Efficient LED lighting Brands in India – Top 5 Brands

LED Lighting brands in India always focused on providing a smart, cost-effective, and energy-efficient solution to meet up our challenges in the industry and retail landscapes. Since 2015 Indian government purposely had drawn schemes like UJALA, SLNP to meet the gap between demand and supply of electricity.

We being the fifth largest country for consuming electricity, adoption of LED Lighting not only helped to be energy-efficient lighting solution but lessen the carbon footprints. Earlier these LED lightning brands of India struggled earlier years but took a rapidly growing curve ahead.  

As per the Forecast period (2020-2025), The Indian lighting market is about to grow by 24.3%. And LED lighting brands in India will be whooping in upcoming years. It’s a collaborative effort taken by the Indian government and LED Lighting brands of India which helped consumers transition from traditional CFL to LED Lights.

let’s know about the brands that bring LED Lighting into the mainstream.

LED lighting Brands in India – PHILIPS

LED lighting Brands in India

Philips India Limited is a parent brand of Royal Philips based out in the Netherlands. When it comes to quality and safety we can blindly trust PHILIPS.  This top-notch LED lighting brand in India always focused on sustainable growth.

Thus to make the world better for better life PHILIPS brought a brand called “Signify “which achieves carbon neutrality and a positive impact on the environment.

Philips being the oldest in the led lighting market in India over 127 years, provides various proud brands like PhilipsHue, interact, color kinetics, Modular lighting instrument to enlighten our professional and personal spaces. Let’s see what’s trending in this LED Lighting brand

Hue: Philips Hue is a smart lighting platform. Philips Hue system can be connected with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant, Logitech, and Apple Home Kit, etc.

This wireless connected lighting system makes our homes smarter. We can create the right ambiance to create memorable life moments. It is easy to set up  and brings comfort with limitless possibilities

LED lighting Brands in India – Wi-Fi LED lighting:

Philips smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs have app control so need to give repetitive reminders to your family members to switch on or off lights. We can control this LED light from an app or voice-activated device from amazon and Google.

With timers and schedulers these smart bulbs can wake you up, can automate for surprises for loved ones, soothe you when we back home from work, and such endless possibilities. We can dim the lights from warm to cool and it can shine in millions of colors.

LED lighting Brands in India – Syska

LED lighting Brands in India
Image – LED lighting Brands in India

In the short Pan of two decades, Syska has become the topmost name in LED lighting brands in India. In an attractive ad campaign with late actor Irfan khan, an equation made that Syska means LED.

In June 2013 Syska was launched and now its domestic leader with 700 plus wide varieties of LED products, millions of happy customers, and 15 National awards. But this was no easy task to become a pioneer in LED lighting brands in India.

  Syska not only grabbed the domestic LED markets but given a hand for developing the infrastructure of India.  Syska showed its industrial application potential with work at the railway junction project at Ajmer.

The Mahindra world city project at Jaipur, and Mandap tunnel project. Syska meticulously worked on making energy and cost-efficient LED Lighting brands in India but parallel worked on safety, security by giving ROHS compliance products.

0.5 Watt Bulb:

Remember we used to have Zero watts Bulb in places where lights remain switched on for longer periods. Thought behind using it was that it may consume less electricity but truly a misnomer. So now we can replace zero watt bulb (misnomer) with Syska bulb which consumes a fraction of 1 Watt.

Color Changing Strip Lights:

These strip lights are in trends now. Offer an abundance of colors. When décor and ambiance come into action these strip lights play a major role. We can use it in mirrors, bedrooms, cabinets, kitchen counters, hotel lobbies, lounges, and a lot more of new possibilities.Taken up the spaces where décor ambiance plays a major role. Such lights are generally meant to accentuate existing fixtures such as artifacts. Mirrors, bed rests cabinets, kitchen counters, and more. Syska opens up a world of possibilities!

