CCTV camera brands in India – Best CCTV Camera brands available in India 2020

CCTV camera brands in India

CCTV camera brands in India – An Artificial Guard

In this modern world, a lot of CCTV camera brands in India, they produce a stunning product. Nowadays, technology is becoming closer and closer to humans. In such, everyone uses it. From tiny nib to the huge missile, everywhere technology present.

CCTV is one of the greatest inventions of science. It works everywhere. Well, firstly, focus on abbreviation CCTV that is closed-circuit television. another name of it is video surveillance. It is the security guard who never tired. Its eyes like an eagle. Available everywhere all the time. Nowadays CCTV is everywhere for security purposes.

So obviously, the manufacturing plant also available for it. And manufacturing plant run by many other software companies. That is also known by the name of different brands. Different product has a different brand or same product also have different brand. Likewise, CCTV has multiple brands all over the world.

Every brand gives its best to stand in the market, and grow their business. All-time they all compete with each other to sell their product more and more in the market. So, they hired a marketing team to handle all this stuff. Well, nowadays many brands available in the market. Among them few are popular and few are not. But still every brand product available in the market. 

CCTV camera brands in India – Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd  

CCTV camera brands in India

Samsung is one of the popular CCTV camera brands in India. It is a private company. Well, it is South Korea that originated. It produces many electronics like mobile, refrigerator, watches, CCTV, tv, tablets, and many more accessories. It is founded by Lee Byung-Chul on 1 March 1938. It is started with forty employees.

Its website is With the time head of the company started many other services like business, insurance, hospitality, medical, etc. Well, CCTV uses to prevent crime. And Samsung always in the front line for social work. It manufactures bizarre CCTV at a reasonable price. Some of them are 2 megapixels full HD, 360 degrees 2 MP, etc.

It’s multiple products and services attract the local people. Many people in India are keenly familiar with Samsung. Struggle and hard work behind every popularity. Therefore, it is among the top CCTV camera brands in India. Many companies have the same product but everyone has their style to manufacture it. Different styles sell it. So, companies also have many important clients. 

Its major client is Royal Dutch Shell, United Arab Emirates government, and the Ontario government. Royal Dutch, it provides liquefied natural gas storage facility. The United Arab Emirates provides the service in respect of the nuclear power plant. Day by day renewable energy becoming very popular and essential. So, the Ontario government signs a project of solar energy with Samsung. Therefore, day by day it becoming popular.

CCTV camera brands in India – LG Electronics Pvt Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

LG Electronics is one of the popular CCTV camera brands in India. As soon as technology developing, hardware and software companies also establishing. From the ancient world till yet, every item developing. Every day something new launches in the market. Likewise, LG Electronics also comes in the market.

LG Electronics is one of the public companies that manufacture many electronics products. It founded by Koo In-hwoi in October 1958. Its website is Initially, it was known as GoldStar. Its headquarter is in Seoul, South Korea. It is popular all over the world. LG Electronics has many products like television, refrigerator, smartphones, tablet, computers, smartwatches, washing machines, CCTV, etc. 

And its revenue is $ 54.40 billion. Its product brand name is LG. The brand name is very important to growing business. The tag on every product attracts the customer to buy the product of the same company.  All companies use this thing. Sponsorship is a popular terminology in the business world.

Every company wants to sponsor the same well-known sports and show. Likewise, LG Electronics sponsor the Korean Baseball Organization, International cricket council, ICC Award. Because the fan of particular sports will be a follower of the company that sponsors the sports. It is a kind of marketing agenda.

CCTV camera brands in India – Bosch Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

Bosch ltd includes in the list of popular CCTV camera brands in India. It works in any area of production. The company founded by Robert Bosch on 15 November 1886. Its website is It is a private company that headquarters is in Gerlingen Germany. It is popular all over the world.

Its subsidiary’s name is BSH Hausgerate. Its net income is $ 4.1 billion. Bosch also expands its business like other companies. So it has also multiple products. Its main product is engineering electronics, home appliances, power tools, system security, automobile, cloud computing, etc. 

Bosch works with keen observation In the field of technology. It works on security and communication technology. It provides computer and other services in the area of communication.

When we think about security. The first thing that comes into our mind is recording data. Means, if there is crime happens, record it for proof. Therefore, the camera is the best option. In the modern world, CCTV is the best option to catch a criminal. So, Bosch produces its own CCTV camera with great features. Then it becomes popular CCTV brands in India. 

CCTV camera brands in India – Sony India Pvt Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

Another popular CCTV camera brands in India. the name comes in front of us, that is Sony India Pvt Ltd. It is popular as like other brands. It founded on 17 November 1994. Its website is Its headquarter is in New Delhi. Like other companies, its parent company is Sony corporation.

It is mainly focused on the Entertainment world. It produces products regarding Television. It’s another headquarter that is based on software is located in Bengaluru. Its brand name is Sony. Well, it has global manufacturing offices is in the United States, Japan, China, etc.

