Jio Data Booster Plans 2020 – Latest Plan Price + Increase Daily Data


The Internet is exhausted! Here are Jio data booster plans. 

Well, there is no doubt that the lifestyle which we all are living in always ends up with a shortage of Internet. We always find ourselves short of data at the end of the day.

Those who have WiFi in their homes, it may not be a major issue for them. But let’s not forget, most of us don’t really enjoy that luxurious facility and are bound with our data available in our existing plans. So here comes the role of Data booster plans that fulfill our requirement of extra data. 

Now in this time of COVID pandemic, most of us are restricted to our homes. All students whether school going or coaching going or college going to have their online classes. Many people are working from their homes. So now the Internet has become very important to have our studies and work done. But so much data requirement may not be fulfilled by your existing plan. So we require extra data. 

Reliance Jio is one of the most used networks in India. The prepaid plans offered by Jio are quite good and are affordable. Further, we might be aware of the fact that Jio is a bit economical than Vodafone as well as airtel. Therefore many Vodafone and airtel users have got their numbers ported to the Jio network.

Many plans have been revised according to users’ needs and demands. The rates of 4g data vouchers have also been revised. Earlier these 4g data vouchers were not used by many people. This was because these vouchers did not offer other benefits. But in today’s time, these offer many varied benefits. Most of the plans offer you high-speed data along with SMS and call benefits.

Further few plans are released that provide you a free subscription for Disney + Hotstar. Booster plans of Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, and Rs 101 provide double data as compared to earlier times. 



Being at home and surfing the Internet the whole day exhausts your Internet? Need more Internet lockdown? Then here is the right stop for you. 

Are you using Jio sim and Jio Internet? And are you tense about the Internet that gets exhausted very soon? 

Well, you need not worry here I have a solution through which you can enjoy surfing at your home.

We all know that when we get Jio recharge packs it comes with a daily data limit. And if we exceed that limit then, the speed of the Internet becomes quite slow. And we are unable to watch any video on YouTube or unable to watch our favorite movie or web series.

Recently due to the COVID pandemic, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home itself. This will help in less spread of the disease. Now when we have to work at home then there is more need for data usage. So data booster plans to fulfill your extra requirement of data.

Data booster plans allow Jio subscribers to avail additional data to their monthly existing plans. Jio data booster plans increase your data limits. To make more number of users interested, Reliance Jio has released a number of Jio data booster plans. Some of them also provide free Disney + Hotstar subscriptions

So here are Data Booster Plans to fulfill your need of extra data. 

If you require only a small amount of data then you can get a recharge of Rs. 11 that provides 800 mb of data. But if you require more data than 800 mb then you can choose the plan of 1 gb, 2gb,3gb,and further 6gb at a very reasonable rate. 

If you get a recharge of Rs 51 Jio Data Booster plan then you get 6gb data. Moreover, if you wish to have 12 GB data then you can opt for Rs 101 Jio data booster plan. 

JIO DATA BOOSTER PLANS – What are Data Booster Plans? 


Jio Data Booster Plans are the plans offered by Jio to fulfill your requirement of extra data. The plan offers a wide range of data facilities starting from 800 MB upto 102 GB. This means if you exhausted with your daily data usage you can opt for data booster plans that will provide you extra data. 

The recharge plans start with Rs 11 and extend up to Rs 251.

Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, Rs 101, Rs 251 are all the plans from which you have to choose according to your data requirements. 

First you have to select the required plan and then you have to recharge. 

Let us see what all plans are included in data booster plans:

Rs 11800 mb
Rs 212 GB
Rs 516 GB
Rs 10112 GB

All these plans listed above are valid existing plans. So why to wait. Get your required Jio data booster plans and have happy surfing. 

The existing data booster plans as mentioned above range from Rs 11 to Rs 101.Rs 11 Jio data booster plan gets you 800 MB of high-speed data. Further Rs 21 data booster plans get you 2 GB of high-speed data. Rs 51 Jio Data Booster plans to get you 6gb high-speed data. Rs 101 Jio booster plans offer you 12 GB data. 

What if you need extra data for completion of your work which you are doing at home in the period of lockdown. 

Well, Jio has a separate scheme for that. Jio offers work from home plans which offer upto 102 GB. 


Well, all the above-listed data booster plans of Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, and Rs 101 are valid according to your existing plan. Further, we will ensure that the Jio data booster plan of Rs 251 is valid for 30 days. The pack provides 50 GB data. 

JIO DATA BOOSTER PLANS: how to get data booster plans? 


So most importantly how to get Jio data booster plans? 

Well, you can get data booster plans at the count of a few seconds sitting at your homes. You can get data booster plans using the Jio application of My Jio app. Further, you can open the website Jio. Com to get Jio data booster plans. Moreover, you can get Jio data booster plans from any recharge portal including Paytm, free charge, and amazon

Let us see how you do your required data booster plans from the Jio website Jio. Com. 

