Engagement dress for Men – 8 Best engagement dress for male Indian

Engagement Dress for Men

We bring you the list of top 8 engagement dress for men to make your special day even better.

Tying the knot with the one you love is surely a lovely feeling. A day of commitment and promise of spending the rest of the life together made to each other. So, it goes without saying, that everything should be perfect. And one of the most important aspects of the ceremony is going to be how you look. Thus, choosing the best of the best is what you should aim for.

While wedding shopping can be enjoyable, fulfilling, and fun, high expectations can also make it a bit tiring and stressful. That is where we step in. Skilfully tailored list of the best engagement dress for men, we hope that your shopping and wedding has smooth sailing.

Without any further ado, let us engage… 

Engagement Dress for Men: Manyavar Mohey

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

The first engagement dress for men has to be from Manyavar. Sorry, I do not make the rules, I just follow them. Manyavar is a big deal amongst ethnic or traditional dresses, both for men and women.

But considering, that a select few brands cater to the demands of the former gender, Manyavar is a go-to for men. Be it for festivals, weddings, friends’ weddings, family weddings, distant cousins’ weddings, you get the drill. It is a huge deal for weddings.

So why not add another special day to your Manyavar wish list – Engagements! Your engagements, your friend’s engagement, your cousin’s engagement…, again you do get the drill.

But there is a downside to all that Bling, it gets a bit too much for the wallet sometimes. That is why we bring to you a blue waist coat that can make any bland shirt go from zero to like a really big number on the number scale.

Made from Terry Rayon fabric in a rich royal blue color, this is what a true ‘blue blood’ would choose. A mandarin collar to highlight your neck (you didn’t work out for anything) and a patterned design printed all over it to make you pop in even the crowds. 

Get this trending waist-length engagement dress at a price of just Rs. 4999. Available in all sizes, from Small (S) to XXL.

Engagement Dress for Men: MANQ

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

How can a man go wrong with MANQ? Till you try finding an answer for this obviously rhetoric question, let us have a look at the engagement dress that we have picked for you.

Weddings are a highly traditional matter, with families coming together and sharing their trust, rituals, and bond with each other. But that might be more of a reason why your engagement also doesn’t have to be traditional.

It is possible that for the more ‘modern’ man, he might not exactly want ethnic wear for exchanging rings with the love of his life. Also, for those who generally tend to have more suited and booted weddings, ethnicity is not the look you want.

Worry not, because this piece brought to you by MANQ is going to be exactly what you need to look at. A single-breasted blazer with two buttons for that extra pizzazz. Fitted to your slim figure, with a no-fuss solid pattern, this blazer is available in a variety of colors.

Muted ones like Grey, Fawn, and Charcoal Brown to ones like Copper Rust, Evening Blue, and Charcoal grey for the more adventurous men. Made with a poly-viscose fabric that doesn’t add any unnecessary weight, making you feel more comfortable, and also adds a matte luster to your engagement look.

A notched collar that folds over the blazer’s front edge and makes you look more impressive and elegant. The eventual V-shaped neckline adds to the machismo and style.

Get this silky stylish engagement dress idea for men within the range of Rs.1949 – Rs. 2199, depending upon the size and the color you choose.

Engagement Dress for Men: Uri and Mackenzie (U&M)

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

Uri and Mackenzie is a Designer clothing line that produces, manufactures, and caters to men. And this is a brand that would be one of the perfect choices for the engagement dress for a men shopping list.

It is said that blue is an evergreen color, and it compliments every skin color that it is placed next to. With such a reputable and distinguished portfolio, what better color to choose for your engagement dress than this. So, we bring to you another gem in blue. 

And if there is something that has for centuries been linked with weddings and traditional events, it is Banarasi. Although it mostly happens to be used by women. But fear not, we believe in equality and therefore present you with the best of both worlds – A Kurta Pyjama set in the shade of navy blue and made with Banarasi Dupion Silk.

The long sleeves add to your classic look and the banded collar adds to the groom’s elegance. Top it off with the maroon colored ethnic jacket that is emblazoned with a seamlessly sewn diamond pattern all over it.

Crafted with the help of skilled tailors and artisans, this engagement dress for men promises to be free from any and all kinds of raw stitched edges and crookedly sewn seams. The color also doesn’t fade away when washed and the fabric is free from any kind of shrinking or crumbling.

Available in a number of sizes, you are bound to find your fit. Get this engagement dress for men at just Rs. 1,999. 

Engagement Dress for Men: Jompers

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

Are you worried about what you should wear for your engagement in the summers? For your comfort and style statement, we have handpicked a simple and stylish set of Jacquard kurta pyjama made by Jompers which is the perfect pair for this weather and for your engagement ceremony.

Jompers, quite a heard name, is a fashion brand that was founded in Delhi in the year 2003. With an aim to deliver trendy, stylish ethnic wear and all of that at very affordable rates, it is now one the most popular fashion brands in India and one of the sure-shot places to buy an engagement dress for men.

