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KGF FULL MOVIE HINDI : a superb movie

KGF full movie hindi: don’t miss it! 

Liked Bahubali? If yes then here is another superb KGF full movie Hindi. Get a KGF movie download. The fabulous movie should not be missed at all. If you understand Kannada you may watch in Kannada but if you don’t know that language then no need to worry the movie is also available in other languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

The movie KGF has an engaging Storytelling. Yash has played the role of Rocky quite well and is seen getting into the skin of his role. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. His dialogue and fights are worth appreciating and set fire to the screen. You may find this as one of his best performances to date. Shreenidhi’s presence in the film is not much felt.

The role of junior Rocky played by a child is worth watching. You will get to see many new villains in the film who presented themselves very well, especially the one enacted by Garuda. In a nutshell, we can say that the whole cast of the movie is good. It is well said that the movie is the crown of all Kannada movies. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

KGF FULL MOVIE HINDI: All about producers, directors, and editors 


The movie is directed by Prashanth Neel. Vijay Kiragandur is the producer of the film. The dialogues of the film KGF are written by Prashanth Neel, Chandramouli M, and Vinay Shivangi. Anant Nag narrates the movie. The movie is edited by Srikanth. Hombale films are the production company.

The screenplay of the film is by Prashanth Neel. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. The story of the movie is also by him only. The music of the film is by Ravi Basrur. Cinematography is looked after by Bhuvan Gowda.the movie was released on 20 December 2018 in the United States and Canada. Whereas in India the movie was released one day after that is on 21 December 2018.

The 155 minutes long movie had a budget of Rs 50-80 crore. Further, the movie grossed Rs 243- 250 crore in the box office. Get a KGF movie download. The Kannada movie was distributed by KRG studios. Further, the Hindi version was distributed by Excel Entertainment and AA Films.

So watch KGF full movie Hindi. The Tamil version of the film was distributed by Vishal Film Factory. The Telugu version of the movie was distributed by Vaaraahi Chalana Chitran. Lastly, the Global United media distributed the movie in the Malayalam language. 

KGF FULL MOVIE HINDI: Storyline of the movie


After Bahubali this is the second movie on which you can’t make out any fault. The story of kgf revolves around the gangster named Rocky. During his childhood days, he was very close to his mother. But his mother suffering from a disease could not get proper treatment due to poor financial conditions.

As a result, she dies. But when she dies she asks his son to make a promise that he will become the richest person in the world and then only die. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. After that Rocky decides to capture the whole world in his fist. Owing to his dreams, he came to Mumbai.

To become popular he throws a bottle on a lazy policeman. He comes in sight of Mumbai’s Don Shetty and he employs Rocky under him. Then the whole of Mumbai becomes afraid of Rocky and all the work is done according to Rocky. Get a KGF movie download.

Further, Shetty also feels jealous of Rocky. Then Rocky is called to Bangalore for a secret mission. The secret mission is to kill Garuna. He takes many poor people forcefully to the gold mines and makes them dig the ground. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

In Banglore, Rocky meets Heena who is the daughter of the home minister. Rocky wins her heart by smashing all her ego. Then Rocky comes to know that Reena’s father is also involved to kill Garuna. Rocky decides to kill Garuna and plans to go to kgf. Get a KGF movie download. Disguising a poor man he goes to KGF. In KGF he plans to go to Garuna’s House.

First of all, he kills all the guards of KGF. He inspired all the poor workers. Thousands of workers join hands with Rocky and for the first time, the opposition in KGF is felt. Garuna does kali maa puja and decides to kill 3 people as an offering. He kills 2 people but the third person is none other than Rocky. Then comes the biggest twist of the film.

So watch KGF full movie Hindi.  Garuna’s own real brother wants to kill Garuna and helps Rocky to do so. Will Rocky be able to kill Garuna or Garuna will identify Rocky and kill him? Well most importantly will Rocky be the new owner of KGF? Will he be able to fulfill his wishes? Get a KGF movie download. 



Most of the time Indians complain that in Bollywood no film is as good as that of Hollywood. But the KGF is one such movie that will not disappoint you in any case. So watch KGF full movie hindi. The kannada industry movie KGF will remind you of another superb movie Bahubali.

The movie has made many records in the box office and has made the Indian cinema proud. Though KGF is a South movie but still it has many good songs. In chapter 1 we saw an emotional storyline accompanied by powerful action. It focused on the bond between the mother and her son. Get a KGF movie download. 

 Though the movie is a gangster movie the human emotions proved to be the x-factor. Though the movie was fictional, the way the movie was presented was so good that all the viewers related deeply to the characters and thought them as real. KGF is an acronym for Kolar goldfield where gold mining is done. 

