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Hindi movies online watch site is easily available on the web. Bollywood movies are always in huge demand by Indian crowds resided in any part of the world. Work schedules are tight for people to go to the movies. There is a lot of traffic in metropolitan cities as a result of which commuting from one place to another becomes a major task.

As a result of these reasons, many people prefer to watch movies online rather than going to multiplexes. Nowadays online live streaming, daily soaps everything is easily accessible. Recently in the last three years, the Bollywood industry has shifted its focus to online content.

Many production houses have started making movies, short films for online websites like Netflix, prime. Before two to three years there were very few online websites for watching a movie. Because internet speed was not enough for the streaming of the movie, people use to prefer to go movie there to watch a movie or wait till the movie streamed on channels.

Channel providers suffer losses as people have stopped their services and shifted to online websites for watching content. The advantage of streaming movies makes your life really easy by sitting at home in a comfortable place. With your favorite food, you can enjoy whatever movie you want to. There is no charge that you pay for watching a movie online. If you don’t want to watch a movie at the same time you can download it can watch it later.

Services of streaming Hindi movies online

There are many online websites which provide services of streaming Hindi movies online, one has to check what type of picture quality is available on that website. Many websites have ads which are hinderance which watching movie. There are some websites which are paid and some are free. To get premium services on websites purchase a yearly or monthly subscription. Websites like Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, SonyLiv have partially free content available. 

The following are some Hindi movies online streaming websites that are legal.

1. Amazon prime 

Amazon prime

Hindi movies online watch site is not easy to find. There may be a lot of sites showing Bollywood movies but when you try to access them they are either blocked or content viewed on that website is of low quality. Amazon launched Prime Video in India which has one of the biggest collections of Hindi movies and series.

Amazon has also come up with its production, producing many television series, movies, and shows. This is one of the most reliable platforms to watch online Hindi movies. Membership for Prime Video is too much. Two to three years ago viewers used to buy set-top boxes that had a lot of channels included in the package.

New movies released in cinemas will come on local channels after one year. Now mostly many new movies released in multiplexes are available on amazon prime video. This website is one of the best websites recommended for watching online Hindi movies, the only thing needed is good internet speed. There are many deals introduced by mobile carriers where a one-year subscription of the prime video is free.

2. Netflix


Hindi movies online watch sites are many, choosing an appropriate one for needed content is important. Netflix has the biggest viewership base in India. It is available in many different countries of the world, it has a viewership of sixty-nine million over the entire continent.

Netflix offers monthly subscription starting from Rs 200 and going to Rs 799. Now with mobile carriers, Netflix has tied-up for a one-year free subscription. By this service, one year free Netflix is available if your mobile carriers have that offer. Netflix has a combination of both English and Hindi movies. Many newly released Hollywood movies and Hindi movies are available to watch on Netflix.

Smart TVs have a Netflix app in-built, after registering any content on Netflix is accessible. Parental controls are also available on Netflix. Lots of new Hindi movies including some old movies, series are available on Netflix. Buying Netflix for a year can solve your problems related to downloading torrents.

3. Hotstar


Hindi movies online watch site quality differs from site to site. Hotstar is a premium streaming website. Starting from live cricket matches to Indian daily soaps, movies viewed on Hotstar.

Hotstar is free for some content, but for premium versions, one has to pay. Many Indian productions launch their movies and series by casting the best actors and actresses from Bollywood. If you are airtel customer then Hotstar subscription for one year is free. Lots of English movies are also streamed on the Hotstar platform.

Every month they come up with new movies and series on the Hotstar website which gives viewers a lot of options. You don’t need channel providers if you buy Hotstar subscription. There are many channels available on Hotstar websites like Fox News, star plus, HBO original, national geographic, etc. Live streaming of cricket, tennis, football matches is available on Hotstar. Buying this subscription will give lots of content available on just one website. 



Hindi movies online watch site for watching Hindi movies for free is a difficult task. Voot is one of the best platforms for watching online Hindi movies. It offers streaming movies in other languages like kanand, Telugu, Bengali, and English. Its one of the venture of Viacom 18, this platform has a huge collection of Hindi movies for online streaming.

Voot supported on many platforms. Lots of hit movies like Bajirao Mstani, Ghajini are available. The search option on this website is optimum provides on the spot results. Voot is free to use and supported by lots of Advertisements. You can watch lots of Hindi movies for free by just signing up on the website.

