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To know the future Leila web series download, yes you heard right download this web series just to know the future. No not the future of you but the future of India how it will be now thoughts pop up like Roberts, flying cars, and so on.

So this is the good positive thoughts of the future but have you thought about the bad side of the future I mean the dark side of the future. Everything comes with good and bad we accept that some of them try to fight against the dark side just to spread light and some of them live with a dark side.

Have you wonder who fight against the dark side and try to bring change in the society. Society reminds me of something I will come to society point after this right now let me tell you about who try to make a change into society. Two people try to make change one is who genuinely sees the dark side and feel the pain of it and the second one is who face that dark side who go through that dark side they are the one.

Our society reality is shown in the Leila web series download, rare directors do that to bring reality into the front of us through movies and web series. Rare are who show real life on the reel, sometimes the stories get accepted because it has a good spicy drama and romance in it but some stories get flop because the audience can’t handle a deep, dark reality it gets difficult to accept it. After all, we live in a world where lie gets sell easily but selling reality is difficult. You can feel this after the Leila web series download, it’s on you so watch it and decide. 

India is a male dominating country not only male but also politicians have their pressure on the society especially on women’s you will realize this from the Leila web series download. Chill dude, I am not a feminist and I don’t want to be what just I want is equality and nothing else. Take a breath I am not here to do a debut on male and female, I believe everyone has their thoughts and opinion because of their experiences.

But let’s talk about a women’s, did you think in this century they are safe? Do you think they have the right to do what they want? Do you think they are Independent? If anyone of the question-answer is No than think on it why? In the future, this will change or remain the same or it will change for that Leila web series download you will find the truth.

Do you know from the birth of women’s, their every breath is control. Her own family controls her every step she took in life, no matter she is interested in cooking or not from childhood she does work in the kitchen she start learning. Deciding that she will take education or not is also decided by her family, dude there are still some families who don’t like to educate women.

Okay if she gets educated but she should not do the job because her age is off getting married and after marriage, her whole life is control by her husband where she works as a servant and forgets about herself. I know sounds creepy and of course so many negative thoughts but dude that’s the reality. Women are still kept in restrictions.

Reality has shown In Leila web series download

Image – Leila web series download

How they keep women’s restrictions you will get to know that in Leila web series download, yes series is based on the future but as I said the dark side is revealed. Unbelievable right??? Yes even I was in shock while watching this web series felt like what the hell is this but as I said it’s difficult to accept reality. I agree it was difficult to handle it for me while watching the Leila web series download. 

There are other realities too which are easy to accept but this was hard. Cast system and religion issues are also showcased in this web series, as we know there is a huge dispute between Hindu and Muslim in India. OH!!! I forget to mention one thing of the women that is love marriage is not allowed for her, I don’t know why families in India still have problems with love marriage not only our families but some politicians have issues with lovers too. You know that politicians very well no need to mention.

In India religions and cast, systems are still important in our society and of course, they expect us to marry someone from our cast and religions. If in case our families agree with our marriage but the society just torcher us badly and there is always a group who disagree with different religious marriages and they create a problem you will get to know this in the Leila web series download. 

The story is not real it is imaginary but tries to show reality which we have to notice and try to change it from now like our negative side of the future is shown that is Fresh air, which is bad air in the future. We wear a mask to stay away from COVID 19 but in the future, we will wear it to stay away from impure air.

If you are poor in the future you have to face this problem because in future rich people can afford fresh air. I remember the video I have sawn long back where a family uses an oxygen mask and the women in the family ask children’s to use oxygen wisely because it is expensive and she also says I have to order oxygen now, and there is a window where two-three plants also need oxygen to be alive.

Don’t worry this is not shown in the Leila web series download this is what I remember when I watch air problems. The pure air problem scene makes me think of planting trees from now just to secure our future, Plants are going to save us and no one else. Another next big problem which we are going to face in the future is water, we are going to get a charge for a per packet of water.

Now we are using that water unlimited and of course, it is free for us now, so we are wasting it without thinking of if it will be over. There will be a day we will think of drop we should use it or not so in the Leila web series download you will see a scene where people are getting over each other just to reach towards the wending machine and that wending machine is of water.

Where you have to drop a coin to get one packet of water dude that scene just makes us think of Saving Water from now, save it like money to make our Future safe.

