15 Indo Western Outfit Ideas For Women To Look Stunning

Indo Western Outfit

We often witness our parents and grandparents bid us wear the only traditional outfit to any function. On the contrary, we all have those friends and cousins who always insist on western wear. Be it a wedding function, cocktail party or a casual day outing wearing a traditional Indian outfit makes you look-alike the other girls in the crowd. Similarly, wearing complete western wear does its job. This is the situation where indo western outfit comes to help you out.

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

A glance at how Indo western outfit came into the picture?

Before the 60s era, Indian fashion and western fashion were two totally different fashion worlds. Just like many other social characteristics their clothing style was also poled apart. But in the early 60s and 70s, the story changed. The heap of ice between Indian and western fashion started melting.

Indian fashion was observing the influence of the western fashion world on it. Parallelly, western fashion was also absorbing the gems of Indian fashion. As time was passing the amalgamation of these two fashion was increasing. This amalgamation continues and in the 80s and 90sit  resulted in all women’s favorite indo western outfit.

A glimpse of Indian clothing for  today’s women

Saree comes in the topmost position when we make a list of traditional Indian clothing for women. despite all social, cultural, geographical diversity almost 9 out of 10 Indian women and teenager loves wearing saree. Apart from saree some other outfits that lead Indian fashion currently are Kurti, salwar -kameez, lehenga -choli, churidar- kurta, etc.

A glimpse of western clothing for  today’s women

Apparels come in western wears’ top list for current generation’s women and teens are pretty simple to carry. The list includes tops, skirts, jins, dresses, gowns, etc. There are some more outfits on this list. We will come to know about them while going through the jeal of this post indo western outfit.

How to style different Indo western outfits?

Now, we have reached the most fascinating part of this article. Here are some tips for you to help you out regarding how u can style different Indo western outfit !!

1. INDO WESTERN OUTFIT – Lehenga gowns- the romance of Indian style and western glamour

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

Who doesn’t want people to turn around to have a glance of her outfit!! Well, a different approach to the customization of your outfit can do this for you. One of the cast out approaches you can go for is a lehenga gown. This indo western outfit is a coalition of a blouse with a lehenga. From an Indian perspective, a blouse stitched to the lehenga creates a lehenga gown. It is in great demand among women and teens as an Indo western outfit.

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2. INDO WESTERN OUTFITLong Kurti with front buttons

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

When we are talking about Indian clothing, it is impossible that we don’t consider Kurti. Because Kurti is a statement piece of Indian apparel. From small or big functions to everyday wear Kurti is in vogue. And among all sorts of Kurtis, the long Kurtis are the most loved ones.  Long Kurti with front buttons is the versatile one. It’s versatile because with the buttons close you can wear it as classic Indian wear. And the same you can wear as a western outfit i.e. a jacket with the buttons open. No wonder why this Kurti will fetch compliments on your fashion sense however you style it.

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3. Long Kurti with skirt- pro stylish look.

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

If we can take the best tip from Bollywood on something, it’s fashion. And the best tips we can get about fashion are about indo western outfits. Because it’s a realistic style that we all can experiment with. Such a beautiful style is my long Kurti with a skirt. Take a long Kurti, wear it above a western skirt. Or you will get them readily available online.

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4. Kurti on a palazzo – a go pro look for a formal day

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

Are got bored of wearing the same type of clothes again and again at the workplace?? Well, u can try some outfit with the vibes of Indian with the touch of western. Take one nice formal Kurti and pair that up with a palazzo. The Kurti can be long or short depending on your preference. With minimum accessories, this combo will give you a fresh breathtaking feeling.

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5. Saree gown-  a symbol of Indian tradition with a western twist

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

Saree is the most conventional  traditional outfit of Indian women in the long run. Almost 9 out of 10 Indian women or teen loves saree be it any occasion. Though draping a saree differs from place to place since India is a diverse country. But Indian women love draping their saree in a conventional Indian way. Well, that’s pretty good.

But do you want to try something different?? And if you want to bring some punch to your saree then saree gown is perfect for you. Saree gown is a fusion of Indian saree and western gown. Moreover, it is also a great invention for women to find it difficult to drape a saree. A saree gown is very stylish, trendy and convenient to wear.

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6. Western gown with desi ruffles

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

In the 70’s and 80’s ruffle was  Bollywood’s eye candy. Then gradually ruffle lost its influence on fashion. But now ruffle is back in fashion. Ruffles are amazing add-ons for many outfits. Adding ruffles on a gown simply enhances the beauty of a gown. The  Bollywood and Hollywood actresses never fail to amaze their spectators with ruffle gown. So if you are thinking hard about what to wear at your next party just go for a ruffled gown. This amazing indo western outfit is readily available online.

