been

better if there had been the option for choosing shows according to the genre to satisfy the choosy viewers to categorize the collection according to various categories like a year of release etc.

MkvCinema: free web series just one click away –


Mkvcinema is one of the most popular Marathi web series download websites on the internet. Users can download any movie, web series shows et cetera from this website on the very day they are released on their original platforms.

Users can download any content whether in Hindi English or other regional languages completely free as the website does not require a subscription. MKV Cinemas uses no third party pop up ads making this a clean and an online traffic free site.

Download links provided a secured via Google Drive and are hence free from spans or Malware. With HD video quality, multiple weaving formats, and English and Hindi subtitle MKV cinema provide an amazing movie and web series watching experience.

Some of its features include an easy to use friendly digital interface a library of over 50000 movies and shows in more than 27 images as well as an active chat forum and request section for viewers to request new shows and updates. All these features MKV Cinemas a favorite among the Marathi web series download website.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – MovieMinions: for all your offline entertainment cravings –


Movie Minions is a common name among movie buffs and web series enthusiasts. If you cannot download a series from anywhere else because of spam links or subscription charges be rest assured that you will find it here. No matter how old or obscure your web series is Minions I will search the internet find a download link and provided it to you.

This is what makes it such a Marathi web series download site. Content is arranged according to the genre, release dates, and language so users can easily find regional content of their choice .this site this site also provides and subbed content with plenty of viewing formats Like 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Viewers Can enjoy shows with video quality and HD streaming. The user interfaces of the website easy to navigate although there are few popup ads from time to time. As movie Minions lets you download Netflix, Voot, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime original series it is considered a popular Marathi web series download site.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – Mp4Moviez: 100% free entertainment-


Mp4moviez is considered as a lifesaver for movie enthusiasts with slow internet on their viewing devices. This Marathi web series download site allows you to download favorite contents internet usage by compressing the file 360p resolution to reduce its size.

Users can watch all the latest Hindi as well as regional content for free by searching for it on their homepage and clicking on the links available.

This site provides and subbed content and has selection options like language, genre release date original weaving platform, etc. All the free from spam links and Malware the only downside of this Marathi web series download site is the presence of popup ads.

These ads are unavoidable as the website due to its lack of subscription plans generates revenue through the ads themselves. In spite of this minor setback, mp4moviez is a popular Marathi web series download site among users.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOADIndianTalent: regional entertainment made easy –


Indiantalent .in is a popular open-source website from where users can easily find interesting Marathi web series. Viewers can easily access this Marathi web series download site and search for their favorite shows.

This site easy to use and has a vast collection of both original web series content as well as popular Marathi films and TV serials. Users can go to the official page and select Marathi from the language menu to get exclusive access to Marathi content. This site brings up a list of all the popular web content available net and creates direct links to watch online or download the episodes from.

With no third party pop up ads all spam links and malware India talents are one of the best Marathi web series download sites available on the net.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – Voot: web series viewing made easy


One of the country’s largest media networks Viacom 18 has launched a video on demand platform called Voot. It has a huge collection of motion pictures, channels of various types and regional web series, cartoons, and original shows. If you wish for Marathi web series download can go to Voot and download it absolutely free.

Voot offers a lot of options like you can choose the shows from your choice of channels and can see it on your desired screen you can choose it based on language or genre of the show. You can opt for high-quality video, auto, or date saving depending on your choice.

Voot originals are some of the best shows with quality content. You can even opt for kid web series. Voot has a large collection of over 150 shows and original series accessible series wise and also episode wise as well. The website is pop up free and if there is any normally in downloading content it can be easily resolved by the support desk.

Voot offers you streaming and download in full HD at 1080 p. You can download it from their mobile app which is available for both Android and IOS platforms. Voot is available on Play Store and app store and can be installed free of cost.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – 9X movies: free web series anytime anywhere


To download Marathi web series 9X movies is one of the most popular and malware-free sites. they have over 2000 Web series in their catalog and you will surely find your choice of web series on their site.

They offer your downloading in many quality BluRay, web-dl et cetera. Users should always access the original site on their internet browser and be aware of similar-looking fake websites.

You can view the content in 1080p format. They give you file-sharing site links for the same movie or series and also give you a how-to download the guide page. To download a file you have to select your choice able post and click on the ‘ download link ‘ button.

The 9X links will open and then you will have to click the ‘ unlock link ‘ button. The various host links will and you can choose the server from which you want to download. If your file does not exist in that server you can opt to another server. Detailed guidelines on how to download from each server are given on the site.

Each file has several video formatting options to choose from so that viewers can download the desired content in more than one screen resolution. their Marathi web series collection is more than 150 shows, each with several resolution powers. But they don’t give you the option to choose the genre of the series.

MARATHI WEB SERIES DOWNLOAD – Suggestions for Marathi web series download site –

●Since most of the sites have pop-up ads ,it is best to download VPN Ad-blockers .

●you should be very cautious about spam links and malware while streaming .


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