Best Namkeen brands in India – Top 10 brands in India

Best Namkeen brands in India

The Best Namkeen brands in India are all arranged and ready here for your service. 

India is a land of namkeen and that is why when it comes to tasty, delightful, and scrumptious food, that too with an appetizing delicious taste, nothing can beat this sub-continent. Namkeens are the lightweight, spiced food for our taste sensitive masses. Made according to and favorable to the taste buds of our countrymen and of the people who have been around here for a long time.

The namkeens offered here have diversity and palate enough to suit everyone who is fond of eating, from all things sweet, salty, and whatever is in between the two of them.  When it comes to any kind of delightful food, India never disappoints and this remains true in the case of namkeens. 

We are proud to boast ourselves as the place that can provide you with all the specific tastes that you have always been in search of.

Let the snacking begin!


Namkeen brands in India – Haldiram’s

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

At this point, even people living under a rock know about Haldiram’s because it is that popular. Founded in 1937, in Bikaner, Rajasthan, the creator Shri Ganga Bhishen Agarwal started it as a retail namkeen and sweets shop.

He was so good at what he did that he was fondly known as ‘Haldiram’ by people who closely knew him. Thus, started the journey of this eponymous giant began. There are hundreds of outlets across all minor and major cities, and the products are available across 80 different countries all over the globe. 

Although there is a range of products available (all vegetarian) from sweets to snacks to cookies to beverages and even full cooked meals; But Haldiram’s is more widely and extensively known as the best Namkeen brand in India.

Besides the traditional Indian snacks like Moorukulu, Bhel Puri, Nimbu Masala, Bhakarwadi, and Murukku packed in readymade formats, new items like Soy Sticks, pasta, and cornflakes mixture are worth a try too. Masterchef Kunal Kapur is also there with his easy to make recipes, in case you want to earn your food.

Just get to the nearest Haldiram’s store, because there will be one, and enjoy.

Namkeen brands in India – Chhappan Bhog

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

The name comes from the number of items that are usually offered to Lord Krishna, an important God of the Hindu Religion. Where ‘Chhappan’ refers to the number 56 and ‘Bhog’ basically means Food. Established over 30 years ago, Chhappan Bhog is a refuted namkeen brand in India, that works more extensively in the northern belt of the country.

Dealing with mainly sweets and savories, they claim to be using only natural and authentic ingredients as well as use a blend of ancient techniques and latest technologies for their preparations. The two consecutive Consumer Excellence Food Awards are proof in themselves that Chhappan Bhog as a service and quality-driven brand. They work as direct outlet sellers, wholesale retailers and they even supply their products to various hotels and airline companies. 

The cent percent vegetarian snacks list include Pudina Dalmoth, Cornflakes Dalmoth, Traditional Besan Sev, Mathri, Mini Khasta, along with a variety of Namkeen and Sweet Boxes. Their dry fruits collection is also widely known, admired, and eaten.

Go Buy your favourite Chappan Bhog namkeens for a delightful evening.

Namkeen brands in India – Bhikharam Chandmal

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

If you have not had a packet of crispy Bhikharam Chandmal Aloo Bhujia, have you ever lived, my friend. Another gem from the castles and mahals of Rajasthan, Bhikharam Chandmal also has an interesting history. What started out as a means of surviving by the late and great Tanuskhdas Agarwal, quickly grew into a huge empire that has lasted over the decades.

From Rajasthan, the business started to grow across the country and now, Bhikharam Chandmal has outlets in every major city and them some more. Known for its quality products and strict adherence to international protocols, this is undoubtedly one of the best namkeen brands in India. 

Let us have a look at the widely loved and consumed over one hundred items found at Bhikharam Chandmal. Apart from every kind of Bhujia that needs a special mention altogether, Chana Cracker, Boondi, Chiwda, Falahari, Sev, Kachori, Samosa, Mathri, and Twister are some other snack favorites.

Bhikharam Chandmal is here for all your namkeen cravings.

Namkeen brands in India – BikanerVala

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Being established in the year 1950 by Shyam Sundar Agarwal BIKANERVALA is consistently serving tasty namkeen not only in India but also in other countries. Starting from a small shop in Delhi today they have 85 outlets in India and 26 outlets operating in New Zealand, Nepal, UAE, USA, and Singapore.

The main reason for this fame is not only the good taste of the products but also the low budget that can be afforded by everyone. The made a hattrick by being declared as the Best Sweet Shop in Delhi in 2012,2013,2014 by The Times Food Awards.

That’s too much on your plate already, now let us have look at the main thing i.e. the menu list which includes Moong Dal, Khatta meetha, Navaratan Mix, Shahi Mixture, Baked Delight, Aloo Bhujia, Badam Aloo Laccha and so much more. So, order your favorite snack now and have a wonderful evening with a cup of tea.

Namkeen brands in India – Bikaji

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Named after Raja Bika the founder of Bikaner, BIKAJI FOODS INTERNATIONAL LTD. was established in the late ’80s by Shri Shivratan Agarwal the grandson of the famous Haldiram Bhujiawala and presently the Chairman of Bikaji. This company was started with the aim to deliver the best quality, hygiene, and authentic Indian taste to the whole world with its power of ethnic snacking.

This company mainly sells popular snacks such as bhujia, namkeen, sweets, and papads. With revenue of Rs. 400 crores this one of the leading FMCG in our Country. The company has also won prestigious awards in recent years including 2004 BHARAT JAIN MAHAMANDAL AWARD, 2010 RAJASTHAN STATE AWARD FOR EXPORT EXCELLENCE.

