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Designer Long Kurtis

Why is designer long Kurtis ever so popular?

Kurtis is a type of clothing which have always been in demand and have never lost their popularity. Be it a designer long Kurtis or a short Kurtis, they are really versatile can be paired with almost anything. Moreover, I’m sure many ladies will agree, they’re just so comfortable to wear. And why?

Firstly kurtas can be worn with jeans, pants, palazzos, long skirts, leggings, churidars, etc. Kurtas are also accepted informal events and its length is another bonus point. And the best part? They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You can wear a nice bright color and pair it with a pretty pair of earrings for wedding fictions, any festivals or any other fun events.

And in case of more formal events, you can opt for a crisp solid colored one and pair it with pants or leggings. Women love to dress up in “ethnic” and at the same time kurtas are a common dress code in colleges too. Moreover, during the excessive summer heat, pastel-colored cotton kurtas are a big hit because of the comfort they provide.

Different long kurti designs trending in the market

Time is changing and the market is trying to keep up with the customer needs. Designer long Kurtis has been in the market for a long time and with each passing year, new Kurtis design is being brought to attract a large number of customers. Fashion trends are getting updated and people seek unique pieces that attract attention and are in trend. Here are some long Kurti designs that are widely popular.

1. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Plain kurtas

Plain kurtas

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These are the classic pieces that can be worn both for formal events as well in colleges. They scream elegance and you can almost never go wrong with a solid colored kurta.

2. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – A- line kurtas

A- line kurtas

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This style of kurta is a big hit among teenagers. It’s usually flared from the waist which gives it an A shape and it goes well with almost all body types. They are available in different lengths and prints and be worn in both formal as well as casual events.

3. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Anarkali kurtas

Anarkali kurtas

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These kurtas are widely worn in weddings or any functions and they add height to the silhouette. It definitely gives a festive vibe and are mostly paired with leggings, churidaars and widely flared long skirts. Although these too are available in different lengths, these designer kurtis are usally opted when they are long.

4. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha kurti

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This style is new and refreshing when it comes to Kurtis. In this Kurti, two similar flaps are wrapped one on top of another and are tied using straps or tassels. The straps usually contain colorful beads or any other accessories. These kurtas can be worn as daily wear or on special occasions too. However, they are not usually opted informal events.

5. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Dhoti style kurta

Dhoti style kurta

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This designer long Kurtis is both trendy and comfortable. It’s appreciated among people who have a taste for asymmetrical cuts and unique pieces. And if worn right, they can definitely make a fashion statement. They come in different styled drapes and patterns and the fabric is usually very light so it hugs the feminine curves.

6. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Indo western style kurta

Indo western style kurta

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For people who like to mix a little bit of western and Indian together, this style is definitely for them. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from to make a statement. These types of kurtas go well with denim, pants or palazzos. They can be accessorized accordingly, both with footwear as well as jewelry. They don’t go well with patialas and skirts most of the time.

7. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Long straight kurta

Long straight kurta

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Everyone owns this style for sure. Its versatile, comfortable and makes you look taller? A total win-win situation! They can be dressed up or down and can be worn sleeveless or with long or three-quarter sleeves as well. This style is high on demand and is evergreen. They can opt for daily use in colleges or workplaces or in functions as well.

8. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Colour block kurta

Colour block kurta

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These designer long Kurtis are daring pieces that not everyone might opt for daily wear. But at the same time, one cannot disagree that they are really trendy and bright. This style usually comes in bright bold colors, hence it’s very essential to get the color palette right. They can be paired with any neutral colored bottoms and will definitely turn heads if worn right.

9. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Shirt style kurta

Shirt style kurta

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These kurtas are a perfect example of formal chic. They look smart and are an amazing option for workplaces and formal events. Although nowadays they come in styles which can be worn to casual events as well. Its a fusion of Indian and western and can be paired with bottoms of your choice.

10. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – High low kurta

High low kurta

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This is another style of designer long Kurti that is in high demand. It’s modern and looks fashionable. And these are the type of kurtas that can be worn with jeans, pants, long skirts, palazzos, tights and can be accessorized with different types of jewelry.

11. DESIGNER LONG KURTIS – Kaftan style kurti

Kaftan style kurti

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These kurtas look glamorous and are loose-fitting. They look really good at beach parties, casual events and are very much comfortable in summers. These come in different lengths and are a great maternity outfit option.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are numerous different long Kurti designs like double layered kurtas, overlay kurtas, tulip kurtas, flared kurtas, front slit kurtas, cold shoulder kurtas, etc. You just need to get the ones that suit your body type and you’re ready to rock any event.

Latest DESIGNER LONG KURTIS neck designs for females

Apart from the style and silhouette of a kurta, it’s very essential to choose the correct neckline according to different styles and body types. Designer long kurtas come in different neck designs nowadays and the right neckline can make or break an outfit. Here is the DESIGNER LONG KURTIS neck designs for women that are currently trending.

1. Halter neck

Halter neck

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A halter neck has straps around the neckband it looks both elegant and sexy. These straps can be tied together or are already joined. This style is a great option to show off your toned arms and shoulders and they can be worn both backless or covered backs.

2. Off shoulder design

Off shoulder design

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This neck style is very feminine and is a great way to flaunt your collar-bones and shoulders. They can be paired with beautiful neck-pieces since the neckline is flat.

3. Cold shoulder design

Cold shoulder design

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This style is very much popular nowadays. In this style the neck is high and a small portion of the shoulder remains bare.

4. Boat neck design

Boat neck design

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This neck style is smaller than u cut and makes the shoulders look broader. So people with broad shoulders should avoid this.

5. Sweet heart design

Sweet heart design

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This neck design is in the shape of a heart, hence the name. This design usually suits everyone and it makes the bust area look curvier.

6. Squareneck design

Square neck design

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This is the most common neck line out there. It makes the neck look longer and gives the illusion of a narrow shoulder.

7. V neck design

V neck design

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This design again gibes the appearance of a narrow shoulder, hence giving a slimming effect. The depth can be varied according to the choice of the buyer. This style goes with both smaller and larger bust sizes.

8. Scoop neck design

Scoop neck design

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This neckline is like a deeper U. It looks really feminine and shows a decent amount of skin. Its a great option for people with shorter necks.

9. Keyhole neck design

Keyhole neck design

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This designer long turtleneck design is fashionable and can be used in different styles of kurtas. There is a small hole just below the collar bone and it looks unique.

10. Collar neck design

Collar neck design

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This neck line looks smart and is great to wear at the office and formal events as well as casual events. They are more suitable for people with a heavy upper body area but this neck style can be worn by any body shape.

11. High neck design

High neck design

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This neck style for designer ling kurtis are a great option during the winter. But at the same time nowadays there are wide varieties of fabrics which make it possible to wear during any time of the year. This design looks really smart and can be worn to both formal and casual events.

12. Asymmetric neck design

Asymmetric neck design

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This neck style is a great way to try something unusual and unconventional. It looks unique and trendy and you can get a variety of designer suits with beautiful neck design like buttons, different cuts, embroidery, etc. But styling is way too much may not look the best. It’s important to get the right design according to the bust shape.

Again there are many neck designs that are there apart from the above-mentioned styles which will be present on neck designs for Kurtis chart available online. But one thing is for sure, there are no limits to styling a designer long Kurti. So get the one which complements your body shape and which satisfies your requirements, is comfortable and trendy at the same time.
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