Candle Bulb:

Syska LED Candle Bulb that is innovated to mimic the candle flame. Use it in chandeliers or decorative artifacts gives an exact charm of candlelight. Whether it’s a romantic candlelight dinner or meditative mood or you want to impress the guest charm of candle bulb is magical.

LED lighting Brands in India – Wipro

LED lighting Brands in India
Image – LED lighting Brands in India

Wipro started as a simple vegetable and refined oil manufacturer. Wipro created a milestone catering over 80000electrical outlets and has become the fastest-growing LED lighting brand in India. In 1992 Wipro broadens its wing of lightning to offer the latest and innovative LED lighting solutions. 

Over 20 years of experience Wipro has a presence everywhere, Wipro was the first to launch a comprehensive LED Lighting range for the consumer and institutional segment in India. Wipro has recognized a need for a next-gen home and brought us Smart lightening solutions with efficient LED lightning on every corner of the path.

Wipro Smart LED:

Wipro #lifebadlosochbadlo campaign asked consumers like us to change our path from traditional lighting solutions to smart lighting which can be controlled from anywhere.

Now we can turn our same home into a theatre like a movie experience, decent working space, or party lounge. This smart LED Bulb can be connected with other lights and can control from an app or voice-activated device like Amazon Alexa.  We can get an expert solution from the Wipro team to make our home comfortable

Wipro Garnet LED BULB:

Garnet Bulb is the best as they provide light distribution in all direction through its innovatively designed Optics. Saves up to 80% energy comes with a lifespan of 10 years. This garnet bulb available in 3W, 7W, 9W, 14W.It was proven to deliver the best light output in the industry.

LED lighting Brands in India – Havells

LED lighting Brands in India
Image – LED lighting Brands in India

Havells India Limited is one of the LED lightning brands which dominate the market. The company had vision of having the exclusive brand showroom in the electrical industry. 

Havells Galaxy was a solution for tit and thus 500 Plus galaxies distribution network formed.  Havells always look forward to having long-term relationships with customers so it’s the first company to offer doorstep service via its initiative ‘Havells Connect’. 

Havells today has a global presence in over 50 plus country, 10,000 stronger dealer network, 40 branch offices, and 13 Manufacturing plants. It is India’s leading FMCG company.

Havells is the biggest contributor to industrial lightning with a vivid spectrum of landscape lighting, spotlights, LED tubes and LED panels, floor panels, downlights, etc. Havells India Limited works on the motto of triple bottom line performance living green ethos, innovating new efficiencies, and customer satisfaction.

Havells Art light:

A wide array of aesthetics of light. Whether we want to have Contemporary, minimalistic, and abstract touch to a home or a Grandeur theme. Havells has an expert solution for all lighting needs. With Mesmerizing designs, exquisite Finish uplift the décor of any room that is placed in.

This array also has a wide range of wall light and trending pendant light . Glass diffuser or plastic diffuser provides glare-free light while for pendant gold-colored or dome shape reflector provide glare-free light. Both can be used for a Drawing room, Hotel lobby, offices small workshop The price range varies from  1000Rs  to 4000Rs.

Havells desk lights:

Havells has a beautifully designed kitty, pluto dog shape, squirrel shape Esquillo desk lamps. And if looking for office use Rzzutto desk light all these have been featured as Eye soft technology for soft glare-free light. easy desk light adjustment, Touch based on the switch, touch sensor to adjust brightness, adjustable lampshade. The price range varies from  Rs. 2000 to 4000 /- available in pink blue and white color.

LED lighting Brands in India – Surya

LED lighting Brands in India
Image – LED lighting Brands in India

Surya Roshni Limited has always appraised as a leading brand in the lighting Industry, IN 1984 Surya came up with a dream of ‘Lighting Every City Every Home’ fulfilling this Surya has come along a long way, and LED Technology has opened up anew frontier The LEDs manufactured by us are energy efficient with extremely lower maintenance cost and comes with the facilitation of a remarkable life span.

