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Introducing Best Paint Company in India in New light.

After looking at your walls in this quarantine have you got bore or you have felt like you need to paint your house because the walls are looking dull. Now you are looking for the best paint company in India, so here we are to tell you about the best paint company in India.

I know we always choose the best when it comes to doing something for the home. A home is a place where we live with all the love, it is a place where we seek positivity and peace after a long tiring day.

When seeing our home our eyes feel-good vibes automatically your mind get a calmer feeling but if your walls seem dull then you feel a bit negative and irritate. You don’t feel something new and when eyes see it you also feel dull and boring.

Paint means coloring our house matters, colors play an important role in our life. Colors are everywhere that gives you some vibes like whenever you see greenery means green color your heart feels cool it depends from person to person how it feels some might remind green color as Pakistan color. Painting shades matter here’s a lot to everyone, it depends on in which area of house your painting.

When we think of painting the house first thought comes in our mind is it should live long and it should be attractive. And the most important thing that comes in our mind is painting the house means it take a long time and at the end of the day you find your house is a mess, it too takes a long time to clean.

Then comes the thought of the best paint company in India, I know what we recall is Asian paint company. Yes, this paint company is amazing but there are other companies also.

Tips for choosing the Best Paint Company in India 

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Painting our house is like the investment it is a onetime investment, which gives us long time results. Investment means thinking to invest in the right paint company. The best part is now a day paint companies provide you a painter too so here the tips for choosing the best paint company.

Choose the painting company which is experienced, as we believe experience person has more knowledge which will give you more ideas to paint your house, not only this experience will not do mistakes while doing the work because of it your house will be painted perfectly the way you want and experience paint company will be able to understand your ideas and have the ability to bring in to a reality.

Proper preparation for painting your house is most important so while choosing the best company, you should know their plan about how and when they are going to start their work. According to their plan, you will be able to know they are the best.

You should notice that the Paint Company is kind towards the employers who are going to paint your house, kind means they are taking care of the employers if that employer got hurt during work and if yes then the company is capable to replace the employer quickly so that your painting housework will get completed in work.

Price this is the main concern of everyone, know the details why and for which work or product they are charging you. The product they are providing is a quality product or not. They are giving the warrantee or not. You have to know first what they are promising about painting are they fulfilling it or not

Now the question arises how you will come to know this everything about the Best Paint Company in India

You know it very well, that’s why you are reading this. You are researching the Best Paint Company, where you will come to know the experience of the peoples with the paint companies.

Google reviews on paint company, nowadays most trustable brand is GOOGLE we trust it blindly because it reveals the truth so read the reviews available on Google to choose paint Company and see the stars given to the company that will reveal everything about the company

There are rare who don’t trust Google or you will be one who likes to reconfirm the things before doing investing in it. Ask your friends, families, and relatives about the paint company I am sure you will get confirm details about the Paint Company not only that you will hear their experience too.

The next step to choose the Best Paint Company in India is to choose a few companies and contact them. Take the estimate and see the way they present themselves, what services they are providing you.

Talk to other paint companies too and at the end choose the one you feel like giving amazing services who are experienced and have a license, of course, the last thing is budget. If it is budget just finalize the company and Paint your dream home with the best Paint Company.

Best Paint Company in India 

After knowing how to choose the Best Paint Company in India, I think you are ready to choose the Best Paint Company now. Paint shades come afterward what first come is Paint Company, yes I know I have explained about colors and paints shade in the begging but Paints means what first comes in mind is Paint shades or colors, I know you agree with it.

Here is the list of Best Paint Company in India, Now choose the Best Paint Company to design your house. As I said the first company that comes in mind is Asian Paints Company.

Asian Paints Company


Asian Paints Company is a leading company in India, this company was started by four friends in a partnership who took the company in the position of the world biggest famous companies in India. It was started in 1942, it becomes a corporate force in 25 years and it also becomes India’s leading Paint Company.

It is also Asia’s third-largest company and you will like to know its turnover, its turnover is 193.50 billion Rupees. From 1967 till today Asian Paint is leading the market, they manufacture Paint in a wide range for decoration and use of Industrial.

