With rising global temperatures every other year, and a hike in the price of air conditioners, the next best thing is informing yourselves with this list of the best pedestal fan in India.

Ceiling fans and air conditioners all hunky dory, but then the time comes where you might just have to sit in that corner of the house where you have none of these. So, what comes to your rescue? It has to be, of course, the best pedestal fan in India. 

And even if you have either one of the above options present for you, the more air, the merrier you feel, right. Besides, these mobile instruments of air cooling have the added advantage of oscillation around the room so that you no longer have to fight for the best seat anymore.

Apart from rooms and houses, bars, hotels, and even hostel rooms can be very easily equipped with a pedestal fan, providing you with relief from the hot tropical weather. 

Hence, without further dilly-dallying, here are the top 8 best pedestal fans in India. Cool yourself at your own choice. 

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – V-Guard Esfera Pedestal Fan with Remote

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This fan from V-Guard is certainly a very reliable one and the best part is that it comes with a remote for your convenience. Available in two bright colors – black and yellow- it comes with a lot of features for its precious users as well.

A highly sturdy and long-lasting motor is in place to make sure that you get a constant flow of cool air whenever and wherever you want. The motor has been winded with copper wires which add to its efficiency and takes care of the motor so that it can avoid any unnecessary damage to itself. All this with a swept area of 400mm, you are bound to be satisfied with its performance 

The in-built timer has the maximum duration set for about 7.5 hours, which prevents you from wasting electricity. The fan has 3 different modes for better service, natural, sleep, and normal. You can choose between these and select the one that perfectly fits you as well as the ambiance.

You are protected from the running blades by a 120 spoke grill that has been placed in front of it. Besides, the grill can be very easily detached from the main body, which makes it simpler for you to clean it. 


  • An airy experience with a swept area of 400mm and air delivery of about 70cmm
  • The power rating is 50 watts
  • Has 3 inbuilt velocity settings – natural, sleep, and normal- which can be adjusted with just a flick of the buttons set on the fan.
  • The base is made with high-quality plastic.

Added with a one-year guarantee, this fresh V-Guard creation comes at just Rs. 3099  

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – Havells Swing Pedestal Fan

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Havells has always been placed on the top of the list whenever there is a demand for any electrical goods. And for the right reasons as well. So, it goes without saying that we would have one on our list for the best pedestal fan in India as well.

This ergonomically constructed pedestal fan has been designed by Havells and it comes with all the best facilities and advantages for your convenience. The blades have been made with an aerodynamic structure so as to give you the finest air circulation in the room and make your experience more relaxing.

The fast and efficient motor instilled in the system also comes with another added benefit, i.e. a low noise operation, so that you can relax without any irritating noise to disturb you. The remote control that comes along with this fan permits the user to be able to control the operations without moving an inch. 

The oscillations of this fan are guaranteed to be smooth and jerk free, ensuing an equal air flow throughout the designated space. The blades that sweep a distance of about 400mm with a speed of 1350 rotations per minute are a lifesaver in the summer humidity.

The thermal overload protection system makes sure that voltage fluctuations and phase failures do not harm the motor. There is a 120 spoke grill in front of the blades that act as the protective layer. 


  • Motor Power is 55 watts and performs well even on low voltage settings
  • Blades sweep a distance of 400mm with air delivery of 72cmm
  • The timer has been set to 2 hours to prevent electricity wastage.
  • 3 motor speed settings for ease and convenience.

At a price of just Rs. 2404, this product also comes with a two year warranty.

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan

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The third one on this list is the Usha Maxx Air. Available in the two most suitable colors-white and blue- this can seamlessly fit in anywhere.

 The fan also has an instilled oil reservoir that acts as a lubricator for the parts that are in motion whenever required. Which ultimately results in the increase of the lifespan of the fan, by reducing the unnecessary friction. Usha, as always, has kept their customers in mind and added a remote control so that you can operate the fan from a distance. Thus, reducing hassle and increasing the desirability of the product.

 Besides, the copper motor increases the effectiveness and the jerk-free oscillations ensure an equal and smooth air circulation throughout. The in-built fuse makes sure that that the motor stays put. The aerodynamically structured design has also been equipped with transparent PP blades that can sweep a distance of about 400mm. 


  • The blades have a sweep size of 400mm and the air delivery is 67cmm
  • Utilizes a power of 60 watts, and the operating voltage is 230V
  • Equipped with remote control for easier handling
  • Protected from corrosion with the help of ABS body and PP blades.

With a two year warranty period of the product, you will be billed with just Rs. 2590.

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – Amazon Basics High-Speed Pedestal Fan

Image – Best pedestal fan in India

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This international quality standard pedestal fan by Amazon Basics is one of the best and budget-friendly pedestal fans in India. this product has been thoroughly tested on various parameters for durability, performance, and safety against electric shocks and fire hazards.

It has aerodynamically designed blades that deliver a top speed of 1456 RPM with 3-speed options. It provides automatic smooth, jerk-free oscillation with a wide coverage of 78 degrees. In addition to high-speed air delivery, it is fully free allowing you to enjoy its cool breeze without any disturbance.