Because changing your clothes mid-ceremony is going to create a lot of confusion and that is where Jompers has your back. This kurta pyjama has been manufactured with premium fabrics to give you the maximum comfort and thus allowing you to wear this all day long without compromising your style statement. 

The kurta is made of premium quality fabric and has a mandarin collar with a side button placket in white and is available in a range of bright colors like brick red, grey, brown, and the evergreen royal blue. It comes with plain white color cotton blended pyjama which gives you a perfect ethnic look for a pastel themed engagement party.

Along with adding a subtle-elegance to your look, it is also extremely comfortable and light to wear. Jompers strictly recommend you that the first wash should be dry clean followed by the normal machine washing. 

It is available in number of sizes ranging from S to XXL . this extremely comfy yet stylish looking engagement dress will be available to you at a price of Rs. 1,249.

Engagement Dress for Men: Manyavar Mohey

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

As if we were going to have just one mention of Manyavar. If its tradition we are talking about, Manyavar really knows its work.

Are you looking for the perfect blend of style and elegance? Look no further, this deep red color kurta with a blue jacket with beige color artwork sewn into it is definitely one of the most trusted wedding dresses, our very own Manyavar has got for you.

This is a perfect setting for every special occasion including wedding, engagement parties of family’s or friend and of course for yourself as well. The vibrant color palette adds a unique touch of suave to your look and is an apt choice for traditional occasions. P.S. try this especially during the night, the pop of color is for sure going to make you stand out.

This royal set is made with premium quality jacquard fabric which gives you a glossy and elegant look without compromising with your comfort. It features a textured mandarin collar that highlights your neck with a straight hemline and golden metallic buttons for a dash of style.

The outfit has been embellished with the addition of a floral design on the blue jacket as well as being adorned with an intricate zari work. This looks perfect with white or dark-colored trousers and gives you the perfect eye-catching look on every occasion. This is the perfect choice for someone who has a lot of self-confidence and can carry such a vibrant outlook with quiet self-assurance.

This dress from Manyavar is available in all number of sizes and has a price of Rs. 7,999.

Engagement Dress for Men: Vastramay

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

It is traditional and then there is uber – traditional. Though it may seem a little confusing, it could be easily explained. I mean, what can be more traditional than a Dhoti Kurta set! Again, a rhetoric question is thrown back at you.

Vastramav is a designer shopping line that makes really unique and beautiful pieces at really affordable ranges. So, get your engagement shopping cart full and for that, you also don’t need to completely empty your wallet.

This Kolkata owned boutique has many amazing pieces to choose from, but like our promise to deliver you the best of the best, we have the finest one for you. A readymade kurta and dhoti set made with the material that blends between cotton and silk. The superior quality fabric makes the dress comfortable to wear, a virtue that is very much required from ethnic clothes. 

Engineered to be a good fit for all types of sizes, this set is available in a bunch of color combination so that even the pickiest of shoppers find their perfect choice. From bright yellow to off – white kurtas and from black and light green dhotis. Find out for yourself. Available in all sizes, this medium or regular length kurta pyjama set can be bought within the ranges of Rs. 1599 – Rs. 1649. 

Engagement Dress for Men: Wintage

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

Have the earlier options been a little too traditional for you? Do you need a change of sight? Are you not satisfied with the engagement dress for men’s choices? No worries, because this is bound to satisfy all your engagement shopping cravings. 

With a chic twist to the conventional tuxedo, this Blazer has been sewn in a Nehru style jacket. Made with the rayon material, added with a glossy velvety finish on top, this is one of the perfect choices as an engagement dress for the modern man.

Well, the traditional and ethnic can be kept away for some time for the wedding after all. With seven sieve buttons in total, the inner lining has been stuck to the outer fabric making the jacket sturdier and stouter. For an even more seamless finishing, the two satin linings – inner and outer – have been made to match in color.

  Available in the gorgeous and stunning deep black, blue, and magenta color, get this piece between Rs. 2136 – Rs. 3499, depending upon the sizes and colors. 

Engagement Dress for Men: Ben Martin

Engagement Dress for Men
Image – Engagement dress for Men

Save the best for the last, or for this case, save the trendiest for the last. Well, let us make the hard carved out distinctions between traditional and western a little less distinct. In simple words, let them be dissolved.

This short Men’s kurta is the perfect choice for that. Maybe you have decided to keep the engagement proceedings a little low key? Or maybe you have decided to wear a mix of ethnic and modern? Whatever it be, this can be the answer to all of your questions.

Available in four different colors – maroon, navy blue, white and black. Made with the material that is the blend between cotton and linen to be comfortable as well as elegant and a mandarin collar to make your neck look even more slender.

This full sleeved, fit slim kurta can be bought at just Rs. 589.


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