LED TV under 10,000 – Best 5 LED TV under 10,000

LED TV under 10,000 is quite difficult to find out. As the demand for LED TV increased their demand for price also increased. To make your task easier we are here with a helping hand.

We introduce to you the top 5 brands of LED TV under 10,000. In this pandemic situation, when everything came to a standstill, the demand for electronic devices and gadgets peaked.  As there are no theatres and no new film releases, people confined their movie interests to televisions.

Moreover, in this period of e-learning, students also find it necessary to get attached to the educational channels on television. As a result, television manufacturers made a huge profit.

Why LED TV under 10,000?

This is the most suitable range for an average LED TV for a middle-class family. LED TV price starts from 5000. The price increases with the quality, extra features, and with the installed accessories and features. We introduce the best among what is available as LED TV under 10,000.

LED TV under 10,000 – Features

  • LED TV belongs to the class of modern entertainment devices. It uses a large number of light-emitting diodes.
  • These diodes give a clear backlight display making the visuals clear and sharp. LED TV often provides with better viewing angle, i.e. the image will be clear from every angle and from every corner. 
  • Unlike the old television sets, LED TV has proper balance in color saturation thereby giving brighter images.
  • The semiconductors present in LEDs glow when an electric current is passed through and it that way it produces light. LEDs can create a light of any color. The color of the light is decided by the current passed and the material of the conductor.
  • The small size of these LEDs made it possible to design thinner televisions.

Comparison between LEDs and LCDs

Both LEDs and LCDs are developed from the same LCD technology. The major difference is in the source of light. In LED TVs light is generated by Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) whereas the LCDs use Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) to produce light. LED fits easily to any electric circuits. And as there are no filaments in LEDs there is no chance for the television to get heated up quickly.

Benefits of LED TV

Size of the television

Light-emitting diodes are small in size, for the same reason the LED TVs are thinner than what you expect. It is very sleek and thinner when compared to the LCDs which you are familiar with.

Energy consumption

LED TVs are energy efficient and the consumption rate of energy is very less. When compared to LCDs the consumption rate is 25% less.

Image quality and Screen size

The LED TVs are packed compactly with fluorescent backlights. Even when the picture is quite dark, these backlights can provide light thereby making the picture quality high.


The life span of a LED TV is far more than a normal LCD TV. Unlike LCD TVs LED TV doesn’t use mercury. So, it is a wise choice to select LED TVs.


When compared to other television sets, LED TVs are user-friendly and are easy to handle. Best services are available in almost all parts of the country and it is long-lasting.

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000

eAirtec (61cm) HD

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000
Image LED TV under 10,000 from Amazon


  • The screen size of this TV is 61 cm (24 inches).
  • It is a complete HD and is black in color.
  • The product model is of the year 2020 with the model number 24DJ.
  • The product gives a wide-angle display of 178°/160°.
  • It is compiled with A+ zero dot panel, and also has box speaker sound which adds to the superb quality of the sound produced.
  • The IPS panel present on the TV provides a sharper image from every angle.
  • The complete TV set consists of eAirtec LED TV, Mount Bracket, Table Top Stand, User Manual, and a Remote.
  • The Warranty card is issued by the manufacturers for a period of 1 year.
  • It does not support Bluetooth.
  • The remote is handy, with easy operational keys.
  • Buttons on the backside of the television allow remote free operation.
  • The animations used in the TV are smoother and hence reduces the hindrance.
  • Market price: 6,799.

Fortex (80cm) HD

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000
Image LED TV under 10,000 from Amazon


  • The screen size is 80 cm (32 inches).
  • This is also completely HD and is black.
  • It is a 2019 model TV with the code FX32Q01.
  • About the display: it’s viewing angle is 178° and is ultra-luminous.
  • The A+ grade panel provides high-quality Images.
  • The manufacturer of this product is Veira Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufactures.
  • The audio quality is powerful and ear-pleasing with 20W output. 
  • The product set consists of Fortex LED TV, Remote control, Warranty card, Table Top Base Stand, Wall Mount Bracket, Screws, and User Manual.
  • Bluetooth is not supported.
  • It gives good quality pictures with high resolution.
  • It is free from color wash and provides life pictures.
  • Cinema View is available. The picture can be adjusted to fit the screen to give a theatre view.
  • It’s remote is stylish and handy, user friendly, and with quick response tabs.
  • Market price: 8,499

Kevin (80cm) HD 

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000
Image LED TV under 10,000 from Amazon


  • The screen size is 80 cm (32 inches).
  • Consists of 2 HDMI ports for a set-top box and for a gaming console and 2 USB ports.
  • It is of 2018 model with the product code KN10.
  • Manufactured by Beston Sky Vision Pvt. Ltd.
  • Visuals are clear with a resolution of 1366×768.
  • It is provided with a warranty period of 1 year.
  • This product is featured with cinema zoom and eco vision. 
  • The zoom mode or cinema mode allows adjusting the picture to the desired frame.
  • The product set has Kevin LED TV, Wall Mount Bracket, Remote, User Manual, Table Top Stand, Warranty Card.
  • The maximum possible operating distance of the remote is 8 feet.
  • With the best picture quality and high resolution, it gives the ultimate gaming experience. Thereby bringing the virtual world of gaming into your rooms.
  • Market price: 9,899

