The best foundation for oily skin

Best foundation for oily skin in India, a Country where climate changes are common especially India has a humid climate that causes so many skin issues for them whose skin is sensitive and oily. Most of them have oily skin, my skin is oily which stresses me out in every season I find it difficult to choose face wash and of course a makeup product that suits my skin type.

Because of oily skin, I face a lot of problems like after stepping out of the house my face get oily that disturb my makeup and I look weird, then thoughts just pop up why I apply makeup but you know na girls we are incomplete without makeup no matter what agree with we are crazy for makeup. We can’t step out without makeup at least lipstick and foundation are the basic we apply, without foundation no makeup is complete.

No doubt normal and dry skin girls don’t struggle much with choosing the makeup product but we oily skin girls struggle is never-ending. We oily skin girls not only have a problem with the oil that comes out on the skin but we have a problem with pimples that pop up when the foundation we apply is not suitable for our skin.

Wrong foundation stress is more than one pimple while struggling with choosing the foundation that suits oily skin the only one thought comes to our mind which is the best foundation for oily skin in India?

The one who is new to the Makeup world let me tell you what is the foundation? Foundation is applied as a base or on a base which can be a primer, it depends on girls how they prefer.

Let me tell you the technique of doing makeup and applying makeup or using a makeup product is different it totally depends on girls to girl how they prefer according to what suits them.

Foundation is available in stick form like lipstick, it is available in powder form you can tap on your face with a soft sponge, and it is available in the cream form you can directly apply with your figure tips and it is available in liquid form too you can apply it by beauty blender. It is your choice how to apply it you can use the brush to apply to make up on your face.

Don’t know how to choose the Best Foundation for Oily Skin in India?

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India

Are you the one who is going to purchase the best foundation for oily skin in India for the first time or you are the one who is confused in how to choose the foundation for oily skin and you have already tried so many foundations which never worked. Whoever you are here are some suggestions you should follow while choosing the foundation for oily skin.

You should choose the foundation that will stay on your face for the long day and keep your face oil-free, the foundation that will observe oil will help you to maintain your makeup for a long time and that will not make your skin look shiny.

Choose the foundation that will suit your oily skin which will not irritate your skin and will not disturb your pores. 

Decide which type of foundation you want to purchase stick form, cream form, a liquid form, or powder form foundation. Choose the foundation that will be light in weight and stay longer. 

There are many shades available in the foundation that choose your foundation according to your skin tone. Try it to check whether it suits your skin tone or not, swatch it on your wrist to know it. If trying the foundation is not available then buy a sample pack, sample pack will help you to know the foundation suits your oily skin or not and you will come to know about shade.

Before purchasing the product read the information of ingredients or formula used in the foundation which is given on the back of the pack or on the bottle. You should buy a water-based foundation, this is the foundation that suitable for oily skin.

Don’t pick the foundation which is not for oily skin that will disappoint you, makeup means it should be the brand to avoid the skin issues. Pick the foundation that has SPF protection.

Which Type of foundation is the best foundation for oily skin in India? 

Now you are confused about which type of foundation form is the best foundation for oily skin in India. Which foundation you should use powder form, Stick form, a liquid form, or cream form, let us discuss every type of foundation.

Foundation makes your face look perfect, foundation hides the dark sport, blemishes, pimples, and make your look more glow.

Powder Foundation

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Powder foundation is good for oily skin.
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It is easy to apply.
  • It is not suitable for Dry Skin.
  • It depends on which powder foundation you purchase some powder foundation. has SPF protection quality in it.
  • Powder foundation is light in weight.
  • If you apply more foundation it looks cakey.
  • Power foundation has limited shades.
  • Rough handlers your powder will spill off if you didn’t use it carefully. 

Liquid Foundation                

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Liquid foundation has the quality of hydrating the skin.
  • It is available in so many shades that make you easier to choose the perfect shade for your skin tone.
  • Fail to hide the wrinkles and fine lines for a longer time.You have to wait for the liquid foundation to set and dry.
  • Sometimes its colors change when it gets dry.
  • Heavy usage can cause blemishes and it can clog the pores.
  • Bottles come in glass form it can’t use roughly. 

Stick Foundation 

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Stick foundation comes in solid form which is easier to use.
  • It can be directly applied to face.
  • Easy to carry and there are fewer chances to get destroyed.
  • It also has a variety of shades it is easier to pick your skin tone shade.
  • Liquid and stick have similar qualities.
  • Stick is suitable for almost all skin type.

Cream Foundation

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • After applying cream foundation you can apply powder foundation 
  • It hydrates more
  • It comes in tube, compact and in pumps
  • Easy to carry
  • Suitable for all skin tones

Brand of the best foundation for oily skin in India 

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India

There is a foundation available for oily skin type too, you just have to find the right foundation from Best foundation for oily skin in India to complete your makeup look.