Now, let us dig into some namkeen that you can choose Soya Sticks, Chowpati Bhelpuri, Chana Cracker, Falahari Mix, Shahi Mixture, Classic salted peanuts, Kolkata Chanachur, Mastkin(cornflakes mix), Moong Dal, Jhalmuri and much more at Bikaji at your service and in your stomach.

just start munching.

Namkeen brands in India – Prakash Namkeen

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Prakash Namkeen Udyog is one of the leading namkeen producers making quality tasteful namkeens for its customers since 1940. It started as a very small shop in Indore and with the low product price and quality production they are now among the top namkeen producers of India. The company aims to maintain and serve the highest quality standard products with an affordable price range.

With their specialization in the Khatta meetha mixture, you can also enjoy Tasty peanuts, Dry Fruit Mini Samosa, Mini Kachori, Ujjaini sev, Ratlami sev, Indori Corn Masti, Gujrati Mixture, Laung Sev All in one mixture and lot more, Prakash Namkeen is the Namkeen for you.

Namkeen brands in India – Yellow Diamond

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

The tagline ‘Dildaar hain hum’ fits perfectly with the affordable snacks range of Yellow Diamond. Chips are ageless food items that go with almost everything, it can crunch up something like a plain plate of dal and rice to an already fun and entertaining party with your friends.

And the very same idea struck Amit Kumar, an American student with his roots in Indore. So, in 2004, Apurva Kumar, Arvind Mehta, and Amit Kumar joined their hands to turn this extensively domestic produced snack to full-blown entrepreneurship and named it Yellow Diamond. 

With advanced technology, excellent producing and packaging units, prepared in a completely automatic environment, and with the aid of capable people skilled in their jobs, it is no surprise that their annual turnover turned out to be a whopping 900 Crores. Impeccable food processing standards, premium quality products, and distribution across all of the 28 states, look out for this still-growing giant.

Along with different flavors of chips, they also have varieties of, guess what, gol gappas. Tiffin cakes, Puffs, kinds of pasta, Cheese balls and some more chips. This is one diamond that suits everybody’s tastes. 

Namkeen brands in India – Maakhan Bhog

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Since the three decades Maakhan Bhog has been founded, it is one leading and popular namkeen producer in Surat and due to its growing popularity, it has also started catering services at various events from 2017. They aim to deliver hygienic foods and traditional taste to its customers. 

With the nitty-gritty details of this namkeen brand in India now in your head, let us go and dive straight into the unique yet delicious menu list at Maakhan Bhog. They serve Crispy Banana wafers, Bhakarwadi, Bhusu, Bikaneri Mixture, Diet Chevda, Dry Samosa, Farali Chevda, Jaali Wafers, Karela Namkeen, Kashmiri Mixture, Matarfali, Nuthkuth Mixture, and much more. 

Their name is gaining huge popularity with every passing day allowing due to their delicious and huge variety of namkeens at a very reasonable price. So go and have your share of fun too.

Namkeen brands in India – Maxvita Foods

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Established in 2011, Maxvita Foods is a Karnataka based company that sells a range of potato chips flavors, moong dals, and similar snacky stuff. It works as a prominent industry in itself as well as a wholesale manufacturer. With an annual turnover of about 10 to 25 crores, do not end up with the mistake of thinking Maxvita Foods Private Ltd. to be an insignificant part of the industry.

Though small, the brand is slowly rising to greater fortunes with their keen foresight and dedicated work environment. This Mysore Manufacturer has an emphasis on a consumer-focused approach and is thus already catering to a huge user base and gradually cementing a stronger pan-India presence too.

Technicalities aside, let us dig into some of the namkeen snacks that you can choose between, or just buy it all.

Masala Magic Super Rings, Tomato Super Rings, Chat Masala Karumkure, Manchurian Magic Karumkure, Veg Biriyani Crunchy Noodles, Tomato Chaska Crunchy Pasta and everybody’s favorite, moong dal. There is all this and so much much more at Maxvita Foods for you to start munching on. 

Namkeen brands in India – Kipps Sweets

Namkeen brands in India
Image – Namkeen brands in India

Kipps Sweets and Super Market was registered in 2013. Located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh has quickly made its name heard in the Indian subcontinent as one of the top suppliers and sellers on snacks and namkeen brands in India.

Verified and listed by Trade India, Kipps Sweets has your snack loving back with its premium quality products and quality service. Be it ordering for yourself or stocking up on your shop’s reserves, you get it all here. And what is more, you can even get it delivered to your house at your convenience. 

One simple glance at the menu list, and you will very easily understand why Kipps Sweets is one of the most beloved Namkeen brands in India. 

Kaju Dalmoth, Plain Dalmoth, Five-star Dalmoth, Moong Dal Namkeen, Mix Namkeen, Mini Samosas are a little on the pricier side of the scale; But if your payday is still a long way to, happily munch on snacks like Mota sev, Fried Makhana, Mogra, Salted badam, Mini Khastam to your content.   

Be it the hunger needs in-between snacks or filling up on your calorie requirement when the exam deadline is hanging over your head, to even gifting your relatives and friends during special occasions and festivals, snacks are a must for every Indian household, domestic or international.

So with this list of the namkeen brands in India, we think that you will get to choose your snacks and sweets consciously. We hope this will meet your guilty and not so guilty snacking desires. 

We, as Indians have forever and always been fond of miscellaneous dishes made up of various sweets and namkeens. And from the homemade snacks that our grandmothers and their grandmothers used to prepare with extreme love and care for us, to hugely produced and packaged industries, it has grown into a big business today. Presently, Indian sweets and namkeens are widely recognized & adored by people all across the globe.


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