Best Solar Panels in India- 10 Best Solar Panels in India

Best Solar Panels in India is a frequently searched topic by most solar panel customers. Science and technology had several great impacts on the modern world. It is quite true that India is a developed nation.

Even though we are still developing, we have almost all the necessary facilities in our country. Electricity is one such amenity that makes us stand out from the crowd. Even the remote villages are now equipped with electricity.

Only very few will be left out if we take the real data. But then, do we enjoy this completely. Being Indians, we are very much aware of power-cuts. It’s quite common in Indian society. There can be lots and lots of reasons for that.

Maybe due to a shortage of water or maybe due to some unavoidable circumstances etc. Its 2020 now, the world has reached a new era of advancements. It is already too late to switch over to the latest alternatives. Yes, it’s time to change to what is called solar power.

With the advent of the global climatic change, it is the need of the hour to practice safer and logical things to reduce the pressure on our planet and atmosphere. With the emission of all these greenhouse gases, we are making our planet weaker. So, it would be better if we can use a cleaner and renewable source of energy like solar energy.

Best Solar Panels in India – how they work

Best Solar Panels in India
Image – Best Solar Panels in India

Solar panels or PV (Photo Voltaic) panels can be used to convert the light from the sun into electricity. When sunlight comes in contact with the surface of the PV cells, photovoltaic effect takes place. The panels are made of silicon photo voltaic cells. These cells absorb sunlight or the photons and converts it into electricity.

The electricity produced by the photovoltaic reaction can be called as Direct Current or DC. This current cannot be used in that way because it is not suitable for most of the home appliances. So, this current is converted to an Alternating current or AC. This is done with the help of an inverter. From the inverter, it is directed towards the switchboard. This is how solar energy is converted to electricity.

Best Solar Panels in India – Uses

Best Solar Panels in India
Image – Best Solar Panels in India

Solar panels are used for remote sensing, in telecommunication equipment, torches, road signals, calculators and even for the production of electricity by the use of residential solar electric system. For instance, solar panels are used in Google Headquarters in California as a source of electricity.

It is no longer necessary to pay a huge sum for cabling and for the installation of electric poles etc. everything is as simple as setting a solar panel in your home and enjoying the rest of your lifetime. Solar panels are less expensive and is capable of providing uninterrupted power supply for almost 40 years if maintained properly.

Best Solar Panels in India- Benefits

Best Solar Panels in India
Image – Best Solar Panels in India
  • Environment Friendly:

It is environment friendly in the sense it does not involve the emission of any greenhouse gases, it is a green source of energy. It reduces the carbon footprint amount and can be considered a safe source of energy.

As it is a direct natural resource, we can be sure that there is no alteration in it. It is proven that the average rooftop solar panel system can reduce tons of carbon dioxide in just 30 years. So, we can very well trust this source of energy.

  • Creates security:

By setting up a 4k W solar panel system (commonly used) you are doing something that can make you independent in terms of availability of electricity. You don’t need to worry about all those power-cuts and power shortages. Even now most people are tensed about the situation during rainy days.

If you are equipped with solar panels up on your rooftop, then be relaxed. You are energy sufficient. With the help of a solar battery storage system, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted power supply even during rainy days and night time.

  • Reduce power loss:

 In normal cases, electricity needs to be carried from power plants to the consumer with the help of an extensive network. Long-distance transportation of electricity is directly proportional to lose.

When you are using rooftop solar panels, the distance of transportation will be less and the efficiency will be more. Thus, we can ensure that power is not wasted. By using solar panels, a person can very well monitor energy consumption and monthly bills.

  • Low maintenance:

 Once installed, apart from the installation costs, it is completely free. You don’t need to pay money instead you will be rewarded if you use the energy from your solar panels judiciously. Solar panels are usually maintenance free for almost 30 to 40 years if cared for properly.

  • Source of income:

 By setting up a rooftop solar panel system you will get the necessary electricity for your domestic purpose. If you are able to use less power than what is being generated by your solar panel system, you can sell the excess power to an electric utility company. Thereby contributing to financial stability.

  • Renewable source of energy:

Being one of the renewable sources of energy, there is no chance for this to get exhausted. As it is available in plenty, it will be a cheap source of electricity. Moreover, as long as there is the sun, and the rate remains constant, people will enjoy energy security.

10 Best Solar Panels in India

When we search for the best solar panels in India, these are some of the brands you may come across. Almost all the ten brands are equally best in terms of their efficiency. But then they differ in the materials and in their functioning.

  1. Loom Solar Panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

Among the best-selling solar panels in India, Loom solar panels top in the rank list. Talking about the special features of this solar panel, it is one of the most durable solar panels in the Indian markets. It is capable of running on-grid and off-grid inverters.

Apart from other solar panels, Loom solar panels have an extra aluminum layer over it thereby increasing the durability of the product. For the same reason, it can withstand heavy rains and storms. That is, it gives excellent performance even during bad weather. The aluminum frame helps to maintain the panel rust-free. It is also known for its high degree of efficiency. They can even charge a 24 V battery.