Dylect (80cm) HD

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000
Image LED TV under 10,000 from Amazon


  • Dylect mainly focuses on the affordability of their products without compromising the quality of the products.
  • This LED TV is manufactured by Dyleet themselves.
  • It is a 2020 model, black HD TV with the code 32IPS304.
  • There are multiple connectivity options enabled in this product. 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for extra speakers.
  • 1-year product warranty is available.
  • The complete set consists of Dyleet LED TV, Remote Control, User Manual, Table Stand, and Warranty Card.
  • The picture quality ranks top with a perfect contrast ratio of 1200:1. It makes the visuals life.
  • Market price: 8,999

Shinco (80cm) HD

Best 5 LED TV under 10,000
Image LED TV under 10,000 from Amazon


  • Manufactured by Videotex International Pvt. Ltd.
  • The screen size is 80cm (32 inches).
  • It is a 2018 model product with the code S03A
  • It consists of 2 USB ports and 1 IVGA port for connecting laptops.
  • The highly organized light control system act as an eye-safe feature. 
  • It has got a resolution of 1366×768p.
  • This high-grade resolution and the A+ grade panel provides a better view for documents and presentations.
  • It is heat resistant up to 45° and is best suitable for India’s climatic patterns.
  • Another extraordinary feature is the USB to USB copying. This feature allows the users to transfer files easily with just a single click on your remote.
  • It is less prone to lightning and voltage variations. This is because Shinco TVs are made of high-quality circuit components.
  • Market price: 9,499

Points to remember when you are about to buy a LED TV under 10,000

Picture Quality or Brightness

LED TV under 10,000

As the LEDs directly convert electricity to light, the brightness level of this television set is found to be very high. For the same reason, it is not that good for the eyes. So, one must be very careful while buying one LED TV.

Never choose the one without an anti-glare coating. The anti-glare coating present in the LED TV can protect your eyes from deep rays of light thereby it helps you to enjoy the visuals without harming yourself.

Contrast Ratio

LED TV under 10,000

When you are searching for LED TV under 10000, make sure that you always buy the one with a high contrast ratio. As you are looking for an average LED TV (below 10000) the chances of getting cheated are quite high. For all those LED TVs above 15,000, the contrast ratio will be pretty high.

The contrast ratio is all about the bright parts and the dim parts on television. LEDs have the capacity to dim the darker parts and give more brightness to the brighter parts. So, the visuals will be sharp, deep, and will be capable of giving a realistic experience. This factor is very low in normal LCD TVs.

Viewing Angle

LED TV under 10,000

While exploring this factor you will understand that LCD TVs stand a bit ahead of LED TVs. As the visuals generated in an LED TV are quite bright, there is a need for anti-glare coating in such televisions so as to protect the eyes. This anti-glare coating acts as a barrier for increasing the viewing angle. As LCDs lack this coating, they could give a large viewing angle.

A+ Grade Panel

LED TV under 10,000

This A+ denotes the standard and quality of the panel. This certification is given to the high-quality panels with the least imperfections. In the general case, this panel will not have any scratches or irregularities in it. It will be a highly finished product. It can improve the quality of the watching experience. This term signifies the display technology.

According to the quality of the panel, they are given A+, A, B, and C grades. A+ is the highest grade given to a panel. You can very well distinguish between the best quality panels and bad quality panels by just observing them. The bad quality panels will often give a faded and dull appearance whereas the high-quality panels will look smooth and polished.

Screen Size and Viewing Distance

LED TV under 10,000

Before buying a LED TV, you must ensure that the screen size is apt for your room. The general tendency of buyers is to buy the product with a maximum screen size within the range affordable for them. If you plan to set up the product in a small room it is advised to buy a 32-inch LED TV.

A 32-inch LED TV requires a minimum viewing distance of 4 feet so as to enjoy the visual to the fullest. Similarly, if the screen size is between 40 to 50, the minimum viewing distance is 7 feet. The viewing distance increases to 9 feet when the screen size increases above 55 inches.

Another criterion for choosing the screen size is related to the number of viewers. If you are buying for a small family it is better you choose the screen size of 32 inches. It is the standard and most preferred screen size for a LED TV.

Sound Quality

LED TV under 10,000

You may be shocked to know that even the most expensive LED TVs lack good quality sound system. As a buyer what you have to do is, go through the specifications properly. Never ever pave your own way to get cheated. Many times buyers just focus on the picture quality.

What happens is, the sound quality will be very poor. The audio will not be clear and will be unpleasing for your ears. Make sure that you buy the right product with good quality speakers, which can soothe your ears. check the sound credibility by ensuring box speaker sound.

If you can ensure all these credentials then you can have the best out of the LED TV under 10,000. It is very easy to choose from a given set of products and at the same time that it is very easy to get cheated too. We suggest you the best out of what is available as LED TV under 10,000. As a source of entertainment, televisions can take you to new realms of imagination. The only thing you have to do is just go with the flow.


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