Surya technology and innovation center (STIC)  has provided wide range of products  such as Surya LED lamp, LED batten, LED down lighter LED panel light, LED bulb, LED ceiling lights, LED ceiling down lights. Surya has its own manufacturing unit in Uttrakhand and   M.P.  Surya lights build up a trust and preferred brands with various Govt. departments, institutions, and over International market

Surya LED lamps:

When the festive season around us, we all look for colorful but cost-efficient LED lights. Surya LED lamps are at the rescue. These are 0.5w round with 20 lumens with vibrant red, orange, green, blue, milky yellow color bulbs ideal for decorative purposes.

Solar lightning series:

With an amazing design Surya lightning series has rechargeable LED lights with solar panels .an integrated Solar LED stand-alone system comes in a range from 9W to 40W. And the great part is that its eco- friendly useful in industrial application, farm filed, gardens and we don’t have to pay for electricity bills

LED lighting Brands in India – FAQ:

  1. Why to choose LED over others?

    LEDs are energy-efficient and rapidly-growing lighting technologies. LED has zero carbon footprint as it has no mercury or lead filament which is present in earlier lightning. LED has lower energy consumption and produces less heat. It has no UV or IR radiation. LED lighting brands in India making it cost-effective and with the assurance of quality.

  2. What is LED? Where I can use it?

    LED is a light-emitting diode. An electrical current when travels through a microchip, tiny light sources of light get illuminated. the output is into visible light. , the heat produced by LED is absorbed into a heat sink thus increase its performance. LED has a wider application over in the electronic and automotive industries. LED lighting can be used in hospitals, museums, arena, stadium, hotels, workshops taking into consideration safety and décor.

  3. Are LED Lights bright enough?

    Yes LED light bulbs are much brighter than incandescent bulbs of the same watts,  LED bulbs are usually not available in high watts. so when we want to replace traditional lamps with LED lamps, more LED lamps are often needed.so while buying LED Lights always look for Lumens, not watts.

  4. Does LED produce a lot of heat?

    LED Bulb uses a heat sink method to absorb the heat produced by the LED. And squander into the surrounding environment. This increases the lifespan and the performing ratio of LED over others. LED Products have energy star which makes sure that heat is managed properly and light output maintained throughout.

  5. How long do LEDs last?

    Incandescent light bulbs usually have a lifespan of 1,000 hours while LED light bulb has a longer life span of 100,000 hours which is said to be that once installed don’t have to look up for at least 20-22 years. When LED gets older they tend to become dim and fade not alike in traditional lightning which causes blinking.

  6. Which are top LED lightning brands in India?

    Brands Like Syska, Philips, Wipro, Bajaj, Surya, Havelles are the most known brand with quality, durability and a wide spectrum of different LED Lighting, Promises energy-efficient LED Light cost-effectively.

LED lighting Brands in IndiaFuture of LED Lighting brand in India:

Along with the above-mentioned top LED lightning brands in India, there are other brands in competition as well such as Osram, Moser bear, MIC, Instapower,  LED Lighting brands in India has a tremendous opportunity as we are progressing for modern infrastructure.

Along with Government policies and schemes, state governments are also encouraged to use energy-efficient lighting solutions.  Projects like   SLNP   increased demand for LED lighting Brands in India. As per the ELCOMA Indian LED lighting market is expected to grow to Rs 261 billion by 2020. But still, there are challenges to be faced.

The biggest challenge that all are we facing is due to pandemic. It affected the growth rate of LED lighting brands in India. Still there other factors like unauthorized production, cheap imports of poor quality, lack of awareness among consumers, and dependency on LED chips and microchips. The LED lighting market is going to boom in the upcoming years. But these top brands need successful resolution and support of consumers and government.

So in short LED lighting Brands in India are making effort to be # aatmanirbhar i.e. Self-sufficient focusing on local production to propel the Make in India initiative, productivity, and performance. What as Indian we can do is just buy from trusted LED Lightning brands in India and replace every space of light with LED.


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