Here is the list of five best foundations for skin in India

NYX stay Mate but not Flat foundation 

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • NYX stay Mate but not Flat foundation is a powder foundation that comes in various shades for all skin tones.
  •  It is light in weight, it doesn’t feel heavy on your face. 
  • Keep your face oil-free for a longer time. 
  • Control sweat very well. 
  • It is expensive but worth it give it a try. 
  • Bends quickly and beautifully. 
  • Gives you Natural look. 

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural 16hr Mousse Foundation

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Packaging of the product is in Spiral Jar, it is different from another regular foundation packaging.
  • Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural 16hr Mousse Foundation is the cream foundation and its texture is smooth.
  • The Foundation of Lakme gets easily blend and it is good for oily skin type.
  • It is long-lasting that is what we want.
  • For longer-lasting, you can apply compact or powder.

Revlon Colorstay foundation

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation is for oily acne skin.
  • Revlon Colorstay foundation give you matte finish look.
  • This foundation is sweat proof.
  • Foundation has limited shade.
  • Give a little dry look. 
  • This is a liquid foundation.
  • Too Much use of Revlon colorstay foundation will make you look cakey.
  • Foundation is light not heavier ad cover Blemishes.
  • One of the long-lasting and best foundation for oily skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation give you semi-matte finish the look.
  • Foundation is affordable.
  • Foundation last for less than six hours.
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation have limited shades are available. 
  • Time of Oil-control capacity less.
  • This foundation doesn’t have SPF.
  • If Your T Zone get oily easily then this foundation is not for you.

L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
  •  L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear foundation protect you from the sun it has SPF Protection.
  • Foundation is water transfer, restrict sweat and it is waterproof.
  • Foundation gives medium coverage, L’Oreal never claim about it.  
  • Everything that foundation claims are all true and it works perfectly for oily skin type.

How to use the Best foundation for oily skin in India

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India

Follow these steps

  • Wash your face first.
  • Apply Makeup Primer that suits your oily skin.
  • Now apply foundation dab first and then blend the foundation properly, apply softly don’t press your skin a lot.
  • Apply setting powder that controls oil, don’t use shiny powder it will not suit oily skin. Remove the extra powder by the sponge.

 Advantage and Disadvantage of Foundation Makeup

Everything in limit will always benefit us but everything without limit is harmful, Each and everything have pros and cons which is always necessary to know to avoid further issues. So let’s discuss it.

  • Makeup is one of the favorite things of women and every woman has one love is makeup.
  • Makeup increase the confidence to present in front of others without a self-doubt.
  • Give a shiny, glowing look and hide skin problems like pimples, blemishes, dark sport and dullness of the skin.
  • Women’s take care of themselves through makeup it is the one way women show self-love.
  • Women’s feel comfortable in their own skin because of Makeup.
  • Makeup is an art everyone love and shows the art through making themselves attractive.
  • Makeup hides your age too
  • Frequently use of makeup will lead to skin damage. 
  • Skin starts losing its shine after sometime.
  • Brush and sponge should be clean after every use otherwise it will damage the skin.
  • Skin Pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, and skin dullness will increase.
  • Makeup addiction is like a drug you can’t live without it but it will damage you.
  • Makeup takes times, it has many steps to do and hence it is time-consuming.
  • Good quality of Makeup is expensive and most of the money will be spent on make up. 
  • For the beginner you should choose your makeup wisely otherwise it will break out your skin.
  • Anti-aging will take place at an early age due to the wrong usage of makeup or excessive age of Makeup. 
  • If you consult the doctor for skincare routine than before applying any makeup consult your doctor for better result.
  • Don’t use low quality of the product that will not give you expected results, use branded quality of product to get a better result that should be chosen properly According to the skin tone.

Where you will get Best Foundation for oily skin in India

Image – Best foundation for oily skin in India
Website NameLink
AmazonClick here
Jiva AyurvedaClick here
Ibacosmetics Click here
ArataClick here
Faces CanadaClick here

I know you are excited now to try the best foundation for oily skin in India and you will be thinking where you will get this Foundation product Foundation for oily skin is available in the nearest drug store It is available in the cosmetic store.

If you didn’t get your foundation in nearby cosmetic shops then you should purchase it from the online store. Brands have their own online store you can directly visit on their website. 

There are discounts available on online stores, Foundation is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Purple, Nykaa, and on many other online stores. I usually shop makeup products from Nykaa which give me discounts and sometimes Free Cash on delivery.

There is an online shop where you can shop sample products for yourself which is pocket friendly that will save your money and give you the clarity that which product is suitable for your oily skin type.

Fight against your oily skin boost your confidence by using foundation, quarantine is the best time to try the foundation for you and know which suits you the best and help you to maintain your beauty. 


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