Both the latest and old Bollywood movies are available on Voot. Short films, Tv shows, news streamed on Voot. Its accessible from a smartphone, Tab, TV and other devices supporting Voot. There is no payment required for using it.

5. Bigflix


Hindi movies online watch site is no easy task to find. The quality of content is different on all websites. Bigflix is a movie service launched by Reliance Big Entertainment for watching Hindi movies online legally.

This site comes with a free monthly trial, it’s not completely free. There are two options for choosing a plan, one is to pay a monthly subscription fee and watch unlimited videos and movies. The second option is to pay per movie. Thousands of movies are available in several languages streamed on Pcs, laptops, tablets, smartphones simultaneously.

Yearly subscription for Bigflix is rupees five hundred. For ad-free Hd content, there is an extra payment of rupees fifty. If you hardly watch one or two movies a month then you can pay per movie and save the cost of the entire subscription. This can save the cost of buying channels from a local dealer for watching movies.

6. Jio Cinema 

Jio Cinema

Hindi movies online watch sites in India are available, picture quality changes on different websites. Jio Cinema is another free online Hindi movie streaming website. It is one of the most trusted brands in India. if you are a Jio user then this service is free for you. Jio cinema has also launched an app for streaming Hindi movies on phone.

This model of Jio Cinema launched against airtels Xstream is better in terms of finding a lot of Hindi movies in one place. Another benefit of using this platform is it is legal so you don’t have to worry about malicious content which can affect your system.

Jio has just started this service, they are currently planning a lot of new things like providing streaming of Hindi movies through heir broadband device. Jio Cinema supported on multiple platforms is an added advantage. The subscription to Jio cinema is at a reasonable rate. 

7. Sony Liv

 Sony Liv

Hindi movies online watch site in India for watching Hindi movies are mostly paid, to find free websites which are legal is not easy. SonyLiv is an online Hindi movie streaming service by Sony group.

This site has huge content starting from Hindi movies to daily soaps streamed on Sony Tv. The website has a good interface which makes it easy to use. Premium content differentiated from free content one is easy to find. There are many genres like romance, comedy, action, south India defined for content. If you interested in buying subscription then options are the monthly one for Rupees ninety-nine and a yearly subscription is for four hundred ninety-nine.

Shows like The Kapil Sharma show is available for free Sony Liv f, using this website some famous shows are easy to watch as no charge is applicable to watching. This is one of a good option to consider for watching online free Hindi movies.

8. YouTube 


Hindi movies online watch site is a must for any Bollywood fan. Youtube by Google Inc is one of the biggest platforms in the world for music videos.YouTube is one of the first websites developed for streaming music videos online. It became a big hit after its launch.

This platform allows free streaming of Bollywood movies. If you want to watch old classic movies then YouTube is the best website to find that movie and watch. If you are looking to watch free online movies then YouTube is the best option for free online streaming content like movies music videos etc.

YouTube is under the planning of making it’s in house movies and shows released from next year. YouTube is a directory for music videos across the entire globe. Anybody who wants online recognization uses YouTube. Finding free content that is legal is always difficult, YouTube is the best option for that.

9.  Zee5


Hindi movies online watch site is very easy by lots of online resources available. Zee5 is one of the best free platforms for watching online Hindi movies. This is one of the ventures of ZEE TV. It has a huge collection of many Hindi movies which are free.

There are extra charges for premium services, but everything not under the premium label is free to access. Lots of old classics and new blockbusters like Tanu weds Manu, Golmaal is available on Zee 5. If you are looking forward to watching the latest movie for free then this website doesn’t give that privilege.

The website interface design makes easy to find content belonging to any genre. Apart from movies many Tv shows, short films are available on this website. The best part of this website is it provides good streaming even at a low internet connection. Premium plans for Zee 5 starts from INR f49 to INR to INR 999.

10.  Eros Now

Eros Now

Hindi movies online watch site is easy to find, checking of picture quality before watching. Eros Now is a very known name in Bollywood, they have started their online website for streaming not only Hindi movies but also movies in regional languages.

Eros Now doesn’t have much content compared to other online websites like Sony Liv and Hotstar. All the movies produced under Eros Now label are definitely available on this platform. If you interested in watching Hindi movie online Eros now has a limited number of movies online.

Lots of known Tv series like Metro park, smoke are available on Eros Now. Latest Hindi movies like Singham, Dishoom are also available. The interface of the website is really made by defining different genres like romance, drama, horror, comedy which makes it easy to find any content. Fashion Tv is also streamed on Eros Now.

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