Gifts for expectant mothers India – 14 Best Ideas

Gifts for expectant mothers – A new approach

Sometime or the other we all have faced the dilemma of what to gift an expectant mother, some funny items, or some utility gifts items for the coming baby. All through the year someone or the other from our close and not so close relatives become expectant and to wish them good luck we have to pass through a very critical thinking phase about the most suitable gift for expectant mothers.


Our country as well as the Western world everywhere pregnancy is considered bliss and celebrated with great care during various stages of the childbirth process. Be it the Western world celebration off baby shower our country’s traditional gode bharay both the occasions are celebrated with equal fervor to bless the would-be mother and the baby.

Similarly in our part of the world, the gifts are more of traditional and ritualistic values like clothes jewelry and fruits which are expected to keep the would-be mom cheerful and in the best health. The western world prefers that the gift for an expectant mother be a combination of usable items and cute and funny trinkets for both baby and mother. Either traditional or modern whatever the thought maybe gift for unexpected mother needs to be chosen with utmost caution.

Some gifts can be for the pre-birth phase more specifically things for the mother to use at various phases during the whole physical change process that she has to undergo. Before the birth of the child, a lot of changes in the house have to be made, so also, items for the babies welcoming and use can be another option in a gift for an expectant mother.

The more modern approach is to gift the mother a hamper with all baby utility items. It may include toys, toiletries for baby use, some baby food items, and baby hygiene products. Even soft bedding and pillows are very preferred gifts for the expectant mother.

Catalog – gifts for expectant mothers:

  1. What to expect: when you are expecting ‘ by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel; INR 599
  1. Lillypup’s combo clothing gift set for baby; INR 680 and above.
  1. Fisher price infant to toddler rocker; INR 3999
  1. Baby teething toy set from Giggles; INR 399
  1. Baby blankets and wrappers from the Mom Store; INR 350 and above
  1. New-born’s gifting hamper Pamper-hamper; INR 1799
  1. Baby utility bag from motherly; INR 1499
  1. Mama Earth baby essential hamper kits; INR 999 and above
  1. Zero wear baby sleepwear set from ; INR 360
  1. Johnson’s Baby care collection gift set; INR 308
  1. Complete bath and skin care solutions for new mums set from the mums and Co; INR 1799
  1. Luvlap baby stroller; INR 2700
  1. Himalaya  range of baby skincare products; INR 800
  1. Pregnancy  scrapbook from Mummy&me ; INR 649

Gift for an expectant mother – what to expect when you are expecting 


A special mention has to be made What to Expect When You’re expecting when we are discussing gifts for expectant mother India. It is a complete pregnancy guide book that every mother should read and use it as a handbook.

It is not so popular in India yet but this is a necessary and the must-have item it is a combination of what a doctor would suggest, a dietitian recommends, the nurse would observe, and midwife would have done and the grandmother would have predicted and everything else related that is it is an encyclopedia of dos and don’ts during pregnancy.

A regional language edition of this book would be a blessing for India’s less privileged or low-income group as well as the rural Indian population. This guidebook can be used to educate the rural poor and that would reduce the rate of neonatal death, miscarriages, and malnutrition which are so high in India. It is a God sent guide book to allay the fears and questions that cause n would-be mothers.

Platforms for buying gifts for expectant mothers:


GIFTS FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS INDIA – has voted the best place to purchase gifts for expectant mothers in India. If you need to find a fail-proof gift expectant mothers in India, then rest assured has got you covered. With a detailed catalog divided into several categories, views can browse for the perfect gift item whether it’s hampers, toys, or utility products. covers all aspects of baby care from clothing, skin care, toys, and feeding event catering to the needs of new as well as expecting mothers. With an online chat forum, parenting guides and tutorials, access to health experts, trackers, and thousands of articles on baby care new parents can easily get expert advice on dealing with parenting without being overwhelmed. runs several quality and safety checks honest product to ensure that it is safe for both mother and child. With multiple brands; quality products, multiple payment options, free shipment, and regular gift vouchers and deals, is the go-to website if you are looking to buy gifts for expectant mothers.

GIFTS FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS INDIA – is another website where you can purchase gifts for expectant mothers especially if it’s toys for baby furniture. Fisher has a wide range of toys meant for children of different age groups and combine learning with fun to create a stimulating environment for the babies.

They Are Designed to promote mental growth and abilities. Their range of baby furniture includes Walkers cribs strollers and high chairs some cool gifts for expectant mothers.

GIFTS FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS INDIA – is a website for buying care packages gifts for expecting mothers. They have an extensive catalog mother and child utility hampers ranging from clothing and skincare chew toys and furniture. Make excellent and thoughtful gifts for expectant mothers.

GIFTS FOR EXPECTANT MOTHERS INDIA – is also quite popular for purchasing gifts including care packages and assorted hampers but they have individual items like toys is group, baby bath products, and baby blankets, etc.

Some suggestions – for buying gifts for an expectant mother in India


1. What to Expect When You’re expecting-guide book is a gift item.

2. All gift items should be chosen with extra precautions uneven expiry date checked.

3. All baby skin care products should be free from Harsh chemicals so it is better to good old baby brands.

4. All wearable items should be soft cotton made and washed and detached before the first use.

5.Disinfecting all baby use items is a must.

6. Toys should not have any sharp edges or talking parts or Lead Paints.

7. All gift items should be such that the can be used for baby and mother and are not kept in stock.


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