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7. Dhoti pant and top- keep it simple yet stylish

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

Although at one-time dhoti was an article of traditional Indian clothing for men. But now it has become apparel for modern Indian women termed as Dhoti Pants. Men’s dhoti is an unstitched piece of cloth, whereas dhoti pants are a stitched ready-to-wear attire for women. Dhoti pants are very comfortable to wear, especially in the summertime.

Dhoti pants of any length are readily available online. They can be just above the ankle or just below the knee or of other lengths as well. Pair a dhoti pant with a beautiful top to complete the Indo western outfit look.

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8. Dhoti saree- When you know your root and your style

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

We already know what a dhoti pant is. We have one more option in Indo western collection which is a dhoti saree. It looks like half portion of a saree is stitched to a dhoti pant. This attire is also a ready-to-wear saree for the women who are not perfect in draping a saree. Although a dhoti saree is more inclined to Indian attire. But it’s an Indo western outfit because dhoti pant has a western touch.

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9. Lehenga with a shirt or crop top- rock the look

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

There is hardly any woman or a teenage girl who doesn’t like lehenga!!

Be it any part, Indian women love wearing lehenga. Even western women love it too.

Generally, traditional Indian lehenga comes along with choli and dupatta. These lehenga cholis are heavy for their heavy work. Therefore carrying a lehenga choli is an all-day-long function that becomes difficult.

The easiest and most fashionable way to tackle this problem is to go with an Indo western outfit. Just wear your favorite lehenga with a beautiful shirt or a crop top on top. A simple off-shoulder crop top will work the best with a traditional lehenga. The lehenga and the top themselves complement each other. So you need not take a dupatta along with.

Try this indo western outfit, it will surely leave a long-lasting impression!!

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Some more tips heading towards Indo western outfit.

Apart from doing mix and match between Indian cloth piece and western cloth piece we also have some other tips. With this small detailing, you will achieve a complete Indo western outfit.

10. Accessories

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

These are the add-ons that enhance the essence of an outfit. Accessories create an atmosphere around your outfit. Choosing the right shade and the design of an earring, nose ring, bangles, hairpin, and even ring is very important. It can bring a lot of important contextual elements from an outfit. The accessories should be chosen to take the color combination of your outfit into consideration. Depending on your outfit’s appearance you can choose whether you will go for Indian or western accessories.

11. Add some Desi prints

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

When it comes to adding an elaborate sense of culture to an outfit, desi prints work. . Indian prints on western fabric and design is a bold style statement. Make sure you wear a fancy western dress, for example, a gown, have some desi designs depicting typical Indian style.

12. Colour Combination

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

Even though the structure, designs, embroidery, and mix-and-matching of an outfit are flawless, But a bad color combination can mess up the entire look. When it comes to fashion sense, color combination is one of the most important aspects to be taken into consideration. There should be a color palette for every outfit. You can choose light, dark,  a mixture of both, or a grey, or a nude shade, whatever suits your style the most.

13. Back Design

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

To leave a long-lasting impression, you can customize the designing part in your outfit.  You can implement back design in gowns, lehengas, blouses, and Kurtis as per your style for an Indo western outfit. Zipper blouse, semi-circle back design, sweetheart design, deep neck blouse,  cut out the pattern, teardrop back neck, one-shoulder blouse,off-shoulder blouse and netted back blouse are some of the back designs. Choosing a unique design can turn a lot of heads.

14. Sleeve design

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

At a  party, Who doesn’t want to look different!! What makes the uniqueness more visible and noteworthy is the bold customization and application of design in the simplest outfits. The sober yet exclusive outfit can leave a long-lasting impression. The best way to customize an outfit is the sleeve design. The different designs, embroidery, structure,  alteration on the sleeves are the creative compass of the outfit. Some of the designs one can apply to their outfits are Sleeveless, cap-sleeves, V-sleeves, transparent sleeves, spaghetti straps, moon-sleeves. This is very significant in order to maintain the perfect blend in Indo western out.

15. Neck design

Western Outfit Ideas For Women

This you will admit that the first thing people notice about your dress is the neckline. So, it is more important than the back design or sleeves. By designing a neckline accordingly you can add a lot of Indian essence to a western gown. This will turn the gown into a perfect Indo western outfit.


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