Asian Paints Company is available in more than 60 countries they are giving their services there and in the world, there are 27 paint manufacturing facilities. This company is operated in 15 countries.

They are the ones who hire the best painters to paint your house not only that they give you the best train painters because they train their employers for the best painting. In this virus period, they are providing safe painters who are symptoms free and healthy.

The painter will enter your house by wearing the mask and Kit, they will cover all the furniture or things that are around so that the paint should not damage your furniture. Their supervisor comes to your home every day to check all the workers are doing the work properly and neatly.

They will sanitize your home after painting work and they will use equipment that will not create dust. Most importantly they give you a warranty. What else we want. 

Kansai Neoralc Paints Company 


Gahagan Paints and Varnish came in 1920, it was locater in lower Parel Mumbai. This company is the second-largest paint company in India. Paint Company is a trusted company in the Indian industry.

The second-largest coating company in India is Kansai Neoralc, this is a japan company located Osaka who manufactures Electro depositions Primer, Cathodic, and coating for automotive products. Indian Paint Company Gahagan Paints and Varnish sign a Trade agreement act with Kansai Neoralc Company in 1986 and introduce tech in India.

Kansai Neoralc Paint Company give you many options to choose your dream home color, they give you product in your budget and best product. They give you a seven-year warranty, they have many products available so if you’re planning to paint your house by own use their Paints which are available in warranty, it says it also protects your house from outside if you prevent it from outside. It protects it from water means rain and dust.

Berger Paints Company 


Headquartered of Berger Paint company is in Kolkata, its manufacturing is located in 16 units across India. It is also located in other countries like Russia, Poland, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Berger Paints Company is one of the fastest-growing company which leads the market and its position in India is second.

In West Bengal, it was started as Hadfield’s with one factory, at the end of 1947 British paints acquired it. After this, it was known as British Paints. In 1983 Company name was changed and it became Berger Paints India Ltd.

Berger Paints Company provides you, painters who are safe and healthy, of course, they are well trained and professional who do perfect work. They claim that they do faster painting as compare to traditional painting.

Their paints don’t allow dust and water to settle on the walls not only this you can clean your wall if children write or draw on it. They give warranty too so you can choose this Best Paint company in India to keep your wall protected and clean.

Indigo Paints Company 


Indigo Paints Company came in 2000 with lower end cements paints and then started increasing their range they came up with water-based paints primer, interior Emulsion, External Emulsion and so many.

It has grown rapidly and it is one of the strongest Paint Company, they also come up with the products which were never introduced in India before. They introduced a new logo a few years ago which represents the packaging of their multiple products and other things too.

Metallic Paint, Floor coat paint, Celling coat, Roof coat paint is introduced by Indigo to India which gives overall house paint package with a shiny look. Indigo Paint Company is one of the best Paint Company in India Just because of the look that paints give to your home which looks royal. They don’t provide painter services but they provide you the best color look which gives your home shine.

Jenson & Nicholson Paint Company


Jenson &Nicholson Paint Company is of the best paint company in India and it is one of the oldest company in India which is leading the market. In India it was launched in 1973, they have completed many projects till now.

Jenson & Nicholson’s headquarters are in Mumbai and Haryana. They provide you the painting’s products like coating, primer, industrial, paints and paints for the house. It is available in multiple colors they don’t give you a providing painter service but they provide you good quality of painting products with a good range.

All the paint companies listed above is one of the best companies available in India who are giving good quality product and services, yes some are only providing products but they are the best one. So choose any one product and company to paint your house the way you want.

There are different types of paints available it depends on you which to choose because you know the purpose of painting very well. Paint your own house with Best Paint Company.

From where to buy the best paint company in India


Paint company products are available online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Companies have their websites from where you can buy Paints products and you can consult them to enjoy their services.

The company’s product list details, services they provide details, and their contact details are available on company websites.

Few websites ask for your details so that they will contact you directly.

Now Decor your home with the best services provider within the budget you can choose other paint companies but remember don’t go for an unknown cheap company because the house is yours and you have to make it look beautiful for years and years.


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