Well, Sony is a kind of channel. That helps in the entertainment world.  to existing in the competitive world Sony tries something bizarre. It does not manufacture its product in India, but it sells. It takes from another country, where its offices situated.  You may be familiar with the marketing of Sony.

Marketing of Sony products done by many celebrities. That influence more people. Well, Sony produces many products like computers, laptops, CCTV, etc. Then because of its amazing products. It becomes famous.

CCTV camera brands in India – Godrej and Boyce

CCTV camera brands in India

It is one of the popular CCTV camera brands in India. Like every brand, it has a specialty. This came into the market in 1897. It is a public company. It’s headquartered is in Mumbai Maharashtra, and the parent company is Godrej group. Its website is

This company started manufacturing locks then came to other home appliances. In-home appliances it manufactures refrigerator, washing machine, security system, etc.  It has grown its business over time. Nowadays, the best use of technology is security. For security company launched many products like CCTV. It produces bizarre CCTV like the circle, sphere, etc. From baby to the old one.

Everybody loves technology. People are used to it. If they don’t have their regular technical equipment, they feel incomplete. So, nowadays technology is everywhere. Likewise, if you go to the shopping mall and found CCTV there, feels comfortable.

If you visit any office for an interview and found a camera there, feels good. So, in simple word technology protect us from crime. As we know, every coin has two sides. Likewise, if technology prevents crime, it may cause of crime. It happens, when the sometimes unmarried couple visits the hotel.

There may be a hidden camera that records their activity. Then starts to blackmail the couple. Still, advantages are more than a disadvantage. Therefore, technology always in demand.

CCTV camera brands in India – Panasonic India Pvt Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

Panasonic is also one of the CCTV camera brands in India.  As we know that, all over the world many brands are working. It not manufacture its product in India but sell it. For selling, it uses lots of marketing methods. To attract the customer to give advertisements on television.

This advertisement by a celebrity. They charge a lot for their shoot but their earning from the product selling more than one-time shooting payment. So, companies hire them to do advertisements. Panasonic is Japan oriented public company. It founded on 13 March 1918 by Konosuke Matsushita. It’s headquartered is in Osaka Japan.

Its website is Well, it also works in India. It’s another name is Panasonic India Pvt Ltd. It’s headquartered is in Gurgaon  India. It has many branches in India. It manufactures many products like television, laptop, computer, camera, battery, etc. It produces high quality of CCTV cameras. That used for security.

It produces a camera with multiple features and a different shape to attract customers. Its popular CCTV camera is a dome camera, Fixed network camera, PTZ camera, etc. Its brand name is Panasonic. Marks the brand name label on each product. That connect more and more customer. Likewise, it’s business going on a high day by day. And it becoming popular.

CCTV camera brands in India – Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd is one of the top CCTV camera brands in India. Nowadays, the world is running with technology. In such, every company wants to give its best. To earn more and more customers, companies try to give their best work.

Likewise, Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd also entered into the market in the year of 1886. It is founded by Eugene Schneider. It’s headquartered is in Rueil – Malmaison France. It’s an Indian headquarter in Gurgaon Haryana. It is popular all over the world. Its website is It manufactures high features products that attract the customer.

In the field of security, it manufactures CCTV. Like other companies, they focus on marketing and selling. It has a specific brand name that is Pelco. Using brand name it sells products all over the world. It manufactures different types of cameras like IP camera, video camera, Fixed camera, dome analog camera.  In such this company becoming popular every day.

And earning more and more every day. Its net income is $ 2.4 billion. It also provides many other industrial services. The services help the employee as well as the customer. Therefore, it is always in demand.

CCTV camera brands in India – Verint System India Pvt Ltd

CCTV camera brands in India

When we come to the CCTV camera brands in India. The name comes is Verint system India Pvt Ltd. It is one the famous company in India that provide many services and product. It is the public type of company that founded in the year of  2002.

Its headquarter is in Melville, New York, US. Like other companies, it has also Indian headquarter that is in Gurgaon Haryana.  its website is It is a software company that provides services in the field of security, robotics, etc. Well, it also manufactures some products, but not in India. It manufactures its product in the US, Canada.

Then sell in India by the brand name.  Its brand name is Verint. using the brand name it sells its product all over the world. To touch the high of business it uses its brand. And connect the people with its highly secure services. Then it wins the trust of the customer. 

CCTV camera brands in India – Vantage Integrated Security Solution 

CCTV camera brands in India

Among many working CCTV camera brands in India. When we come on the Vantage Integrated Security Solution. It founded in 1990. Its website is From that till yet it provides its services and product regularly. Its headquarter in Noida, UP, India.

It works on a high-security system. For its customer, it provides the best product and services. Its manufacture high-quality product and develop highly secure software. To connect every customer it always focuses on security. Its surveillance work is on the top. So, it manufactures CCTV for public safety and security.

Because of its top-class services, it touches the heart of the customer and wins their trust. It is a way to acquire more and more markets. The world exists on trust then why don’t companies. Using brand name Vantage it sells its product all over the world.


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