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Comali Tamil movie website

If you looking for Comali Tamil movie download website, Tamil movie then here I proved you with the website where you can download it for free. 

Well, many of us might be lovers of Tamil films. As we all know many Hindi movies are remakes of South movies. Some people find South movies a great force of entertainment. Many Tamil movies have been released this year also.

Some of the famous Tamil movies include Kaithi, Asuraguru, ’96, Comali, Adanga Maru, Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, and many more. Comali is one such Superhit movie released in 2019. So on this page, we will talk more about Comali: it’s cast, plot, reviews, and most importantly where you can watch it for free. 

Let’s talk about the Tamil Superhit movie titled Comali. the movie was released on 15 August 2019. yes, the movie was released on independence day and grossed about Rs 65 crore in the box office. Comali produced by Vels Film International was a Superhit Tamil movie. The director and writer of the movie are Pradeep Ranganathan. The movie is edited by Pradeep E. Raghav. Richard M. Nathan is the cinematographer of the movie:comali. The movie is a comedy-drama and you will definitely enjoy watching it. 

So let us see a few details of the movie. 


The movie is produced by Ishari K. Ganesh. In the 141 minutes movie, you will get to see the following lead roles

  • Jayam Ravi plays the role of Ravi N. Jayam Ravi lost about 20 kgs of weight for his lead role in the movie. 
  • Kajal Aggarwal plays the role of Reethika Mohan
  • Samyuktha Hegde plays the role of Nikitha Krishnamurthy.
  • Nikitha is married to Dr. D Thiyagesh, a role played by Sha Ra. 

Other featured role include that of 

  • Praveena portrayed as Ravi’s mom
  • Audukalam Naren who plays the role of Ravi’s father. 
  • Ravi has a childhood friend named Mani. The role is played by Yogi Babu. 
  • Mani’s wife is Ravi’s sister. Her name is Divya. The role is played by RJ Ananthi. 
  • You will get to see MLA named Dharmraj in the film. The role is played by K. S Ravi Kumar. He has a wife, the role played by Vinodhini Vaidyanathan. 
  • You will see a madras Don named Gaaja. The role is played by Ponnambalam. 
  • Reethika has a friend named Nagaraj. The role is played by Varun who is portrayed as a hacker. 

This was all about the cast of the movie Comali, a Tamil movie that you can download from the website. 


 The movie released its trailer on 3 August 2019. The trailer was launched by Sony Music India. 

If you wish to watch the trailer of the movie, click on the link given below:

Credit – Youtube


Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

The movie was shot in Chennai. The movie has a school-based story hence a special school set was erected for the same. 

Well for all those who want to see the movie in Hindi language and do not wish to see Tamil Movies Dubbed in Hindi, there is good news for all of them.

You will get to see the movie with Arjun Kapoor playing the lead role. The announcement was made by Boney Kapoor. So let’s wait for the remake of the movie which is expected after a few years. Till then let us enjoy the Tamil movie Comali. 


Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

You will definitely like the role played by Ravi. He is portrayed as a 16-year-old boy going to school. On the other hand, he is portrayed as a 32-year-old comatose survivor. 

The first part of the movie is definitely good but you may find the other half a bit diverted to the theme of the movie. You may not like the extra melodrama portrayed in the second part. The chemistry of Ravi and Yogi Babu is worth appreciating. The movie is a cocktail of comedy and emotions. The movie is quite engaging and you will like it from start till the end. So download the Comali Tamil movie from the website. 

Now let us what the story is all about. 


Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

Well, it is a story of a teenage boy named Ravi. The boy is well brought by his family with all the morals acquired by his father. Like we all had a school crush in our times. So did Ravi. Ravi had a crush on a girl named Nikitha. Nikitha is his classmate.

He tries several times to propose to her but fails to do so. One day he decided to propose to her and jolt down all his courage to do so. He decides to propose on 31 December 1999,  but there comes a twist in the movie. There is an entry of a local gangster named Dharmraj. He kills another gangster named Gaaja. Both were rivals. Now Dharmraj is trying to escape and decides to use Nikitha as his shield. But Ravi likes Nikitha and can do anything for her. 

In order to protect her, he himself got hit by a truck and is injured. He is so injured that he is now in a comatose state. What will happen now? Will he gain his consciousness back? Will he lose his memory? Will Nikitha accept his proposal? Will he die? All these questions will be answered once you watch the movie. 

COMALI TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD WEBSITE: Ravi gains consciousness after 16 years

Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

Now what happens is that after 16 years he gains consciousness, by God’s grace. But it’s been 16 years that he has been sleeping and is now unaware of what all happened in the past 16 years. He gets to know that his father is no more. Further his sister is married. But to whom?

