Learn The Truth About Web Store In The Next 60 Seconds

Learn The Truth About Web Store In The Next 60 Seconds

The Google Play stores have been a successful and popular application made by Google for a huge variety of free as well as paid apps that are used on Android as well as Mac operating systems. After this successful attempt, Google also attempted to bring this play store for the windows. This came to be known as the web store.

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Web store aka. Chrome Web Store is an online store that has thousands of web applications that can be used on other Google platforms mostly on Chrome. It was released on December 6, 2010.

The user experience, as well as the design, were given by Fi. Here, many app developers contributed various free as well as paid applications. It also gives freedom of language in which the developers can design an app. The applications in the web stores are written mostly in Javascript, HTML, CSS and Google app script.

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But last year, Google announced that they are going to shut the chrome web store from windows for the Linux and MAC versions of chrome. After this statement, the “app” button on the chrome web store was no longer available for these versions hence forbidding people from downloading the web apps from the store.

Though the previously installed apps can still work on the pc, their functionality will be finally removed in 2018.

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The main reason that was given for closing the Web Store is the unpopularity of the apps in the store. Google explains that only 1% of the users use the web Store apps.

All the apps in the web stores were desktop-only apps which will Now exist as Chrome OS only features. Even though Google promises that the extensions on the desktops are not going anywhere. All Chrome Apps are now listed as Chrome extensions and can still be installed on the desktop by a direct link.

We have also discovered that Google is working on another project related to progressive web apps PWAs. They are trying to build an application hub in which the users can use the web apps on the desktop with many additional features.

Following are the key features of this new project of progressive web apps:

  1. We are going to be app-like features that the user can use on the desktop.
  2. They will have an app icon that would be available and can be installed.
  3. It will have a full-screen interface come on push notifications and all other offline facilities.

Following are some of the best applications in Google Web Store:

  • VLC Media Player for Chrome OS is one of the most popular video players that is easy to use and can open almost all types of media files from MP3 to MKV. It also has many special features like subtitle support and a huge Media Library.

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  • Cloud9 is another application that is an online cloud programming platform that gives the user an Ubuntu workspace. It is very popular among amateur programmers as it provides over 40 different programming languages.
  • Draw.io for desktop is a free app that is a must-go if you want to design or draw. With various tools and different shapes, this app is easy to handle and user-friendly and has additional features that support more advanced diagrams.

Learn The Truth About Web Store In The Next 60 Seconds

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  • Stay Focused is a very productive app for people who have a lack of concentration. This app is the best way to manage your time and helps people to stay focused by blocking access to certain sites.


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