It has an adjustable height of 5.2 feet with 3 angles of easy adjustable vertical tilting. It has a very powerful motor that can be operated continuously for 168 hours without any malfunctions.


  • Powerful motor to provide air delivery of 65CMM to 73 CMM at a top speed of 1456 RPM.
  • Aerodynamic blades along with 3-speed options and a sweep size of 400mm
  • Smooth and noise-free air delivery.
  • Automatic oscillation covering a total of 78 degrees.
  • 168 hours of maximum working time period without any malfunction.

It comes with a 2 years warranty protection on any manufacturing defects and a price of Rs.2,099.

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – Crompton Plastic high flow Pedestal Fan

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Manufactured by one of the most trusted brands in India when it comes to fan. This CROMPTON PLASTIC HIFLO 400mm PEDESTAL FAN lists itself among one the best pedestal stands available here due to amazing performance and very less price.

It comes with a powerful and energy-efficient copper motor that is capable of delivering a peak speed of 1300 RPM with a power consumption of only 50 watts. It has an advanced thermal overheating protection technology that protects your fan from any voltage fluctuation and also prevents overheating during long working hours. Along with being flexible horizontally, it can tilt upto 90 degrees vertically too.

Due to its plastic body, it is very easily portable as well as needs very low maintenance and produces very low or no noise.


  • Lightweight plastic body with a stylish design.
  • Advanced copper motor and aerodynamic plastic blades to deliver a speed of 1300RPM.
  • Low power consumption of only 50 watts at peak speed. 

Crompton offers 2 years of the warranty covering all manufacturing defects and a very affordable price of only Rs.2,346

BEST PEDESTAL FAN IN INDIA – Usha Mist Air Icy Pedestal Fan with Remote


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This innovative and smartly designed pedestal fan from USHA comes with 3 intelligent wind modes namely Normal, natural, and sleep allowing you to choose your solace with respect to your needs. the sleep mode allows you to control the number of hours you want your fan to work after you sleep.

The smart remote control gives you the privilege of operating your fan from a distance. It is well equipped with 5 aerodynamic blades and a powerful copper motor that delivers a top speed of 1180 RPM with a sweep size od 400MM with a power consumption of only 50 watts.

These 5 aerodynamically designed blades supply icy cool air at a rate of 65 m3/min smoothly without producing any unusual noise. As a safety measure, it also has an in-built fuse that automatically breaks the circuit in case of a sudden voltage disturbance.


  • A smart remote with 3 intelligent wind modes: normal, natural and sleep for your convenience
  • 5 aerodynamic blades that deliver air at a rate of 65m3/min along with 400mm of sweep size and minimizes the noise production.
  • Inbuilt sleep timer to control the number of hours your fan must run after you sleep.
  • Thermal overload protection maintaining the safety of your fan during voltage fluctuations. 

Along with having a very affordable price of just Rs.3,335 USHA also provides 2 years of warranty that covers every manufacturing malfunction.



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This is again a wonder product from one of the leading and reliable fan making brand BAJAJ. Smart and durable design makes it one of the best choices for those who want their fans to provide good service and also last for a longer period of time.

The best thing is, that it comes with a smart remote with an in-built timer which permits you to control and manage the working hours of your fan without much effort. It is made of high-performance acrylic blades capable of delivering high-speed cool air with zero wraps from air pressure at a maximum speed of 1300RPM with a sweep size of 400mm.

The innovative trio of blades also minimizes the air cutting sound which adds to your comfort. Along with having a sleek and stylish design with an artistic color finish of grey and white it also has a durable body and advanced thermal overheating technology that shuts down the system during a power failure or voltage drops. As a safety measure, it has a strong grill that acts as a barrier between you and the fast running blades.


  • Acrylic blades and a powerful copper motor that delivers air at 1300RPM with a swept area of 400mm.
  • Lower air cutting noise for your comfort
  • Smart remote with a timer to manage the speed and on/off timings.
  • Lightweight durable body with thermal overload performance.

Along with these, it comes with a 2 years manufacturer guarantee only at the price of just Rs.3,290



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This pedestal fan is a complete masterpiece from LUMINOUS which is a perfect combination of art aesthetics and advanced technology. It has a stylish and compact design and is available in 3 color codes white, blue, and burgundy.

Now coming to the performance; it has a powerful engine and aerodynamic ABS blades and electric switch oscillation that delivers high-speed cool air at a rate of 2200RPM and a wider airflow of sweep size 400mm.

Due to advanced aerodynamic structure even at a very high speed, it is completely noise-free. The thermal overheating protection system as a safety measure during sudden voltage drops and a sturdy metal body add to the durability of your fan. 


  • Powerful motor with low power consumption.
  • Electric switch oscillation and ABS blades that deliver air at a rate of 2200RPM with a sweep size of 400mm.
  • Advanced thermal overload protection 

 Buying this amazing product at just Rs.3,111 you will also get a warranty period of 2 years.


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