Easy and Effective Remedies for Your Hair Growth

Easy and Effective Remedies for Your Hair Growth

Easy and Effective Remedies for Your Hair Growth -The hair is the thinnest but in our body but it does such a big thing in maintaining and showing our health and beauty to others.  It is a determinant factor of the beauty of a person. If our hair looks good and healthier than our beauty Factor will be at the peak value and others will know that we are in healthier condition.  

But if are not in good condition, then it will show us that we are in some health-related issues with maybe at our head or in our body.

So it is the most important part to be maintained to depict ourselves to others. Many people use chemically prepared medicines, shampoos, and lotions. But that will cause hair fall, dandruff, premature greying and some other skin related problems. These kinds of chemically treated samples are very costly too. It will cause a lot of side effects also.

The people who are using that chemical must have to come out of them. We can maintain the health of our hair by using some simple medicines that can be prepared very easily from the vegetables and fruits we are using in our daily life.  This kind of medicine can be prepared in the home does not contain any chemicals. These medicines are also very easy to prepare and easy to use.  That does not cause any side effects to you and it does not cost that much money to you for the preparation.

In this article let’s see about some hair growth tips and Easy and Effective Remedies for Your Hair Growth, the preparation of medicines that can be used for the maintenance of our hair and their advantages.


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It is one of the oldest and effective methods of treating the hair & Easy and Effective Remedies for Your Hair Growth.  This method is followed by other Grandma’s from the ancient days. Also, it is an effective method and you can able to see the result of this Treatment very quickly than the other Treatments.  It is a very much easy method and does not take much time and much work. You have to just apply, wait for some time and then you have to rinse.

This method is followed mainly because The Onion is the most important source of Sulphur.  The Sulphur is naturally found in large quantities in the Onion than others.  This Sulphur boosts Collagen production in the tissues of the scalp. This Collagen is very much the important thing that makes the hair stand at their place strongly. It gives strength to the roots of the hair and so the hair fall gets prevented.

Even though it is a simple method many people do not follow this method continuously, because they think that the application of the Onion extract in the hair may cause some bad smell for a long time even after removing it.  But this is not true.  The smell of the onion extract can be removed from the hair in the first rinse alone.

The procedure is very simple.  First, you have to extract the juice from the Onion either by squeezing it or grinding it.  Secondly, you have to apply that juice in your hair at all places.

Then wait for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse the hair. To remove the smell of Onion from the hair, use mild shampoos during rinsing.  But applying the Coconut hair oil is the most effective one to remove the smell.  If you do this treatment at least twice a week, you will get your excellent and better results.


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This is the next effective and the easy method is using Coconut milk for the Treatment of hair. It also gives you better and then effectively says without any side effects.  This method is very easy and you can see the results of this treatment immediately if you do this continuously for a month.

The procedure is very simple.  Firstly, make Coconut milk.  For the preparation of the Coconut milk, you have to grind Coconut pieces by using a Food processor or any other grinding instruments.

After grinding it extract Coconut milk from it by squeezing it.  Repeat this procedure at least three times to extract the milk from the ground Coconut completely.  To the Coconut milk add the juice of a half lemon and some drops of essential lavender oil.

Mix this completely and apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for four to five hours and then rinse the hair.  Use mild shampoos while rinsing the hair, if you want. If you do this procedure continuously two times a week, you will get better results.


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The treating of hair using the Egg Mask is the famous method and it is used by all people even celebrities too. Everyone knows this method because we see continuously those advertisements about shampoos that contain Egg White.  That shampoos are very costly and it contains some harmful chemicals that cause hair damage. But treating the hair with Egg White is a very simple procedure and it can be done in the home itself.  

One of the main reasons for the hair fall is the insufficient intake of proteins from the food.  We all know that your great is the most important and effective source for the proteins.  Along with the proteins the Egg White also contains Sulphur, Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Phosphorus, and Iodine.

These minerals are very much important for hair growth and Egg Mask Treatment gives effective results. Through this treatment, the hair can able to get all the proteins and minerals directly.

For the preparation of Egg Mask separate the Egg White in a bowl.  In that separated Egg White add one teaspoon of Olive oil and Honey.  You can also use the Grape seeds oil or Lavender oil as a substitute for Olive oil.  Make your thick taste of the mixture by mixing it continuously.

Then apply that directly to the scalp and then leave for 20 minutes. After that, rinse the hair using cold water and mild shampoo to remove the smell of the Egg. If you do this Treatment thrice a week continuously for a month it will give you excellent results.


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