To everyone’s surprise, his sister is married to Mani, the closest friend Ravi had. The name of the Doctor who treated him is Dr. Thiyagesh. Is he married too? Yes, Dr. Thiyagesh is also married? But to whom? Again, to everyone’s surprise, he is married to Nikitha. Will Ravi get to know this truth and how will he react for the same. The girl for whom he put his life on stake is now married to someone else and none other than the doctor who saved him. 

Here comes another twist on the movie. Dr. Thiyagesh asks Mani to fulfill the Wishes of Ravi. It was important as he has awakened after sixteen years and this may force him to go into depression. Not only this he informs him that due to this he may die or may kill someone else.. So what wish will Mani fulfill first? 

COMALI TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD WEBSITE: Ravi’s best friend Mani helps him

Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

Mani takes Ravi to the doctor’s home and makes Ravi meet his wife. Ravi is shocked to see Nikitha as the doctor’s wife. Nikitha in order to protect her husband tells Ravi that she did not like her and that day she would have rejected his proposal.

Now Ravi is heartbroken and is very depressed. But Mani is a good friend of his. He decides to lighten up his friend’s mood. He helps Ravi to find a girl on a matrimonial site. Ravi finds one and starts liking her. Now the name of the girl is Rithika. Rithika is his sister’s Friend. Both have a conversation and Rithika also starts having feelings for Ravi. 

They both decide to meet and go on a date. But what happens now? Ravi mistakes the act of Rithika. Rithika was making a pout for a selfie and Ravi thought she gave consent to kiss her. Ravi kisses her. But gets a slap in return from Rithika. This all goes viral through news and media. 

Now, will he ever get Rithika back in his life? Or will he now decide to stay away from girls? Will he look for another girl? 


Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

Now there is a huge debt on Ravi’s sister. Ravi tries to find a job. But remember he has not done his graduation. Before that only he met with an accident. So he got a watchman’s job. But in which company? He gets a job as a watchman in the same company as that of Rithika.

Rithika tells him that she has forgiven her for his innocence. But what he found was a statue in the museum. What’s special about the statue. It’s the same statue that he modified to give to Nikitha. However, the statue is now with the gangster Dharmraj who has become an MLA after 16 years. 

Meanwhile, Ravi uses YouTube as a source to know more about what all happened in the sixteen-year time gap. His number of followers increased with time. And now Ravi decides to prove that it’s his statue and not Dharmraj. He makes a plan for the same. Will he be able to rove that? If yes then how will he prove? To know more about the story what happens next watch Comali, a Tamil movie. Download it from the website. 

COMALI TAMIL MOVIE DOWNLOAD WEBSITE: Ravi devises a plan to get his statue back

Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

So now Ravi uses a button camera that can record all the conversations between him and Dharmraj. But here comes another twist, a drop of sweat falls on it and it is short-circuited. He tries to think of other plans. He is reminded of a group photo taken by Nikitha and asks her for the same.

Unfortunately, her husband had destroyed the photo as well as it’s negative. But still, Ravi is determined to prove that it is his statue. He devises another plan. He decides to steal the statue from Dharmraj’s house and think of replacing it with another one. While he was trying to do so he was caught by Dharmraj’s wife who is pregnant. She tries to tell her husband but slips off and starts having labor pain. 

Now, what will happen? Will she be able to tell her husband? Will Ravi get back his statue? If he gets back then what will he do with it? Most importantly how will he get back his statue? Will humanity help him to achieve his goal or he will walk on a path opposite to humanity. This all will be revealed once you watch the movie. 


Comali Tamil movie website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

The music director of the movie is Hiphop Tamizha. Well, you will get to hear the following songs on the film:

  • Paisa note
  • Yaara comali
  • Oliyum oliyum
  • Hi sonna pothum
  • Nanba nanba

The lyrics of the above-mentioned songs are written by Hip-hop Tamizha along with Pardeep Ranganathan, Gana Kavi, Kabilan Vairamuthu, and many other lyricists. So to hear the songs and watch the movie let us see what we have to do. 

By the following link you will be able to watch the complete movie for free. 


So to know how it ends and how Ravi succeeds following the path of humanity watch the movie Comali online. Download the movie from the website mentioned below: Click here.

The movie is available on Disney + Hotstar for free. So why to wait. Download the Tamil movie Comali from the website mentioned above. 


Comali Tamil movie download website
Image – Comali Tamil movie download website

The Comali movie is a must watch. It shows how humanity plays a significant role in today’s world also when everyone is busy with their own lives fulfilling their own aspirations. The movie is a comedy  and romance based.

You will be engaged throughout the movie with nostalgia and emotions. Comali is a movie that the whole family can watch. And you will find the movie quite funny with all the funny characters included. The movie is quite refreshing and will definitely lighten your mood. 

The movie shows how technology has changed our lives and how tech-savvy we have become. Comali sketches that we all have started living in a virtual world. That’s definitely true. But humanity also goes nowhere in today’s time. Humanity as earlier plays an immense role in everybody’s life. We should not forget to walk on the path of humanity and this is what Comali teaches us all.


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