  1. Sukam solar panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

Sukam is one of the trusted manufactures of electrical appliances in India. Being the leading distributors of inverters and batteries, Sukam also ensures a high standard in their solar panels. The topmost layer of these panels is made of toughened glass which helps to cut down the wastage of solar power and helps to give a better life.

It is shock-free and makes it easy to clean the panels. High-grade solar cells are used which also adds to the better life of the panel. Sukam has a huge and elaborate service network team, so maintenance work is comparatively faster and easier.

  1. Luminous solar panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

Luminous power technologies limited is one of the best solar panels in India. Their solar equipment ranges from solar panels to luminous solar UPS. Like all the other solar panels this is also made from a block of silicon but has a large number of crystals.

This solar panel is available at the best price and with the best discounts. It is the most demanded solar panel as it provides an IEC certificate and 25 years warranty. The anti-reflecting coat present in the panel will help to absorb more light. The mono-crystalline panels are suitable in areas with dim light and is comparatively costlier than the Poly-crystalline panels.

  1. Blue Bird Solar Panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

Being one of the emerging solar power solutions, bluebird also adds to the growing segment of renewable energy resource. Apart from other solar panels, Blue Bird solar panels are designed with the new generation PERC Cell Technology. It is more efficient in terms of its work. Sales and services are found to be better and trustable.

  1. Tata Power Solar
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

It is another leading solar unit manufacturer. It provides rooftop solar network for homes. The company has got 30 years of service and provides 24*7 service. It is the biggest and oldest manufacturer of solar panels in India.

  1. Waaree Solar Panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

Even though it is not that popular among buyers, it is also a leading brand. It has 29 years of industry experience and provides EPC Services and rooftop solutions. The company provides with low cost but efficient and durable panels.

Their products range from solar modules to rooftop panel solutions. The company has also got a solar panel manufacturing unit in Surat, all these shows the rich experience the company possesses. The company also offers good and quality products.

  1. Microtek polycrystalline panel
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

This product is found to be ideal for both on-grid and off-grid applications. The high-quality solar cells give high performance and give maximum power during peak hours.

The aluminum frames help to withstand heavy hails and storms. And the panels also have previously drilled holes for easy installation. It also provides buyers with 25 years working warranty.

  1. Usha solar panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

The polycrystalline panel of Usha is the most trusted one among other brands of Usha and is one of the best solar panels in India. The panel consists of an anti-reflecting coating that enables light transmission. It can even perform well in dim light when compared to other panels.

But the warranty period is quite low. It ranges from 10 to 20 years whereas others provide 30 to 40 years. They issue panels that are MNRE certified. The material used is of good quality, can withstand heavy hail and storm.

  1. Solodine poly panel
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

It has got excellent energy generation capacity even in very dim light. It is not that popular among buyers. It gives stable performance due to water proof shielding present on it.

  1. Vikram solar panels
Best Solar Panels in India
Image Best Solar Panels in India from Amazon

It is another type of solar panel which is certified to MNRE. It provides 27 years warranty and is certified with dust and sand test.

Solar panels: points to remember

If you are looking for the best solar panels in India, then you have to consider all these criteria.


One must be very careful about the warranty issued. There are mainly two types of warranty, namely, manufacturer warranty and performance warranty. Manufacturer warranty, as the name suggests, is issued by the manufacturer of the panel. It is all about the manufacturing defects and other external issues of the panel.

This warranty is possible for up to 15 years. The power generating capacity of the panel will decrease with time. So, it is very important to check the performance warranty so as to get benefitted from the product you buy.

If the performance warranty is less, then it is better to avoid that product. Since, this panel is subject to climatic changes, make sure you select the best out of your choice. So, if you are searching for the best solar panels in India you must be very specific about the warranty.


It is true that most of the buyers will tend to buy the cheapest product. Remember, cheap products will definitely have some limitations. One must have to check the price, feasibility, warranty, durability, etc. before buying a solar panel. The chances of getting cheated are quite high with solar panels.

Panel ratings

This is a very important factor when we consider solar panels. Very often people will confuse with efficiency rating and power rating. Always go with the product having high power rating.

This rating is helpful while comparing the solar cells. The higher the rating, the higher will be its efficiency in certain conditions. The efficiency rating is different from the power rating. If the power rating is more, the power generated will be high in some special conditions.


In order to get government subsidy for the installation of solar panels, the panel must have some certifications. Only grid connected panels can apply for subsidy. IEC and MNRE are some of the certifications one must need for this purpose. The best solar panels in India will definitely have all these certifications.

When it comes to the comfort and durability of this technology, it is better to move with the flow. We know that even inverters and generators have their own limitations when it comes to managing loads.

So, it is the need of the hour to change into a more systematic way of living. After years of debates and discussions, the solar power industry is coming up to a great height. Their success shows the necessity to change into a better living by adopting solar power techniques.


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