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Don’t like street fruit juice? Fruit juice brand in India is available now you can buy your favorite fruit juice in the market. I know there are people out there who love hygiene and that’s the reason they avoid restaurant and street fruit juice. It’s cool to take care of your health because it is most important to be healthy nowadays.

Yes in today’s situation health matters, from children to older people everyone needs to be healthy now. When it comes to healthy food eating what first comes in our mind is diet and of course drinks. It’s important to stay hydrated, yes the water is one of the best ways to hydrate but for more health benefits Juice helps us a lot. And who doesn’t love to drink juice, to be honest, I love it?

If you are the one who loves street and restaurant juice but for you also not possible to get it because everything out is close and it’s risky now to drink fruit juice from restaurants. Got disappointed? Oh!!! Don’t get disappointed because you can drink fruit juice safely at your own home now, there is a Fruit juice brand in India available you can buy it.

Usually, we drink juice in the morning while doing the breakfast or after the meal whatever the intake time is, it is not always possible for you to make a fruit juice at home. It takes time because you have to take fruit peel it, cut it, blend it, and stain it. In the end, you have to wash that juicer, clean your kitchen, and then that blenders which are sometimes difficult to wash.

So much effort just for one glass of fruit juice, you don’t even know the fruits you brought are fresh or not, so it can be an unhealthy drink too. I know there are fruit juice mixers are available in the market which makes your work easy to make fruit juice but you can’t make fruit juice early in the morning and in the night because most of the Indians live with family and we never like to disturb their sleep only for our one glass of fruit juice.

For you, a nice option is to choose the best Fruit juice brand in India, time to drink your juice whenever you want. Now you can drink your juice at the midnight, no one’s sleep will get disturbed and your plan to drink healthy will never flop.

Fruit juice not only helps you with weight loss but it gives you other health benefits too. No doubt fruit juice makes you easy to lose your weight and Fruit juice brand in India is easily there in the market, an effortless diet motivates you to lose weight easily.

You are the one who is slim and fit but wait till you need to stay healthy so don’t think you don’t need fruit juice and there is no use of the Fruit juice brand in India for you, then you are thinking wrong. Now in this situation, you need immunity power too and there are other health benefits of fruit juice you need to know.

Benefits of Fruit Juice brand in India


Here are the reasons why you should drink fruit juice regularly and what are the benefits of drinking fruit juice.

  • You are the one who doesn’t like to eat fruits than fruit juice is the best option for you.
  • One glass a day keeps you away from diseases.
  • Fruit juice is the best detox drink you can drink early in the morning, which helps to flush toxins out from your body. Fruit juice helps you with weight loss.
  • Our body digest liquid easily and fruit juice help in hydration too.
  • Fruit juice keeps you full till the next meal so unwanted craving of junk food gets reduce.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes you get from fruit juice easily.
  • Low risk of obesity, heart disease, kidney problems, and type2 debilities.
  • The skin remains healthy and bright.

The disadvantage of Fruit Juice brand in India


Here is the reason you should avoid consumption of fruit juice, everything in limit is always beneficial to you but the consumption of juice without limitation will harm you. Never replace your meals with only juice because meals are always important. Fruits are sweet so if you are diabetic then it will harm you because sugar is not good for your health.

If you are not diabetic but you are addicted to the fruit juice and consume more than a limit then there are chances you will be soon a diabetic patient, your weight will start increasing, hypertension, and heart disease can occur.

An overdose of fruit juice will lead to health problems, chances are there you will need to visit the dentist too because juice affects your teeth too.

The color of the teeth starts changing and after certain period chances are your mouth will start smelling. Fiber gets lost when fruits are blended, so don’t expect you will get fiber present in fruit when you take it in liquid form.

Tips for buying the best Fruit Juice brand in India 

  • While selecting the best Fruit Juice brand in India don’t trust the name blindly, always check an ingredient list of it though some numerical digits mentions are not always real but take efforts of checking so you will end up buying real 100% fruit juice rather than buying more water and less juice.
  • In most of the fruit juice there is a lot of sugar pour in it rather than a natural sugar is less because less fruit is blended and more water is there in that juice.
  • If you are a beginner in buying pack juice than don’t buy a big pack first, try a small pack first of different brand’s and then compare their taste ingredient and numerical digits in front of the list. Also compare v color, the color of original fruit juice is always dark. Taste the sugar present in the fruit juice because original fruit juice sugar tastes lightly sweet but fake one will taste too sweet. Check how much sugar is present in the juice by turning the pack.
  • Nowadays it has become easy to buy a product because of reviews, just scroll down the reviews and then decide to select the Fruit Juice brand in India. If you find the original one don’t forget to go on-site and share the review so that it will be helpful for others to select their fruit juice brand.
  • After buying the fruit juice, drink it with a side dish because to get complete health benefits, you can eat a bowl of salad or you can eat an apple or any fruit along with it.
  • Look for the fruit juice which has the label of “not from concentrate”, this means the fruit juice you are buying is only of fruit or only natural fruit are pressed or squeezed and no other chemical or ingredient is present in this.