All about Leila web series download

Image – Leila web series download

In the web series till the End, India is not mentioned but the name of the nation is “Aaryavarth”. Leila web series download is directed by Deepa Mehta, Pawan Kumar, and Shankar Raman. In the description, I mean in starting it said that web series is just and imagination don’t take it seriously there is no intention to hurt any religion or cast political system and it also says that it’s all about the future.

But after watching Leila web series download feels like it is not a future thing some of the scenes are based on the present which is a showcase as a future. Just imagine why this is a web series if it was a movie than 101% censor of the movie board never have permitted to launch the movie in the theatre.

If by luck movie was released in the theatre than you know how aggressive and religious people are for sure theatre will turn into the field where only fights happen and chances are people will burn the theatre but smart work Director you created a web series no one can object on it because it is seen by audiences at home and it is launched on the international online platform.

The cast of Leila web series download

Image – Leila web series download

Leila web series download story revolves around one woman and 1-2 male characters. 

The cast of the Leila Web series are mention below, everyone had played an amazing role and have given justice to the role they played in the web series.

  • Huma Qureshi played the character of Shalini
  • Rahul Khanna played the character of Rizwan Chaudhary
  • Neha Mahajan played the character of Pooja
  • Jagjeet Sandhu played the character of Rakesh
  • Anupam Bhattacharya played the character of Mohan
  • Indu Sharma played the character of Mrs.Dixit
  • Arif Zakaria played the character of Guru Ma
  • Seema Biswas played the character of Madhu
  • Prasanna Soni played the character of Ashish
  • Akash Khurana played the character of Mr.Rao
  • Pallavi Batra played the character of Kanika 
  • Leysha Mange played the character of Leila
  • Ashwath Bhatt played the character of Mr.Dixit
  • Sanjay Suri played the character of Joshiji
  • Siddharth played the character of Bhanu

Story of Leila web series download

Image – Leila web series download

Leila is the story of the woman who is the mother of a daughter and she is married to a Muslim guy who is her husband. Just because he was Muslim he was killed swimming pool was just a reason. The swimming pool where the daughter and father were spending happy time and mother was capturing the moments in camera.

After that moment her life was unexpected husband got killed and a daughter whose name is Leila is kidnapped, woman name is Shalini’s mother of Leila her journey of finding her girl is this web series. Shalini means Huma Qureshi is the one who will see always in every scene until the end of the web series.

Apart from her Bhanu is the character played by Siddharth, you will notice him repeatedly in the web series who stay in the opposition party or enemy and do his work silently he is the one from rang de Basanti movie. In that movie, he played the role of Bhagat. As I said earlier Leila is the story of the future 2048.

Where the name of the country is aryavarth in 2048 water is one of the important things shown in the series, where they have shown bitter truth of environmental issues like Rain is not giving pure water there is a rain of impure water where the watercolor is black. Aryavarth is run by Jhoshi we can say he is the king of the nation who is powerful.

Joshi images, posters, videos, and statues are places everywhere. Children in his country don’t watch cartoons like us they watch Jhoshi videos, Children’s moms tell their maids if her children will cry then show them the videos of Joshi. Gandhi’s image is not allowed to keep, the fan of Gandhi has the fear that’s the reason they keep Gandhi photo on one side, and on another side, they keep a photo of Jhoshi so that if any government people come they turn it to Jhoshi Image.

In society, the one who marries keep a relationship or do sex with other cast and religion is considered as impure. The women who do this are considered impure. There are organizations where this type of woman is brought to purify themselves. The aryavarth which is the kingdom of Raavan is a showcase as the kingdom of Ram where they follow the traditional rules and traditions.

I remember Iran, Saudi, and South Korea where the king rules the country and keeps everything in control, the one who keeps everyone according to him according to his thoughts. Everything goes according to a culture where art is considered a waste of time and the one who breaks the rule will get punish or get killed. It’s like an animal farm where humans are there and they are sleeping.

The one who has equal thought is the one who gets respect and they grow. In one of the episodes Shopping, all is shown where no customers have visited for a long time the one who will visit first will get 10% off. The basic needs are not available like water, mountain, and clean air, and roads.

The way the series ended feels like there will be the next season of this series. The whole series is dark there is no romance no humor what you can see is only stress and some reality which makes us rethink some things so do watch this web series. Dude this is the not whole story, for the whole story watch the Leila web series download. 


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