The message of the movie was simple. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. It says that even if you have huge power and a huge amount of money, all is wasted if you don’t have support from people. So first earn people’s hearts, then you will get other things on its own. Finally, after a year, the second part of KGF will release in 2020. Get a KGF movie download. 

Looking at Yash’s character will surely increase your level of excitement for the film. In the first part, we saw how Rocky reaches KGF and in the second part, we will see how he uses his power and money. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. The villain in the second part will be played by Sanjay Dutt. He will play the role of Adheera.

There are rumors that Raveena Tandon will also be a part of the film playing the role of Indira Gandhi.she has to use law and order to get rid of the power of Rocky. There are rumors that the character of Rocky is inspired by a real-life person named Thangam. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

KGF MOVIE DOWNLOAD: A bit about production and release


The movie has a set of between the production, the sets were damaged by heavy rain. Till June 2017 half of the production was complete. The sets were rebuilt and production continued. The movie is released in five languages. Further, for the role of Rocky, Yash grew his beard and hair. Ramya Krishna and Nassar were not part of the film but were falsely reported to be a part of the film.

The teaser of the movie was released on 8th January 2018 which marks Yash’s birthday followed by a trailer on 9 November 2018. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. The movie was also released in some parts of Africa, Hong Kong, and Europe. These areas had their first Kannada film as KGF. Initially, there was news that the movie was released on 18,00 to 2200 screens worldwide.this would have been the widest release for a Kannada film. Get a KGF movie download. 

But later it was reported that the movie was released in 2460 screens but not only in Kannada but also in many other languages. Out of this number 400 screens were devoted to Kannada and Telugu each. 1500 screens portrayed the movie in Hindi and 100 in Tamil. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

Further, 60 screens released the movie in Malayalam. Kgf was the first kannada film to be released in Pakistan and was released on 71 screens in hindi language. 

KGF MOVIE DOWNLOAD: Many awards are won by the movie


KGF is the first Kannada film to cross Rs 250 crore in the Indian box office. The movie has won many awards. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. Let’s talk about the recent one. During film fare awards of south held in 2019, the movie won the title of Best Kannada film as well as the film for the best actor.

The further movie was nominated for best Kannada director, best must Kannada director and best female debut awards. Get a KGF movie download. The movie also won many awards in the 66th national film award ceremony held in 2019 including the category of best special effects and best stunt choreographer. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

Another ceremony of SIIMA awards in 2019 entitled the film with other awards. The movie won the award in various categories including that of best film, best actor, pantaloons style icon male of the year, best director, best supporting actress, best cinematographer, best music, best supporting male actor and best playback male singer.

Not only this the movie was nominated for best debut actress and best actor in a negative role. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. The movie has also won many awards in the Zee Kannada Hemmeya Kannadiga award ceremony in 2019. the list doesn’t end here. The movie also won Karnataka state film awards in many categories which were held in 2018. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. 

KGF MOVIE DOWNLOAD: All about the cast of the movie


The lead role in the film is played by Yash. He plays the role of Rocky Bhai Krishnappa Bhairya.while the young Rocky’s role is well played by Anmol Vijay. Archana Jois played the role of Rocky’s mother named Shanthamma. It was her dream that Rocky should become the wealthiest person in the whole country. Get a KGF movie download.

Srinidhi Shetty plays the role of Reena Desai. The role of Shetty is played by Dinesh Mangaluru. Rocky was asked by Shetty to work under him. The role of Garuda is played by Ramachandra Raju. B. Suresha, T.N. Srinivas Murthy, Lakshmi pathi, Roopa Rayappa all play the role of slaves at KGF. Anant Nag plays the role of Anand Ingalagi while the role of him being a child is played by Ashok Sharma. Ramesh Indira is portrayed as Surya Vardhan.

Vinay Bidappa plays the role of Virat. Lakki Lakshman is portrayed as Rajendra Desai. The role of Kamal is played by Vasishta N. Simha. There are many other featured roles as well. Some of them include Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian, B. S Avinash as Andrews, Balakrishna as Inayat Khalil, and many more. So watch KGF full movie Hindi. IMDb rates the movie as 8.2/10 and 95% of Google users have liked the film. 

The movie has strong acting and powerful visuals. Though the film is packed with lots of action, yet the film proves to be very touching and fresh. Though the movie is fictional yet it manages to appear realistic. You will find amazing music in the film. The movie is an epic and definitely a must-watch.

When the movie was released, people were so happy to watch the movie that they thought the movie to be a true treat for the ending of 2018 and claimed the movie to be the best movie of the year. There are scenes in the movie that manage to give you goosebumps.

If we sum up, the movie has gained its popularity due to its 6 constituents: mother’s story, Yash’s acting, movie is packed with action, unique content, powerful dialogues, music and what not more. So here is the link to watch the movie. 


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