 List of Fruit Juice brand in India

Start your day healthy with fruit juice which boosts your energy and cleanses your digestive system. Fruit juice detox your body and keep you active and fresh the whole day. It helps not only to lose weight but also it helps to keep your skin healthy.

Try different fruit juice to get more health benefits because every fruit has its qualities I mean different fruit juice have different vitamins in it and our body needs every type of vitamins which is not available only in one fruit juice.

So drink all flavor of Fruit Juice brand in India to get health benefits, don’t only depend on fruit juice to improve health it is necessary to eat healthy meals and of course leafy vegetables too. Drinking fruit juice doesn’t mean you are fully hydrated.

Yes, I agree on fruit juice help in hydrating our body but water intake is also important because there are rare chances of getting a replacement of water qualities so don’t forget to drink water.

Here is the List of Fruit Juice brand in India 

Safal Fruit Juice brand in India

Image Credit – Amazon
  • From the finest pulp company produces fruits.
  • Safal Fruit juice is affordable.
  • In India Safal company annual growth is 20-25%.
  • Safal Fruit juice is also good in taste.
  • Safal company have a turnover of more than 111 core.
  • Safal is owned by mother dairy and it was started in 1998.
  • Franchises are also available for Safal, many retailers are present in the market in every city.
  • Safal products are organic.
  • It is an organic Fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice with no added colors.
  • Fruit juice with no added chemical flavors.
  • Fruit juice made with fresh fruits.
  • It is loaded with vitamins and minerals.
  • Don’t have a huge variety in the fruit juice product.

Tropicana Fruit Juice brand in India

Image Credit – Amazon
  • Leading brand in the Indian market and they sold their product in other 63 countries.
  • Tropicana juice is available 14 flavors.
  • Tropicana is owned by Pepsi Co. India.
  • Number one brand in the county means a trusted brand.
  • Fresh fruits are used to make Tropicana fruit juice.
  • Fruit juice contains Original fruit flavor and not a chemical flavor.
  • No fats are contained and no cholesterol.
  • High quality of juice.
  • Fiber present in it is low.

Real Fruit Juice brand in India

Image Credit – Amazon
  • The name of the product itself reveals what it is, yes the Fruit juice products are real.
  • Indian audience trusted brand and hence most of the Indians prefer Real Fruit Juice.
  • Real fruit juice is also one of the leading brands in the Indian market.
  • Real fruit juice has 14 types of fruit juice.
  • Guava juice, Litchi juice, Mosambi juice, Mango Juice, Amla Juice, and there are international flavor juice available Peach, cranberry, grapes, and much more available in the market.
  • Real fruit juice contains real fruits.
  • Real Fruit juice contains natural fruit color and not an artificial Color.
  • Real Fruit juice has the real taste of the fruit and not an artificial flavor is added in it.
  • Real Fruit juice is for children and adults too.
  • High-quality product.
  • Vitamins and minerals present in it are less.

Patanjali Fruit Juice brand in India

Image Credit – Amazon

India’s developing brand is Patanjali or I can say it is a developed brand because Patanjali capture the huge market when it was new. Everyone knows this brand very well and its outlets are in every area of the city and every city is a famous brand. Patanjali is known for its originality and purity because they have their farm.

This is a Swadeshi brand, people got crazy for this brand and no doubt in less time it attracted more target audiences of India and become famous in less time. With beauty products, they provide other products too in which one of the products is Patanjali Fruit Juice.

  • Patanjali fruit juice maintain purity and freshness of the juice.
  • Taste of the Juice is Flawless.
  • 100% organic.
  • A-one quality of fruit juice is provided by Patanjali.
  • No added color and flavor.
  • Some Fruit juice tastes will be not as sweet as you expect.
  • There is less type of fruit juice available as compare to other brands.

Minute Maid Fruit Juice brand in India

Image Credit – Amazon

Coco cola is the leading brand all over the world, who don’t know this brand and I am sure coco-cola is one of the favorite cold drink of yours. Minute Maid is owned by Coco-Cola, they launched this product for the consumers who like fruit juice or healthy drinks.

  • No added colors.
  • No added flavor.
  • The pulp present in it proves that it is a pure and natural product.
  • I loved the small bottles which are easy to carry.
  • 100% fresh and original.
  • The taste is amazing.
  • Less type of fruit juice are available.

Where you will get the best Fruit Juice brand in India

Fruit Juice brand in India is available nearby you, you can buy in shopping malls in the grocery or drink section. D mart, Big Bazaar, Reliance shopping store, and many more. Chances are you will get in the normal grocery shop. You can order pit from online stores like amazon, Nature basket, and Big basket.

Fruit juice brand is also in the online market so you can visit their website for shopping your favorite fruit juice brand in India.


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