First visit the website. The link is provided below. 

Then you will see a plans tab on the homepage. From those plans select your required Jio data booster plans. Then enter your Jio number in which you wish to get that Jio data booster plan. Then you will get a payment option. Make a payment with your own comfortable mode. 


We talked earlier about four new Jio data booster plans released this year. So now let us talk about those special data booster plans. 

PricevalidityData Booster  pack
Rs 612Existing plan72 GB
Rs 1004120 days200 GB
Rs 1206180 days240 GB
Rs 1208240 days240 GB

So here is good news for all those who wish to have a disney+ Hotstar subscription also. This data booster plans not only to offer high-speed data but also to provide Disney+hotstar subscription accompanied free with it. The validity of all these four Jio data booster plans is according to the validity of your existing plan.

The above mentioned first data booster plans of Rs 612 is provided with 6000 minutes talk time to non-Jio networks along with 72 GB of high-speed data. Rs 1004 Jio data booster plans provide you 200 GB data for 120 days. Rs 1206 Jio booster plans provide you 240 GB of high-speed data for 180 days. Rs 1208 data booster plans provide you 240 GB high-speed data for 240 days. 



Jio Data Booster Plans not only provide you high speed data but also free minutes. Let us see various data booster plans providing free minutes as well. The extra minutes provided in data booster plans will add to your existing plan. 

  • Rs 11 data booster plans provide 75 minutes to non-Jio. 
  • Rs 21 Jio data booster plans provide 200 minutes Jio to non-Jio users. 
  • Rs 51 jio Data Booster plans provides 500 minutes 
  • Rs 101 data booster plans provide 1000 minutes Jio to non-Jio 

Now let’s see the validity of all Jio Jio data booster plans:

DataJio plan
Rs 15130 GB
Rs 20140 GB
Rs 25150 GB

All the above-listed Jio data booster plans are for work from home users. All three Jio data booster plans are valid for 30 days. 

The data booster plans listed above are priced as Rs 151, Rs 201, and Rs 251. The Rs 151 data booster plans provide 20 GB high-speed data for 30 days. Rs 201 Jio data booster plans provide 40 GB high-speed data for 30 days. Rs 251 data booster plans provide 50gb data for 30 days.

Okay, so this Rs 251 Jio data booster plan was first included in cricket plans earlier but now is part of work from home plans. There is one more advantage of these three data booster plans. They will prove your SMS and calls benefits as well. So why to wait. Enjoy any of these data booster plans. 

Now the question comes how can we use the Jio data booster plans? Well, it is very simple. Suppose you have your existing plan in which you can use 1.5 GB per day. But now you have exhausted that 1. 5 GB.

So if you have applied for data booster plans, once you will finish your 1.5gb the Jio data booster plans will get activated automatically. So you can enjoy your high-speed data even after your daily usage of the internet gets exhausted in your existing plan. 

Now another question that comes to our mind is that can we track our data usage in Jio data booster plans?

Well, the answer is yes. You can easily do so by downloading My Jio application. You may get the required information about your balance in Jio data booster plans through SMS or IVR. Now how can you do this? 

Just give a missed call on 1299 from your Jio number to get information about the balance of Jio data booster plans. Further, you can also dial 1991 from your Jio number and you will get an SMS about your current balance. 

Note about Rs 251 jio data booster plans:

Rs 251 pack is now a part of work from home plans and not a part of Jio data booster plans. Further, Jio has released new four-packs that will have an extra feature. Well, those plans will provide you free access to  disney+hotstar. 

Work from home Jio data booster plans have 30 days validity.

  • So what are frequently asked questions about Jio data booster plans? 
  • What are actually Jio data booster plans? 

Jio Data booster plans are actually the plans offered to Jio users that provide extra data other than their existing plans. Jio data booster plans have the same validity as your existing plan. The Jio data booster plans allow usage of high-speed data once your daily data usage is exhausted. The Jio data booster plans are availing Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51, Rs 101, and Rs 251. 


  1. What is the validity of Jio data booster plans? 

    Jio Data booster plans have the same validity as that of your existing plan. 

  2. How can I get Jio data booster plans? 

    You can get Jio data booster plans by My Jio app or Jio. Com. You will find an option for a 4gb data voucher. You need to click on that and get done your recharge by any comfortable mode of payment. 

  3. What is the meaning of add on pack? 

    Jio Data booster plans act as add on packs. Meaning that they increase your data limit that you are provided in your monthly existing plan. 

  4. What do you mean by data booster?

    Data booster means that you will be provided with extra data in addition to your daily data limit provided by your existing plan. These Jio data booster plans work only with your existing Jio plan. 

  5. What is the data limit of Rs 51 jio Data booster plans?

    Rs 51 jio Data Booster plans provide you 3 GB data. The Jio data booster plans will be activated only when you exhaust your daily data limit in your existing Jio plan.


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